Want to Start a CS GO Career? Check these Tips First


If you’re eager to start playing CS GO and rack up sweet kills, you first have to make sure that you know what the game is about. And what that means is that you should look into the basics so that even though you will have a hard time at first, you’ll have a sense of what you need to do. So before you hop onto the CSGO servers make sure to check out these tips and keep these important details in mind. That being said let’s start and see what the most important things for CS GO new players are.

Reloading after a fresh kill

So you’ve just taken down your enemy after a brutal encounter. You are the last one standing but your clip is running low. It’s a good idea to reload before marching on, correct? Wrong! If it were instant and there was no delay before you were able to use your gun again (which wouldn’t make much sense in reality or a video game for that matter) then of course, best decision ever. But that’s not the case because it can take up to 4 seconds for a weapon to reload in CS GO, time in which you are vulnerable. Since you’ve just killed one of their own, the enemy team is probably aware of the noise coming from your general area and is on their way to investigate. Reloading will draw them to you with the noise it makes and will also render you helpless. That’s not a situation you would want to be in.

Don’t discount your handgun

In most shooters, the handgun is looked upon as an inferior tool that most people just avoid using. A lot of them even forget that it exists because they never use it. So if they run out of ammo for their main rifle they end up running away instead of switching to the handgun. The pistol can pack in some great short range power however and you shouldn’t discard it as a valuable asset in a match.

Crouch corner checking

A lot of people are already aware of the disadvantage of crouch walking around a corner to check to see if there are any enemies there but new players might find themselves doing this awful, awful thing. It’s just useless and even detrimental since the enemy will be able to see your knees before you even pop out of cover completely. So if someone is watching the corner you are trying to move past, you are pretty much always going to lose that duel because the enemy will always see you before you see the,. It’s best to just peek quickly and then retreat back to cover. This way you can see a glimpse of the battlefield beyond the wall without getting executed.