4 Genuinely Fun ‘Team Bonding’ Activities


In most peoples’ experience, they would prefer to work instead of partaking in the organized ‘fun days’ where employees spend a few hours feeling awkward and embarrassed at the boss’s expense. Team bonding days are extremely important for the mentality of any workforce; they are not simply a reason for the boss to give themselves a pat on the back, feeling like they’ve done their bit towards team cohesion. However, employees expect team bonding days to involve elements which are actually enjoyable, such as the four listed below.

Invite Guests


If transport and accessibility are issues, then bring activities to the workplace. Ask employees for ideas about what they would enjoy. Animal experts? Musicians? Dance workshops? There are plenty of professional creatives who specialize in visiting offices and bringing their passion and flare to a place that is traditionally associated with banality. Some popular workshops include Maori Haka sessions where everyone gets to try out a traditional war-preparation which is believed to empower individuals; this is perfect for employees.



Spending one-day volunteering is a very good way for the employees of your company to give something back to the community, but also develop new skills. Volunteering is a wonderful activity because it is so diverse, the team can work together to build a community garden or use their skills to help elderly residents. It is an activity that benefits everyone and is extremely rewarding, often involving the development of new social skills. With your whole team providing for the less-well-off, you’ll generate a feel-good factor within your team and beyond. However, it is advisable to avoid ‘voluntourism’ projects that can be potentially harmful to communities.

Paint the Walls


Invite in a local artist to help the company create a mural together on one of the walls of the office. It gives everyone a chance to enjoy getting their hands dirty, and it makes the office look a lot warmer and individual, too! This activity is a wonderful idea for bonding the team and encouraging people to be more creative together, with a lasting result. Art is beneficial for dozens of reasons including helping people to feel less stressed. So in the future, if one of your employees is feeling stressed at work, hopefully, they will be able to look at the mural and remember a time of bliss and enjoyment.


Escape Rooms

This is a trending activity for individuals of all ages and abilities. Your employees have to work as a team to solve puzzles and riddles and eventually break out from a locked chamber. Escape Room is a fun and wholesome activity for colleagues and may break down barriers between employees when they see sides of each other they didn’t know existed before the day. In any case, the buzz of working together under pressure is sure to create new bonds.

Team bonding activities don’t have to be boring! If you use some creativity and imagination, they become extremely beneficial for building relationships between colleagues. Try one of the four activities listed above next time you’re building team skills in your office.