Why Mid-Rise Condo Living is Perfect for You


Condo living is often associated with convenience, the vibrant lifestyle of the city, and always being on the go. You can even find condo units located in prime tourist destinations as they are an affordable and contemporary alternative to villas and guest houses. In other words, they are the pinnacle of contemporary living and anything dynamic.


When people think of condos, they automatically assume that they’ll have to break the bank to experience the sophisticated high-rise living. With this, you might hold back on your plans to invest in a condo unit near your workplace or school.

Don’t lose heart. Opt for a mid-rise condo unit and read on to see why living in a mid-rise condo unit is ideal for you.


Save yourself from an expensive condo unit purchase by exploring the affordable options available in mid-rise condominiums. Sure, they may still be condominiums but low- and mid-rise units tend to be less luxurious than their taller siblings. Some mid-rise developments also tend to have fewer amenities. This means your unit will be more low-maintenance and more cost-efficient.

In terms of location, low-rise condominium developments are often placed in less congested areas, unlike high-rise condos, where you can find them standing out in central business districts. Suppose you are looking to invest in a condo on a budget. Research other developments and see which caters to your needs. It is crucial to look after your comfort and wellness and not just saving a buck.


While most mid-rise condominiums are found in less busy streets, you’ll find some developments located minutes away from central downtown areas. Some mid-rise condominiums are located close to transportation hubs such as subway stations, bus stops, or taxi bays.

Think of mid-rise condo living as living the best of both worlds: you get the privacy of a suburban home while still getting access to premier shopping hubs, commercial spaces, offices, and other institutions.

Lower Density = More Privacy

Aside from being in a less congested area, mid-rise condominiums have fewer units than their high-rise counterparts. Fewer neighbors mean you get more privacy and quiet in your unit. You’ll get to relish in the peaceful atmosphere from morning up to when you come home from work or school.

The serenity accompanying mid-rise condo living is suitable for creative individuals who need to focus on their artistic process. Work-from-home individuals can benefit from a more tranquil atmosphere, especially for their virtual meetings and business calls.

In other words, you’ll get to detach from all the chaos and mess of the city in your mid-rise condo unit while still being effective in your work life.

Well-designed Amenities

Yes, you can still get resort-quality amenities and facilities with mid-rise condominium developments. Developments like Urban Deca Homes in Marilao, Bulacan have premier facilities such as adult and kiddie swimming pools, a sports court, a multi-purpose hall, and a children’s play area.

Research on the different amenities offered by the mid-rise condominiums you are eyeing and see which facilities suit your needs. You’d want your home to be a den of relaxation and fun during the weekends and holidays. Plus, you feel like you’re getting free vacations twenty-four-seven with these amenities.

Fewer Neighbors = Safety and Health

Another advantage of mid-rise condos is that they have better safety and health measures. Having fewer units entails less risk of getting exposed to pathogens, viruses, and other infectious diseases. It also means you won’t worry about breaking social distancing whenever you go out of your unit.

With COVID-19 still lurking and striking, your health and safety should be of utmost importance. It is an essential part of living comfortably and well.

More Open Spaces

Mid-rise condominiums are often constructed with multiple towers placed in larger parcels of land. Their design allows residents to enjoy more open spaces for outdoor activities and spending time with their families. These open spaces also have provisions for a biking and jogging trail, courtyard, and outdoor lounge areas.

Some mid-rise developments even allow pets. You’ll surely enjoy walking your dog or taking your cat to play on the lawn with these delightful lower-density developments.

Unique Design Features

One of the highlights of mid-rise condo units is that their designs are inspired by lavish resort developments and architectural themes from other countries. These design features give mid-rise condominiums their special flair and ambiance.

The unique design features of mid-rise condo developments aren’t limited to the exterior and interior design. Some developments utilize sustainable features, eco-friendly furniture, high ceilings, luxurious bathroom interiors, and expansive spaces perfect for a home office or a work studio.

There are also mid-rise condo units that have simple modern designs that allow you to decorate it however you want. From minimalist to rustic and lavish European styles, your future mid-rise condo unit gives you opportunities to make your unit reflective of your personality.

Spacious and Comfortable

Because mid-rise condos have fewer units, that means each unit will have more space than most high-rise condominiums. Starting families will love the expansive units as they have more room to accommodate their growing children. Single tenants can convert the extra space as their workout rooms, creative studio, home office, or as a designated area for holding gatherings and parties.

The more spacious units in mid-rise condos also mean more comfort. You wouldn’t have to worry about overwhelming your home with your furniture or decor. You can move more freely in your home by visit goodnewstories.com.

Overall, buying a condo should anchor on your need for comfort, safety, and accessibility–not just your need to save money. You wouldn’t want to compromise your wellness for the sake of frugality. Explore different condominiums until you find the right one for your quaint and sophisticated mid-rise condo living.