5 Tips for Casino Etiquette


Going to the casino for the first time and wondering what you should wear? What about tipping the dealer? In this article, we bring you five tips for proper casino etiquette.


What to wear

When you think about casinos in movies, you probably picture guests dressed in tuxedos and dresses. The reality is that most casinos are much more flexible when it comes to the dress code. Sure, there are casinos that encourage (or even demand) guests to wear a suit, but most casinos in Europe and America don’t have a specific dress code. The best way to find out is to check the casino’s website before you make the trip. That way, you don’t risk having to go home to change the outfit.

To tip or not to tip?

To tip or not to tip is a question you may ask yourself when you’re in a casino for the first time. While tipping is not mandatory in any casino, it is certainly expected. Whether you’re receiving a drink from a waitress or playing blackjack or roulette and winning, it is customary to give a small tip. Some players prefer to leave a tip when they are leaving the table, while others give a few tips to the dealer when they’re on a winning streak.

Learn the games before playing

No one expects you to be a professional player the first time you play in a casino, but it is a good idea to at least learn the basics before taking a seat and playing with other players. Unlike when you’re playing at an online casino like Duelz Casino, the other players will be waiting for you when it’s your turn to place a bet or make a decision. It could be wise to stick to slots or watch the other players play for a while before buying in. You will also appreciate the games more once you know the rules and strategies.

Put away your phone

Most casinos have a rule that players are not allowed to use their phones or other gadgets while seated at the table. This includes taking on the phone or taking a photo. The main reason for this is that phones can distract the players, which in turn leads to slower game rounds and delays. If you need to take an important phone call or send a text, you can always step away from the table and come back a minute later.

Respect the dealer

Gambling can be as frustrating as it is fun, especially when you’re playing against a dealer who just can’t seem to lose. However, as most of us know, it’s not the dealer’s fault if we lose. It is important to always treat the dealer with respect, whether you’re winning or losing. This includes listening to the dealer’s instructions and not interfering with the game. If the dealer says “no more bets”, it means that you can’t put more chips on the table. And in general, you should not touch the chips once they are in play – let the dealer take care of that.