WhatsApp Announces a Color Text-Based Status

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The social media company is introducing a new status feature which allows its users to express themselves in a better way. WhatsApp feature was tested in beta version and it finally unveiled colorful text-based status updates to its users. The concept behind this new feature is that colors can aid to express your status in a better and funnier way. WhatsApp reported that it has more than 250 million monthly users who are using status updates worldwide. A color text-based feature enables users to update their status in a more personal way. It is a customizable feature allowing users to choose the desired font, background color or even links when uploading their statuses.

WhatsApp web users can view the status as well, however, they are not yet able to update this new status from the desktop. Reports informed that this new feature will be available on both Android and iOS devices. The new feature is similar to Facebook’s status update. This is because all apps borrow ideas from each other. Even gambling games have the same basic structure regardless of who the creator is.

Privacy is more important, moreover, WhatsApp has increased its privacy to another level. They use the same encryption that best online pokies use. Its users have an option to select the contacts that can view and receive their status. To activate this go to Settings then Privacy under this you can choose either My Contacts, Contacts Expect…or Only Share With.

In addition, you can see the contacts that viewed your status by tapping the eye icon at the bottom of any status update. Users are no longer limited to using only words when replying the status. You can reply someone’s status using any photo, video or GIF. The message will be sent to WhatsApp between you and that contact with a thumbnail of the status update.

WhatsApp is also working towards cracking down fake news on its platform or spam content as this has become a problem.

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