What Makes You a Bingo Fan?


Are you a bingo lover? Do you call yourself a bingo fan? Be it a yes or a no, we’ll tell you how to find out if you’re a bingo fan or not!

1. You play bingo often(regularly, if you’re a die hard fan). You feel like your day is incomplete without indulging yourself in at least one game of bingo.



2. Bingo is like a hobby to you. Playing bingo gives you joy and makes you feel good. It refreshes your mind and just like any other hobby, playing bingo makes you feel more energized and connected to the world at large



3. You are updated with all the newness of bingo. Be it offline bingo or online bingo, you keep yourself updated with the the news and happenings that hovers around bingo.


4. You know the difference between addiction and being a bingo fan. Addiction of bingo or any other gambling activity is something that you cannot get yourself out of and it makes your feel anxious and aggressive. Whereas, a bingo fan is someone who feels happiness while playing bingo and enjoys the game.

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5. You also love playing bingo online. If you are a bingo fan, then playing online bingo is one of your favorite past time. You always like to try new games on different bingo sites like GameVillage.com and enjoy making new friends on these online bingo sites.



If you have three or more above qualities that match you, then congratulations! You are a true bingo fan.