Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Fax Machine



A lot of people now have stopped using fax machines and have adopted modern ways which are more convenient and easy. While they have their perks, fax machines have unpleasant downsides with enough reasons to stop using them. Below are some of the reasons why you need to get rid of yours;


It limits file formats that can be used

Conventional fax machines do not support different file formats and this limits their usage. Most businesses need to send different file formats and complete tasks like signing of documents. This is a challenge for an office that needs to diversify their documentation and as such it is a good reason to get rid of your fax machine.


Fax machines come with a lot of inconvenience, most of which comes with a lot of time and resource wastage. If you own a fax machine, then you know that paper jams can cause endless headaches and having to request for retransmissions consumes a lot of your time. There are no spam filters in fax machines and as such, you are always receiving junk faxes. Not to mention, you are bound to experience garbled text and missing pages when using a fax machine.


This is one of the greatest concerns of using a fax machine. Sometimes you need to send documents on the go and since fax machines are unportable, this is impossible unless you do it from a borrowed fax. That is why most people are using gmail fax which makes it possible to send documents from anywhere, and is slowly replacing conventional fax machines.


Maintaining a fax machine is really costly. First of all, think of the cost of acquiring a new one, then other periodic maintenance costs like paper, dedicated phone line, ink and other costs to keep it up and running. These may be costly in the long run, considering the fact that you may need to replace it in the future.


Fax machines also don’t offer the most security. No one wants their confidential documents lying around for anyone to see. What’s more there are endless risks of the documents getting into the wrong hands which is why it is important to send and store documents with encrypted software that guarantee security.


Sometimes you just want to use an already existing template, change a few things and send it as soon as possible. Fax machines make this hard, because every time you need to send a document you need to create it a fresh. This is monotonous to some people and if there are other alternative methods of achieving that then why not switch to those instead?

There are other paperless solutions

Fax machines heavily rely on paper to operate. In a world of changing technology, companies have introduced different paperless solution which are more efficient and convenient than fax machines. Also this is a great way to cut on operational costs and to reduce clutter on your desk.

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