What Games Can You Play On Live Casinos Online

Mobile casino games are fun and all, but they can never replace the thrill and excitement of playing at a live casino establishment for gambling connoisseurs. Thanks to live online casinos, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Live online casinos allow you to play live casino tables and dealer games while enjoying an immersive experience.

What is a Live Online Casino?

Unlike regular online games that are managed by a random number generator, live casino games are controlled by an actual human dealer. You can interact with this dealer live through on-demand video streaming.

Sure, online gaming is fun but most users can’t help but feel like the game is rigged because everything is predetermined in a way. The games are pre-programmed with thousands or even millions of possible outcomes, but that doesn’t account for phenomenon like “beginner’s luck” or other possibilities that players experience when playing live.

Playing a live dealer game is like being in an actual brick and mortar casino, and most online establishments have stringent safety and privacy measures to ensure that players never feel cheated.

Available Live Casino Games

If you’re thinking of trying out live casino, the following are just some of the the most popular games available.



1. Blackjack

Blackjack is arguably the most famous card game in the world and it’s favored by experts and beginners alike. The great thing about playing Blackjack in a live online environment is the thrill that comes with knowing that a stroke of luck could win you the next round.

Plus, Blackjack requires a degree of skill and thought that is both challenging and rewarding-if you win!

Unlike Blackjack games that you find in regular online casinos, Live dealer Blackjacks is played by real-life players. You’ll have access to the game in its entirety including the dealer, through interactive live chat and video streaming functions.

It’s quite easy to play Blackjack once you get the hang of certain fundamentals. Here’s a step-by-step guide of the basics:

– Each player starts by placing an individual bet or wager.

– Two cards are dealt to each player and the dealer himself. One of the dealer’s cards must face up while the other is facing down. You’ll only be able to see the card that’s facing down.

– The aim of this game is to deal a hand that reaches the number 21 without exceeding it, because if the hand exceeds 21 it becomes a bust.

– With Blackjack cards, what you see is what you get. Picture cards have a value of 10, while the Ace card has a value of 1 or 10 depending on the player’s hand.

– Once the initial deal is completed, players must fold, hit, stand or split. If the dealer’s total is at 16 or less then he must hit, but if it’s between 17 and 21 then he must stand. A player has many opportunities to win, such as when the dealer goes bust, if their hand is higher than the dealer’s or if they have 21 or less. You’ll notice here that in Blackjack, players compete with the dealer and not with one another.



2. Roulette

Immerse yourself in a game of live Roulette and watch your dreams become a reality with a single spin of the wheel. As with other online live casino games, Roulette is played with a live dealer. What sets this game apart from others is the fact that you can choose to view the dealer from different vantage points by switching camera views.

How does it work? Roulette is quite simple. All you have to do is place bets on the roulette area known as a “layout”.

– You can place bets on a single number or several different numbers, odd numbers of even numbers as well as the colors red or black.

– There’s a time limit to placing bets so you have to be quick.

– Winning bets are played after each spin.



3. Baccarat

The word “Bacarrat refers to cards or hands that are worth “0” poits, and the best score you can hope for in Bacarat is the number 9. Here’s how to play baccarat online.

– Before the virtual cards are dealt, you’ll be given a choice to place your bets either on a player, banker or tie.

– If you win a banker bet, the online casino retains 5% of your bet.

– The payoff for the tie bet is typically 9:1 or 8:1, and it has the highest casino advantage so most players don’t like it.

– Both dealer and player are dealt two cards and the hand that is closer to 9 wins.

– So, the purpose of Baccarat is to bet on a winning outcome.


Things to Consider Before Play in Live Casinos Online

Before you start playing a Live Online Casino Slot, consider the following:

– Live dealer games cost more to play than online games because they come with live dealers and other overheads that must be covered.

– In order to win real money in a live casino slot, you have to decide on the number of paylines you want to bet on. Most online games and/or slots feature 9 to 30 different paylines which travel in various directions. Each payline is an opportunity for you to win, which is why it costs money to select each payline.

– To win in a live casino slot, you must hit three or more identical symbols and match them to a single payline. These symbols must be on the same line to qualify but they don’t necessarily have to be next to each other.


Playing live casino games is great because it makes casino gaming more accessible and fun. You don’t need to dress up all fancy and travel from your house to the local casino establishment.

You could be sitting in bed with your pajamas on, or lounging by the pool in your trunks and still enjoy an exciting online live casino game. Plus, we all know how distracting it can be to play on a brick and mortar casino floor. There are usually tons of other people playing; talking, laughing, drinking… it all gets too much and can affect your level of focus while playing. With live online casinos you don’t have to worry about any of that, and you’ll enjoy all of your favorite games in peace and quiet.

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