Why Windows Mobile Rules – iPhone vs Windows Mobile Part 2


Yesterday we posted an article on why the iPhone is so wonderful, or Part 1 of the whole iPhone versus WinMo debate. Today I’ve got a guest blogger, David K from over at Mobility Digest and he has written up Part 2, so read on to learn why Windows Mobile devices are the best and are here to stay…

And I’m a PC

The sheer power and beauty of Windows Mobile has been tarnished recently. Not by any flaw in the machinery, but rather in the marketing myths created by glossy commercials. It’s time to debunk those myths and remind everyone why Windows Mobile is the past, present and future of mobility. Well, I was also getting suffocated by iPhone fanboy smug and I needed to get some air by bringing some facts to the table;)

First off, let’s get past the numbers game. Windows Mobile has been out for years and overall has outsold the iPhone. Of course there’s been a recent explosion in sales of the iPhone due largely in part to millions of dollars in ads but the sales of a product are hardly the ultimate test or else we’d be declaring the Razr the best phone of all time. Not to take anything away from the Razr but it was a great form factor and little more…much like the iPhone.


So let’s talk form factor. The iPhone is a sleek looking device. For you WinMo fans, it looks like the Touch HD sharing almost identical dimensions. Of course, where the HD has those buttons on the bottom, the iPhone just has blank space that goes unused for some reason and the screen is smaller and a lower resolution than the Touch HD. Of course, the Toshiba G series will have an even larger screen than the HD with the same resolution as the HD thus really mocking the iPhone. But we don’t need to speak about identical form factors. With Windows you can get candybar style with or without a physical keyboard, sliding keyboards in all directions…pretty much whatever you want. And keyboards are a question of personal preference and for some people it’s a gift. Fortunately for WM we have phones released in two flavors at a time, like the Touch Pro and the Diamond (or Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2) which are essentially identical except for the keyboard. I know Steve doesn’t like a keyboard but Doug loves them.


And I know you iPhone guys love having one button…just because it’s sleek I guess. Without that button you’d have no safety net, but fortunately it serves to both reset your iPhone when it fails or correct a non-functioning iPhone so thank goodness you have that button. I have a neat idea – instead of having just a home and power button use that empty area for something…anything. Imagine that if you were in email and wanted to make a phone call you didn’t have to go home and then go to the phone and instead you just pressed one button. On the Fuze and Diamond that area is a capacitive screen and can be used to scroll or launch apps leading to even more ease of use and speed in accessing what’s important to the end user. We all know why there aren’t more buttons – it would confuse iPhone users. It’s ok to admit it?

Much has been made of the ‘beautiful’ screen on the iPhone but the facts are straightforward on this point. The entire current line of HTC phones (and Toshiba and Acer) all have at least 480×640 with most opting for 480×800 compared to the iPhone’s 480×320. And of course the Touch HD, Touch Pro 2 and Toshiba line all have larger screen sizes than the iPhone, but who’s counting? Oh right, we are. So too bad iPhone fans! If you want to imagine what it looks like look at your iPhone and instead of pixels you just see sharp lines. I’m sure when you make it to WVGA it will be to much fanfare, like when the iPhone got 3G and I would have sworn they had introduced 3G that day (except I was on my Tilt at the time using 3G and I had already retired my 8525 that was also 3G).


I know the iPhone and multi-touch go hand in hand, but there’s a reason why capacitive screens are in use. Like, did I mention that I can use my finger with a glove on and use my screen? It’s a neat trick in winter. I can even type with my nails for precision (and for women who have long nails). How about the fact that I can use a stylus and write words on the screen (you know, like it’s paper) and my WM device will turn those words into text for me on the fly. If the iPhone could do that same feat it would be considered revolutionary. For WinMo it’s been around for years though.

But let’s discuss hardware a little bit more. Of course, we have an accelerometer as well, but of course with Windows we can customize it so that means any app we want we can force rotation and we even have this crazy keyboard that works in landscape mode. And by year’s end we’ll have at least two phones with 1 ghz processors in them so let’s not get into a speed competition here.


While the iPhone is only available on AT&T with WM you can unlock your phone and move between carriers. It’s mindboggling to iPhone users but I could use my phone on any GSM network if I wanted to. The iPhone is shiny though… And we’ve got your fancy 802.11g, don’t worry about that. And somehow WM figured out how to conquer MMS (you know, sending photos and sound) which the iPhone lacks for some reason.

And if you want to make the best audio and visual experience it helps to have the hardware and software to back it up. Of course watching movies or tv recorded on your PC are an ease and you can even set your computer to sync recorded tv or other videos with your phone at set times so when you leave the house you can have the morning news waiting for you. And did I mention that we can listen to music over Bluetooth stereo headsets? I know Apple is working on that but Windows Mobile is apparently living in the future. Man I love my Motorola S9 headset.


And you know what else I love? After I use my camera to take VIDEO I can share it with other people. Of course, I can email it, stream it in real time, use video share but I like to sometimes use my Fuze’s tv-out and put it on a full screen. And by the end of this calendar year we’ll have HDMI out with full HD abilities. I know the iPhone can’t do it, but trust me, it’s really happening. The iPhone 3G’s 2 megapixel camera is really behind the market here. My Fuze is 3 megapixels and the Touch HD and Diamond 2 are 5 megapixel cameras.


Let’s talk about the simplicity that is the iPhone’s interface. I remember my old Treo 600 with a user interface that was nothing more than an application launcher. I was so happy when Apple brought that back from the grave? With the iPhone it’s one interface for everyone. Meanwhile, Windows Mobile has a user interface for everyone. I mean that. We have plenty of interfaces that are just app launchers and even iPhone clones. We have Touch Flo3D in multiple versions, SPB Shell, PointUI, Mobility Flow, Windows standard home screen, MyHome, Winterface, YRGO…ok even I’m bored of going through this list (which isn’t complete) but it’s pretty simple: if you want Steve’s preferences you know what they look like. If you want your user interface Windows Mobile has it for you. And few things are as important as the main user interface of a phone so it’s good to have the option to just have an application launcher or to have a sophisticated multi-tab user interface but what I like most is that it’s my choice as to what I want.

shell shell 2

tp2 tf3d

And much has been made about the iPhone’s applications. I don’t need to go through the myth again but there are more WM apps in existence than iPhone apps and that’s a simple fact. And most of the apps that are ‘only on the iPhone’ are either entirely false (with the same exact app available on Windows Mobile like Shazam’s MusicID) or misleading (since we have at least one app that does the same function except has a different name). So many of the touted apps like GMaps and Facebook apps already exist for WinMo. In fact we typically have multiple apps that perform similar functions and they compete to be the best which in the end leads to the consumer getting the best product. All of this with the ability to get any app available under the sun without Steve’s blessing and he doesn’t have the right to revoke apps. It’s a free market and we like it that way.


What may come as even more of a surprise is that WinMo not only has more applications but we can run them simultaneously. Yes, every modern mobile operating system can multitask…except the iPhone of course. The iPhone is so revolutionary that multiple apps drain the battery excessively so it’s one app at a time guys. I mean really? Really? Windows Mobile can not only multitask, but you can toggle between running apps just like a computer so you don’t need to close the app, go home, launch a new app and keep that cycle going.

task facade

iPhone fanboys are convinced they have the latest software and tout Calendar, Contacts, Weather, Email Client, Calculator, Web Browser, Photo Viewer, Camera, Stocks, You Tube Browser, GPS and Google Maps. That’s pretty easy to match because we literally have all of those and almost all of them are preloaded on our phones. Except of course, our GPS is unlocked so we can use it with TomTom, iGo, Amaze, GMaps, Live Search…well you get the point. And yup, we have geotagging, FaceBook, Twitter. I know the commercial says ‘only for the iPhone’ but it turns out WM has it as well.

And that browser you guys have that is the ‘real internet’ let me just state 1) we have Iris which is the same engine (WebKit) so we see pages exactly the same way you do (except of course our screen resolution is substantially increased so even on a smaller screen we can see more thanks to VGA and WVGA) and 2) we have SkyFire which shows things like Flash 10 that the iPhone can’t show…you know, like the REAL web page. Streaming flash and video of any kind is not a problem and ActiveX plugins actually work. I guess I should mention that SkyFire loads webpages multiples faster than Safari but let’s not let facts get in the way of a sexy device.


I’m sure we all remember when the iPhone finally got the ability to push email. The only thing is that fancy push email and Exchange sync you have is Microsoft’s ActiveSync because Apple couldn’t get push to work. Apple licensed it from Microsoft! So yeah, we’ve had that for years so the best phone of all time is licensing from MS one of the most basic phone functions of an email capable phone. Thanks for sharing but you can’t be better than us when you’re borrowing from us. Of course, while we’re talking about a business phone it really is important to be able to cut and paste to be able to effectively use your phone for business. So if I get an email from one person I can cut texts from it and move it into a Word document or another email. And of course, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Power Point, Excel, One Note and Word) are all standard for WinMo as is Adobe Viewer. We can use VPN and utilize remote desktop as well so having a Windows Mobile device provides instant access to all of your work files. Another standard app is World Card Mobile Business Card reader that takes a photo of a business card and ‘reads’ the text and inputs that right into your contacts. In terms of a business phone it’s really not the best place for the iPhone to try to claim a victory.

So you guys try to claim that you can make a locked phone ‘your’ phone with jailbreaking. Jailbreaking leads to Apple re-locking and then a race to re-jailbreak. These are all patches to try to customize your phone while Apple tries to lock your phone. It’s pretty funny that some WM users are using a version of the WM operating system that’s not even on the market yet, apps ported from different phones, emulators (GameBoy, NES, Genesis, they’re all here)…well pretty much nothing is off the table and it’s doesn’t involve ‘jailbreaking’– it just involves installing an app or a ROM and none of that is something WM will retroactively lock on us and HTC seems to like it in fact. Unlike the iPhone, with Windows it’s my phone and I can do with it what I like and WM isn’t arguing over that.


And don’t think for a second I’ll let the fanboys tell you about how good of an mp3 player the iPhone is. I already mentioned Bluetooth stereo headsets, but this is something WinMo has had for years. The ability to use a Bluetooth stereo headset seems so fundamental to a portable mp3 player it’s hard to imagine not having it. But that’s not the only advantage WinMo has. Windows Mobile has removable storage so there’s no limit to how much music we can carry. Of course, we can always stream music from our computers to our phones (using freeware like Didiom or Orb) so any music I have on my PC I have access to on the go. Oh and I have this crazy FM radio tuner so I can listen to local FM music without killing my battery listening to internet radio (and yes, we have the same apps for internet radio too, calm down).We get this without being locked to iTunes music and of course we get video on larger and higher resolution screens which as I mentioned can be expanded exponentially by using the tv-out capabilities. Also, if I want to listen to a song by Doug Smith I can simply say ‘play artist Doug Smith’ (you know, like those Ford Sync commercials) and it will play songs from that artist, a particular track, fast forward to another track, announce the name of the song…well you get the picture. We can control our music with our voice and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I know it’s a tangent, but incoming text messages can be set to be read out loud and all of the phone’s functions can work that way as well so if I want to call someone all I need to say is “call Doug Smith” and the dialing begins. And this is all thanks to standard software that is on every Windows Mobile device and has been for years. I’m sure the iPhone evolution will eventually claim it as their own but it’s fun to have it now


There’s one thing I won’t argue with…simplicity – the iPhone certainly appeals to the simplistic (ok, that was a cheap shot?). It’s pretty easy – if you don’t want 1ghz processors, unlimited storage, tv-out, WVGA resolution, FM radio, unlimited apps, full customization, a real business solution, video recording, a flash to go along with my camera, a phone design of my choice with more than one button, a removable battery, use of non-proprietary connections (so I can use miniUSB from a BlackBerry, for example) then go for an iPhone. If you want to have those same features in 2 years with a bunch of really glossy commercials so you think you’re the first on the block to get them then get the iClone.


rock iphone

The most powerful devices on the market with the latest hardware and software belong to Windows and it’s available without any smug. With everything WM has over the iPhone I feel like I’m living in the future!

  153 comments for “Why Windows Mobile Rules – iPhone vs Windows Mobile Part 2

  1. Bob
    May 15, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    Haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa – you are clearly a freak!!!

    • Tony J Stark
      March 9, 2011 at 1:51 am

      I am unashamedly anti-Crapple, but only because of my experiences, knowledge, discerning tastes and risk-averse, open nature. Now rather than fuel the feature-for-feature fights that these post have entertainingly purpoted, I want to share a very amusing observation I have made when discussing the merits of iPhone versus WiMo with die-hards: How come Crapple users go all gay and enthusiastic-like when they show you a blingy thing that the iphone does, but when you point out ANYTHING that every other WiMo phone does better, their response is always the same – “But I don’t need that”. I am sure they don’t – at least until the next version of Crapple supports it anyway….Tony Stark.

  2. G Sales
    May 15, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    I’ve had an iPhone since it first came out. Before that I had a WinMo phone for an equal amount of time. I enjoy using them both.
    Many great points were listed above but most won’t matter with the average user. MS will continue to make great improvements to the WinMo platform but for now the iPhone platform just beats it hands down.

  3. tribecom
    May 15, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Some good points, made perhaps less effective by the snarky tone. At the end of the day it appears that theres what … something like 25 million people that don’t agree with you and found the iphone the better choice.

  4. Sean
    May 15, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Almost every point will be moot in a few months with iPhone 3.0.

    But competition is good as far as I’m concerned. Companies will continue to push the boundaries of technology and the consumer will reap the benefits.

  5. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    hmm… 25 million people? I think more people than that owned the Razr? So that means what? by that reasoning the Razr is actually better than the iPhone?!

  6. DavidK
    May 15, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Sean – 3.0 will some some of the software problems (cut and paste, A2DP and video) but it doesn’t affect the hardware. There’s still not going to be WVGA resolution, HDMI out and FM radio for example.

  7. itsme
    May 15, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Kristofer: your comment makes no sense. He was saying that 25 million people made the choice of an iphone over a WM phone. Where did he write that whoever sells the most phones has the best phone?

    The author is unfortunately too busy being obnoxious to explain why is it, if WM is so wonderful, that it is losing major market share not only to the iphone but also to RIM, Android and probably Palm when the new model comes out. It stands to reason that people do not like the WM experience.

    He is definitely a “PC” in that he thinks like Microsoft that throwing everything in including the kitchen sink makes for a better device. Selecting functions judiciously and ease of use are what consumers want.

    Sean is right, his checklist will no longer be relevant when 3.0 comes out in a month or so.

    Finally enough with the “it’s only because Apple knows how to market so well”. If Apple products sucked, it wouldn’t matter how much marketing they did, people wouldn’t buy them.

  8. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Well no…. yes he said that over 25 million people made the choice of the iphone over the winmo, and my point was that more than that made the choice of the razr when it came out. Does that mean it was a good phone? or just good marketing? Look around Apple has saturated the market with advertising, if you see something enough times you begin to believe it, if something is beat into your head enough, you’ll believe it… I guarantee that if Microsoft threw as much money at winmo aApple did with the iphone all those 25 million people would have a winmo device…

  9. Fritz
    May 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    I use and like both platforms, and I won’t disagree with most of the points in this essay, but the fact is that the iPhone is simply more *enjoyable* to use. I can’t really quantify or explain why that is, but it is.

  10. KoRoMi
    May 15, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    I agree with Tribecom. It’s ironic that the author accuses iPhone proponents of being smug, when his entire article suffers from an excessively smug and snarky tone. He does make many good points, but he’s not doing himself any favors with his attitude.

    I must also disagree with the author’s claim that the only reason for iPhone’s success is Apple’s marketing skill and muscle. Many people have decided that they don’t want more features and options. They want something that is stylish, intuitive and fun to use. The iPhone’s appeal seems to lie in that area. For the author, a Winmo device is great, but for others, something like an iPhone is preferable. That doesn’t make them stupid.

  11. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    To all of you commenting about the tone of the author… did you read Part1 of this? His article was just as smug, but yet I don’t see you saying anything about that… and I’m noticing that the main thing everyone seems to agree on is the authors tone, but none of you contribute to defending the iPhone really, as in why the iPhone has not yet achieved the technical level of a WinMo device? I’m guessing you’re all happy with a technically inferior device?! And please don’t mention the iPhone 3.0 again, that’s not going to fix any of these issues, it will still be inferior in the hardware area…

  12. Mark
    May 15, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. I will use an iPod/iPhone and won’t use Windows Mobile. Someone else will do the opposite. Neither will go away, so who care?

  13. John
    May 15, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I think it would be fun to take the two articles, re-edit them together into one single article as two fan-boi’s duking it out. Then the snarky tones would be fun and would read much like the comment section in Engadget. The real kicker would be the fact that both fan-bois are really the same demented person.

  14. DSmithZ28
    May 15, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    You guys notice how there isn’t one comment on the iPhone rant? I guess it’s because WinMo users don’t have device envy! But when a WinMo Owner writes an article you iPhone guys come out of the woodwork screaming “foul” and “Snarky”! So it makes me think we hit a nerve and your “precious” isn’t all you thought it was!

  15. AeroMacUser
    May 15, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    This article is pointless. The way Tech advances it will be obsolete in no time. Not to mention that RIM, Palm, and Android aren’t even mentioned. And keep in mind with RIM the hardware and software are created by RIM. Not LG, Samsung, HTC, etc… Same goes for Apple. This tight integration cannot be overlooked.

  16. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    John…. you’ve got to be fracking kidding me… you think these were written by the same person? you’re more delusional than most fanboys aren’t you? Our own Tom Ratas wrote the iphone article and David K from Mobility Digest wrote the WinMo article for me…

  17. scosee
    May 15, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    I think it’s funny that you end an incredibly “smug” article with “it’s available without any smug.” Or were you just being smug in the closing?

  18. DSmithZ28
    May 15, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    @AeroMacUser: How can you say this article is pointless? To even bring up the fact that that tech advances change and everything will be obsolete is pointless! I think we all realize that, so let’s keep on point. An iPhone Fanboy wrote an article in a very similar and snarky tone as the WinMo Fanboy did and all of you are screaming foul. This is absolutely hilarious! You guys can’t stand it!! WinMo users scoff at your rants and go about our day with a technologically superior device! And to your point about RIM and Apple making their own devices, Who Cares? It is blatantly obvious that Company’s like Sony, HTC, Toshiba, and Samsung are SIGNIFICANTLY more advanced than RIM and Apple are at designing and manufacturing devices! WinMo Devices hands down win any throw down with an iPhone or RIM Device….

  19. John
    May 15, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    @Kristofer… LoL I didn’t quite explain my idea properly. I meant to suggest re-editing the two together as if the same guy was taking both positions like he was tormented and demented, ie the same guy. But I actually thought they were both fun as is, in their own ways.

    Maybe another idea is for the authors to trade sides. Like in a debate, having to defend the platform you don’t actually prefer, and only be allowed to say something negative about your usually preferred platform. The truth of each platform may really show that way. Who ever does the best job loses. I will go away now.

  20. nikhil s
    May 15, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    im with john on combining these two articles, that’d be great! why cant we all be friends lol?

  21. Steve
    May 15, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Kristofer, below are a few points for you to consider.
    1. Regardless of how Part 1 was written, your post was written in the typical “fanboy” style and the content matches accordingly. As such, the sum of your effort is nothing more than fanboy drivel.

    2. I don’t think anyone questions whether Windows Mobile is here to stay. The question is, how relevant is it now and will it be in the future. Statistics from Net Applications and others clearly demonstrate Windows Mobile is on the decline. That’s partically due to the success of the iPhone, but clearly Blackberry is the biggest obstacle for Windows mobile given Microsoft’s target audience. Worse, Android sales are increasing and competition from the Palm pre are all serving to marginalize Windows Mobile relevance in the marketplace.

    3. You claim that Windows Mobile has overall outsold the iPhone. Given that the iPhone hasn’t been on the market for most of that time span, your comment is disingenuous at best. The fact is, the iPhone is currently outselling all Windows Mobile devices combined.

    4. Yes, there are more Windows mobile choices, 80% of which come from HTC. Some variations have better hardware like more screen resolution or better cameras, etc. However, in the end, that’s not what’s important. Otherwise, everyone would be buying high end Nokia devices running Symbian. Instead, software and user interface are most important in a smart phone. That’s why there was so much hype around the iPhone and now the Palm Pre. In essence, nobody gets excited about Windows Mobile devices for a reason. Windows Mobile 6.5 was a major disappointment and it that won’t even be available for a while. By contrast, the iPhone 3.0 release addresses all of the missing features from the iPhone and adds much more.

    5. If you think Touch flo 3D is equivalent to the iPhone user interface, then it’s clear you’ve never used an iPhone. There is a difference between a system built around and interface and a hack that includes some touch like features. They are not even comparable and it’s embarrassing for you that you even tried.

    6. You claim there are more Windows Mobile apps than iPhone apps and present this as fact. What are your sources? Seriously, the last claim I saw for WinMo apps was just over 20,000. For the iPhone there is now over 45,000 apps. More importantly, the development of new apps is CLEARLY in favor of the iPhone.

    7. You incorrectly claim the iPhone can’t multitask, yet there doesn’t seem to be an issue of listening to music while surfing the net or sending an e-mail. Further, every battery test analysis shows battery drain is a serious issue with tasks running in the background. Other than listening to music, there is no other task that you need to run in the background. Apple has solved this problem with it’s push notification system. Please do a follow up article comparing the battery life of your Windows mobile devices with things like instant messenger running as a background task as compared to Apple’s push notification system in the iPhone 3.0 release.

    8. You incorrectly claim that the only way Apple was able to get push e-mail to work was by licensing Active Sync. That’s the only way Apple was able to get this feature to work with Microsoft’s undocumented protocol is what you should have said. Yahoo has push e-mail from day 1. Further Apple provided that service through MobileMe a year later. I can assure you that works perfectly well, without using Active Sync.

    Anyway, the list of corrections could very well continue. The point here is that your post is fanboy drivel. While Windows Mobile devices likely appeal to Windows zealots, the iPhone clearly has more mass appeal. There is something to say about a powerful mobile computing device that is actually easy (simple as you say) to use. Whether you agree or not, the iPhone delivers a better overall experience than any Windows Mobile device.

    • Shashi
      October 30, 2010 at 1:17 pm

      the advantage with winmo is that its home screen can be customised to the extent with the help of third party softwares that even the engineers of apple cannot think and that too by an average user but wait a second iphone doesnt hav a homescreen it has just its menu showing 24 hrs a day. dont you get bored with that tiny blocks or i should say that iphone is meant 4 only such person?????

  22. DSmithZ28
    May 15, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I know where a copy of the combined two articles is! 🙂

  23. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Hi Steve… Pay Attention: I DIDN”T WRITE IT
    Apparently we’ve got you fanboys so flustered your can’t even pay attention to things eh?

  24. Steve
    May 15, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Pardon me, I suppose my post should have been directed to “David K”. Given that the beginning of the posts says:

    Why Windows Mobile Rules – iPhone vs Windows Mobile Part 2
    by: Kristofer Brozio Published 15/05 – 2009

    Yeah, I suppose you’d have to be a “fanboy” to miss that… 😉

  25. Kristofer
    May 15, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Steve… did you read the intro… David is guest blogging so he doesn’t have an ‘official’ byline on here…

  26. John
    May 15, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I say sign Steve up! But he has to now write the pro-winmo side next.
    I agree Android and possibly Pre’ will be very interesting market diverters and this will be reminiscent of the golden age of personal computers where we had CP/M, DOS, etc. and the leader seemed to change monthly. Is history repeating itself?

  27. DSmithZ28
    May 15, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    I am missing the whole “Device Sales” as an indicator to success. The same could be said that a Ford Taurus is better than Ferrari because there are more sold. I see the Mobility Market segmenting almost the same way. Like the Taurus, the iPhone is very easy to drive and that almost anyone can own and operate. You see Ford Taurus ads (Did see) every thirty seconds. Have you ever seen a Ferrari Ad during Prime Time or American Idol? WinMo users want excellence in Technology and Hardware much like the Ferrari owner. With all that horsepower and manual shifting, the Ferrari is a bit harder to drive, but that’s what WinMo Fans want, and not the 200 or so grocery getting horsepower you get with the iPhone…ah oops, I mean Taurus.

  28. MobileMatt
    May 15, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    I’m not sure if I missed this or not but don’t forget about the endless customizing that can be done on the WinMo devices. Even 3rd party apps can be customized such as the TF3D and Spb UI’s.

  29. Ike
    May 15, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Mark, what matters is that most of those 25-million iPhone users are being fed a bunch of lies and hype.

    You’re welcome to enjoy whatever phone you want… but Kris makes several excellent points. Chiefly that when iPhone DOES get around to implementing certain features, it will get credit for ‘revolutionizing’ what WinMo phones were already doing for quite some time.

    I downloaded Windows Live Search the day I got my Tilt, and it integrates with the built-in GPS for free. I didn’t have to pay an additional penny for working GPS mapping, plotting, viewing, or anything.

    The iPhone interface is amazing — but you can do much more with WinMo, and do it yesterday.

  30. Tom Andersen
    May 15, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    This just shows why the iPhone won. People don’t want features (unless they are in the ‘glazed over listening to the guy at the store’ mode). They THINK they want features. But really they don’t. The iPod has no radio. An FM radio would cost Apple almost exactly $0.02 to implement due to their sales volume. But they don’t cause they actually have the guts to say no.
    To the people who like 50 button remotes – please don’t buy an iPhone. Buy a windows phone. If you need to send 20 emails a day from your phone – get a blackberry.

    Windows has more features and apps than mac os x. But 90% of users on a PC or Mac only surf and use a few apps like word.

  31. herg62123
    May 15, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    i am currently in the wireless industry and i sell the iphone as one of the devices i offer. i personnally have seen more lockups, white screen of death, and cracked screens more on the iphone in the past 2 years than any winmo device on the market.

    So i say WINMOBILE is far better than the IPHONE.

  32. Jerry
    May 15, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    I think Tom has stated it well. While dealing with a lot of large IT departments of my clients, what I frequently see is a lot of standardization on Blackberry due to its very strong Exchange support. Some iphones mixed in too, but typically as an employee owned phone. WinMo phones are largely passé for now.

    Reasons for the Blackberry taking off is that it from day 1 had a form factor optimized for messaging. It took a long while for the handset makers and MS to focus on what RIM was achieving. Palm sets running WinMo were popular a few years back since they had a good RIM like layout, but got a reputation for being unreliable from a support perspective (missed calls, reboots, data corruptions, etc).

    Currently Iphone is missing a few essential business Exchange features that RIM and WinMo offers such as email search, calendar invite, cut and paste and can suffer lack luster battery life when in push mode. Apple could and most likely will address these issues in future versions of SW. And of course, for now at least, if you prefer pressing chicklets you are out of luck on an iphone.

    But my conclusion is that for the everyman, ignoring featuritis for a moment, Apple has a fresher approach, is generally more rewarding to the user because of feature reliability and its intuitiveness (users generally don’t have to read a manual) and therefore is what a larger number of consumers wish for (if they can live with AT&T in their area). On the opposite side of the coin, RIM has 80% of the consumer aspects of the niceness of the iphone while having the advantage for many that their IT department will give them the phone for free.

    WinMo? You can bet it will make a comeback once it addresses all of its idiosyncrasies. But for now its kind of embarrassing compared to many of the other choices.

  33. ADRz
    May 15, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I have stated this in the previous article but here it is again. This dispute is meaningless. The iPhone is a better phone for the average consumer who has no idea of how to customize phones and cares little about it. The complexity of WinMo phones and the need for customization -as well as the high price- detract average consumers from using them. For example, at AT&T, the Fuze is $100 more expensive than the iPhone. If a WinMo phone is customized, it can provide the same user experience than the iPhone with more features. There are many interfaces to choose from and several that resemble that of the iPhone (and some better). But no provider and certainly not AT&T would do this. They reserve WinMo phones and Blackberries for the enterprise that does not care for “consumer experience”.

    Thus, WinMo phones are directed to the enterprise and iPhone to average consumers. The iPhone is a fashion item, WinMo phones are not very attractive. Comparing these two phones side by side makes justice to neither of them. WinMo phones should be compared to Blackberries and the iPhone should be compared to many similar offerings by Samsung, LG and others.

  34. Jerry
    May 15, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    ADRz, I hear what you are saying, but that is a cop out since many WinMo phones are being marketed as consumer phones. Why? Because many set makers have no choice if they want to stay in business. They need an operating system and they need it now. Android is not ready for mass adoption by the set makers yet, so perhaps in time it will take off. But to say WinMo should not be compared to something else because it is not “meant to be” is hogwash. MS is opening an online store, Blackberry RIM has a store, so obviously they have the everyday consumer in their sites. I think perhaps MS was not prepared for the consumer adoption of smartphones and that they were focused more on the Enterprise, but RIM managed to react much more quickly to the new paradymes that Apple helped foster than what MS had been able to do.

  35. Pkort
    May 15, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    @Tom and @Jerry
    an FM radio is useless, but a built in compass is not (to be in OS 3.0, according to engadget,bgr, etc)? I’d much rather have an FM radio in my device. Same goes for multitasking, if it’s going to drain the battery, then so be it, I know that and I’m willing to accept that, as I do with WinMo.

    The iPhone is a good phone for the younger market where less productivity is needed. WinMo phones provide a lot more advanced features on a much more open platform that can be easily customized and hacked. I remember reading a report that said that between RIM and WM, they shared something like 90% of the Fortune 500 companies market share, while Apple had around 2-3%. However, the numbers were just about flipped for the 13-24 age group. Great market penetration by Apple. Especially when there’s dozens of top apps named “iFart”. I’ll give it to you that there is a organized app store (but controversial), and I am a big fan of the Safari Multi-touch browsing, but other than that I would never be able to live with a phone that is so locked down. While they’re making improvements in the right direction, it will never have the flexibility of WinMo.

  36. Sammy
    May 15, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    I think the iPhony is an average product buoyed by a world-class marketing campaign. It really does pale in comparison to a WM device for getting things done.

    HOWEVER, I think the aforementioned world-class marketing campaign has created tremendous momentum in the developer community. I’m not talking about the 3,000 throwaway apps in the App Store. There are several good apps made by the likes of MLB.com, Zillow, and other major online entities that are superior to what is available on WM.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, but there’s nothing on WM that’s comparable to the MLB.com and Zillow app, for example. If there is, please point me to it so I can install it on my Touch Pro. That’s not to say it can’t be done on WM. It can be done, and arguable can be done better, but Apple has courted developers in a way that M$ and Palm never even tried to do for 2 decades.

    Going forward, I think this developer momentum will prove difficult to overcome.

  37. Julez
    May 15, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    I have been a fan of WinMo phones for a while, and even more, a fan of HTC. I now have the Touch HD. I didn’t like the original iPhone at all, as it lacked quite a few features, and before its almost immediate drop in price, it was one of the most expensive on the market…WITH a contract. Apple has done quite a bit of work to address the lack of features, and they deserve a lot of credit for that.

    Each type of phone has its audience, and I can certainly see why those who like the iPhone like it. What I have a problem with is Apple’s marketing campaign is that they end their commercials with “…only on an iPhone,” which is just plain false. For every one of the commercials, there may be one app (perhaps more) that exists only in iPhone-ville, but there will be three or four that I have already had running on my various HTC phones for some time.

    iPhone fans laud these commercials and actually seem to believe them. It’s already been said that when iPhone finally released a 3G version, it was as if it had never existed before that, and it was true. I do understand that for iPhone fans, this was huge! But quite frankly, I was surprised that more existing iPhone owners weren’t more upset…fans just kind of accepted it. Keep in mind, that was my perception, and I know there were some that were vehemently upset, but not the greater iPhone community. It just seems (again, perception) that iPhone users love to shout out all the things the iPhone can do, to the point of exclaiming that other phones CAN’T do X or Y, while WinMo users tend to be less…confrontational (for lack of a better word)…until challenged. Technologically, really the only thing the iPhone has that WinMo doesn’t is a multi-touch screen. What they also do is capitalize on it beautifully in their UI (apps included). But it is not the best thing since sliced bread for all people. Nor is WinMo…but Apple needs to stop lying in their ads.

  38. Kurokujo
    May 15, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    I own an AT&T Fuze. I love my phone. I know several people who own iPhones that became very dissatisfied with their devices as soon as I showed them mine. They didn’t care to much for the keyboard, but I showed off the higher resolution screen and a bunch of the other features mentioned above. I think the iPhone is a great device for the average grandma that doesn’t know the first thing about computers, but we live in a time where most people know enough to do whatever they want with WM. I really don’t see where other OS’s factor into this discussion. I can put almost any of those on my Fuze if I wanted to, but I don’t.
    Most people that see my phone think it is an iPhone, I am happy to correct their mistake. Most people that I show my phone to never knew there was another touch screen phone in existence besides the iPhone, which tells me that apple’s advertising has really paid off. I have only ever seen 1 add for a WM device and that was on YouTube. So if you don’t think advertising makes a difference, you’re wrong.

  39. Peter
    May 15, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Great article, very informative, and I like the snarky tone! It’s a good thing to remind the fanbois how stupid they look from time to time.

    That said, I’d make one simple point: You can customize a Windows Mobile Phone to do the same things–or more things–than an iPhone. But how many of us really want to do that?

    You seem to enjoy twiddling with your phone–and that’s great! More power to you! But most people just want something that works. They don’t want to buy their phone and then have to go find stuff to make the stuff that already came with their phone work better.

    Right now, out of the box, the iPhone wins against Windows Mobile phones offered by the carriers here in the US. I turn on my phone and look! YouTube and the web and maps and all this stuff. In the case of Windows Mobile, it’s buy the phone, turn it on, and then go find, download, and install good applications to replace the crap that came with the phone. Then it’s off to find the stuff that didn’t come with it but I want.

  40. Stan from the City
    May 15, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Nice read mate! I’ve owned and used most devices that serve a purpose in Mobile Data functionality. The iphone in all senses is awful compared to the WM devices available today. The problem with most of the 25 million users is they do not understand what functionality is really out there. They want a device that does not require a brain to use it, hence the iphone popularity in it’s purest form. As the Author suggests it’s all available and how you like it in the WM devices and long before Apple ever thought about it.

    I’m sure we will soon see an announcement from AT&T promoting the new Slingbox App. Yes slingbox is now available for the iphone. One problem you need to be near a WiFi to use it. Per Apple’s request, yeah right what do they care? I’m sure the Death Star and it’s profits have more to do with that, plus I can’t think why the iphone would be better than a laptop with that App. For years I’ve been watching slingbox all over the world. All I need is a couple bars of signal. Oh well, $30 and it’s yours. Anyone notice all the cool things you do on the iphone cost extra? I wonder why it’s so popular!

    Speed, the iphone is slower all around. Those who don’t think so also believe a Hummer gets good gas mileage. As a gadget junkie extraordinaire, I will keep trying the iphone and it releases new models and I will let you know when the iphone gets it’s head out of the sand. Those of you that knock WM have no idea what your missing.

  41. itsme
    May 15, 2009 at 11:24 pm


    I’m glad you love your phone but you have to be kidding me if several of your iphone friends became dissatisfied when they saw your phone! LOOOOL. That screen doesn’t do half of what an iphone screen does and the interface is absolutely horrible! How anybody could mistake that brick for a slim iphone is beyond me. Where do you live?!!!

    WM has been around a long time but RIM and the iphone are both eating WM lunch. People are going with the iphone and the Fuze is a perfect reason why!

  42. jesse
    May 16, 2009 at 12:55 am

    this just in: stupid reporters are stupid.

    I know you wrote your fodder for the sake of your advertisers, but i’ve used windows mobile since it was CE, and you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Most of my windows mobile phones were broken, by my hands, after some incredible amount of frustration, for example. my VX6700 by audiovox, would crash on calls 100% of the time, if Mobile IE had a page that was more complex than google.com open. I’m afraid MS has done to much to their image regarding windows mobile for me to ever bite again.

    by the way, my iphone has more app’s than your window mobile phone. It’s also less than 2 months away from an iteration of MMS and copy and paste that are worth using.

    your HTC touch unlocked can send bluetooth files, but not one carrier subsidized phone allows that. the orb client for the iphone is free legal and works far better than the Windows Mobile version (i’ve tried both) I can tether my iphone, record videos in a device that’s smaller with better battery life than that HTC.

    All your points are total lies, while this is just fodder, i will write to your advertisers to let them know where there spending there money.

  43. jesse
    May 16, 2009 at 12:59 am

    funny cause two of your advertisers i wrote two are for iphone case makers.

    they don’t make HTC’s cause there isn’t a market for it.

    kinda like looking a gift horse in the mouth, I hope they see this and you loose revenue, you deserve it

  44. Kristofer
    May 16, 2009 at 1:04 am

    jesse – You are a moron, that’s all there is to say about that really… but no I won’t leave it at that, first off this article has nothing to do with advertisers, I don’t know where you get your information from… and I’m curious do you think the same thing of the PRO-iPhone article? was that just done for the advertisers? OH wait, of course you wouldn’t think it was right? You’re a typical iPhone fanboy and anything said against your beloved phone is all lies and has to be paid for right?

    and Audiovox? They still make phones? The 6700 came out in what? late 2005 early 2006? Wow! Might as well throw in the original StarTAC as well for you comparison…

  45. Kristofer
    May 16, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Oh hey jessse, make sure when you email the advertisers that you direct them to the other article as well… oh but I’m sure you wouldn’t do that as then they might see that there are two sides to the story huh? We wouldn’t want that right? Only the BAD article in your opinion is the one that you must write to the advertisers about!

    Did you write to the WinMo related advertisers as well and tell them about the pro-iPhone article? I thought not…

  46. Anudeep
    May 16, 2009 at 1:54 am

    @ Jesse YEAHHH!!! JESSE I AM ON YOUR SIDE!!! you tell him what the hell is going on. and show him that those damn i phones rocckkk!!! Yeah!!! your awesome!! lmao……. you are a loser Jesse. Cant take anything negative about your iphone. Everything has pro and cons but losers like you dont get it, its too hard of a concept for you to grasp that is why you have an iphone since you cant handle complicated powerful windows mobile devices.

  47. herg62123
    May 16, 2009 at 2:11 am

    i have one thing to say and that is windows mobile phones out rank, out class, and beat iphone in every feature, class, and market. for mindows mobile does everything the iphone does (but better, and even does more. example…video, mms, able to modify, tweak performances, and etc etc etc.

    no matter what you iphone fannies (i mean fanboys) say windows is far better than any iphone will ever be.

  48. DavidK
    May 16, 2009 at 3:45 am

    Sorry- been busy but I thought I’d chime in on this a little since I wrote it:)
    Re: multitasking read this: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-10234043-94.html?tag=rtcol;relnews “Outside of a few core applications, such as the phone and iPod player, an iPhone user must completely exit out of one application in order to use another. For example, you can return to the home screen and select another iPhone application while staying connected on a phone call, but you can’t move back and forth between two applications while allowing the first application to run in the background, making it harder to use applications like instant messaging or streaming radio.” So Steve I presume that settles at least one of your false allegations. And regarding tone, my original article went side by side with the iPhone rules article and responded to most of it with similar retorts but I didn’t see anyone comment on the tone of the iPhone article….
    I am not going to address every fanboy lie/fantasy/smear but again, we need to separate fact from fiction so stating that the iPhone is the best phone ever doesn’t make it so.
    Jesse- not sure what you’re talking about when you says things like “your HTC touch unlocked can send bluetooth files, but not one carrier subsidized phone allows that.” I have a Fuze – it allows it. Here’s an app that does it (free of course) http://www.fuzemobility.com/a-better-way-to-send-files-over-bluetooth/
    Again, regarding battery life, Jesse you are just wrong (I’ll let you plead ignorance) – the battery life of the iPhone is 5 hours of talk in real time relative to the Fuze’s 7: http://www.fuzemobility.com/the-real-battery-life-of-your-phone/

    Ladies, I’ve noticed in all of your comments none of you dispute a few core points. Like the iPhone from a hardware perspective is lacking. It does not have WVGA, a high res camera and tvout (and an FM radio but that’s minor). And 3.0 isn’t changing this. In fact, if anything we’ve learned that the iPhone is running out of steam. The iPhone 3g changed the hardware by adding 3G. iPhone 3.0 has very few hardware changes. The market is moving in a direction and crApple can’t keep up with it. Meanwhile the hardware and software for Windows Mobile is going full speed ahead and every 6 months there’s a significant milestone. And this is why when you look at the most recent sales data Windows is again pulling up and the iPhone has fallen off of the top ten list entirely: http://www.krusell.se/nav/marketing/?pressRel=121

  49. Anudeep
    May 16, 2009 at 4:27 am

    oh and battery life is going to suck with the new 3.o os. Here all the stuff even 3.0 os misses that windows mobile has had for a while. source (http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-10198184-233.html)

    What did we miss?

    As I mentioned earlier, the list of added features is much longer than the list of missing features. But for convenience’s sake, here is a list of the features that I’d still like to see.

    Rumors persisted that we would see the ability to use the iPhone as a modem. Forstall said the Apple is ready to switch the feature on but that iPhone carriers around the world need to figure out how to support it.

    Voice dialing
    Yes, there are apps, but it should be a native feature.

    Background processing
    This is out because Forstall said it eats up to 80 percent of the iPhone’s standby battery life. While I question whether it is really that bad, I’d rather not push it on a device that can barely last a day of heavy use.

    Video recording
    My guess is that Apple can’t make it work to its satisfaction on the current camera. As for more camera features, it’s still a mystery why we don’t have them. But knowing Apple, I’m sure that the company is more interested in keeping things simple and user-friendly. If improving the camera is on the iPhone development list, I’d be that it’s at the bottom. Still, plenty of VGA camera phones offer editing features.

    Flash support
    Forstall and his colleagues dogged this topic by saying they had no announcements “today.” Perhaps that’s a sign that it’s coming down the road.

  50. ADRz
    May 16, 2009 at 4:31 am

    >>….ADRz, I hear what you are saying, but that is a cop out since many WinMo phones are being marketed as consumer phones. Why? Because many set makers have no choice if they want to stay in business. They need an operating system and they need it now. Android is not ready for mass adoption by the set makers yet, so perhaps in time it will take off. But to say WinMo should not be compared to something else because it is not “meant to be” is hogwash. MS is opening an online store, Blackberry RIM has a store, so obviously they have the everyday consumer in their sites. I think perhaps MS was not prepared for the consumer adoption of smartphones and that they were focused more on the Enterprise, but RIM managed to react much more quickly to the new paradymes that Apple helped foster than what MS had been able to do…..>>

    Jerry, you are right in many of your statements. But picking on Microsoft is the wrong thing to do. Microsoft has no control of the finished product that appears in the stores. The problem is that HTC and other manufacturers of WinMo phones do not have much of a control either. As you well know, most of these phones are re-branded by Sprint, Verizon and AT&T that keep them as “corporate” as they come. None of these companies knows how to sell these upscale phones to consumers. To be honest, why would anybody buy the Fuze from AT&T for $299 when they can buy a better “consumer” experience for $199??? And do we really want uninformed people buying WinMo phones? I have just read a comment by somebody here that all his WinMo phones are “broken”. I had several and never broke a single one and my current one, the AT&T Tilt is going strong after almost 2 years. But my phone provides an experience that it is not even near the one that one would get with the stock AT&T offering.

    Also, there is really no need for Microsoft to provide a “store” for WinMo applications. If one wants, just install the Handago application and similar ones from other vendors. In any case, Microsoft will be launching such a store anyway, but I do not regard it as essential. It is amazing how many WinMo applications are freeware. Why would we want to destroy this?

  51. Terry
    May 16, 2009 at 4:37 am

    Windows Mobile is garbage and has been since it was Windows CE 1. Version 6.5 and they still don’t have an OS that can manage memory, multiple apps, and keep running without reboots. The WinMo interface is such garbage that nobody sells it without their own presentation layer that sucks down the already pitiful OS. Most Win Mo apps suck and there are very few good ones let alone current apps. Its just laughable hat anyone would think any different and could only be because they haven not ever used anything else. Even Rims archaic OS is better than WinMo.

  52. bigben30
    May 16, 2009 at 6:19 am

    25 million people can’t be wrong but those 25 million people made a choice between a winmo and the iphone. they chose the iphone and that’s what it’s all about the right to chose. each phone has its advantages and disadvantages but it’s the consumers right to choose. and that’s what’s important. when apple first announced that they were making the iphone in dec. 06, i couldn’t wait to get one. i read every post i could find about the iphone for months and even played with virtual iphone on apple’s site for months before it came out. two weeks after the initial launch of the iphone, i went to puchase it and began to play with the store display and discovered that i couldn’t use bluetooth to send files to another phone and couldn’t get a picture messages. that wasn’t something that was mentioned on the virtual iphone and i was very surprised. so, i held off on buying the iphone hoping that apple would recognize their mistake and fix it but they don’t. so, months later i decided to get a winmo phone and purchased the treo 750 and had it for a couple of years. recently, i purchased the att fuze to replace my treo and discovered a whole world of tweaks for winmo because my treo 750 just don’t have alot tweaks for it. the att fuze has so many tweaks that i have spent many days and nights tweaking my phone. my point being that i had a choice between the iphone and a winmo phone and for me, it came down to a couple of features that i use constantly on my mobile phone that the iphone couldn’t do. i’m not saying that if new iphone has the features on it that i wouldn’t purchase it. all i’m saying is that i had a choice and i went with what was good for me and if you feel that the iphone is good for you then purchase it. it’s all about what’s good for you and what makes you happy. so, wheter it’s the iphone, a winmo phone, or whatever, as long as you are happy with the phone you pick for yourself. it’s all good and having choses makes it all better for the consumer. so, enjoy your phone, i know i will enjoy mine.

  53. Dolphin
    May 16, 2009 at 7:20 am

    I owned a windows based, and two palm based devices, but until I got an iPhone I considered them pretty much dead weight. The iPhone on the other hand is a pure joy to use. The made the right decisions pretty much down the line. (a radio would be nice, but with no AM it’s pretty worthless, I would have to carry a radio with AM and FM anyway – fortunately most stations in my area are available as a stream now so it’s not a big deal)

  54. Andrew
    May 16, 2009 at 8:59 am

    This is very typical, Apple fanboys get all defensive when something threatens their ‘whatever you want to call it’.

  55. James
    May 16, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Its funny how Apple plays on features and how advance they are, but this article should speak for itself.

  56. Martin Hill
    May 16, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Nicely written article Dave K (I thought the WinMo fanboy smug added a bit of zest). However, you miss the forest for the trees. The problem with Windows Mobile is actually feature bloat, lack of human interface design and Microsoft attempting to cram a desktop computer interface down onto a mobile device. What the heck is the Start Menu doing on such a tiny screen?

    The iPhone is certainly not the answer for everyone but for a very large proportion of the population it finally makes a mobile platform accessible, fun, usable and cheap. The fact that some of these apps existed previously on other platforms misses the point. Only the geeks willing to track them down and jump thru the hoops and put up with the interface issues did so. This is why the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platform is 40 million strong already and leaving Windows Mobile in the dust feeling distinctly unloved.

    Our university campus used to be Windows Mobile heaven but now everyone from the CIO down are switching over to the iPhone. I personally had several big screen Windows Mobile PDA phones for which I bought hundreds of dollars worth of software. And you know what? I grew to hate them. The reason was that it was Windows Mobile Hell from the user perspective. In contrast, the iPhone just works.

    Let’s give you a few examples:

    To connect to our campus wifi net took 11 steps spread over multiple screens filled with mind-numbing PEAP and CHAP technobabble and even then more often than not they failed to connect or stay connected. Most of our staff gave up. The iPhone? Walk on campus the first time and it immediately pops up a dialog asking if you’d like to connect – type in your username and password and you’re connected from then on. Like night and day.

    Then there was the terrible terrible reliability issues on WinMo. Sure you could run several apps at the same time, but man the consequences. Molasses mode, freezes – pull the battery off to reset yet again. Not to mention the battery drain. And people complain about the iPhone’s battery? Amazing.

    Then there was the interface. You mention the dozens of user interface shells out there such as Flow3D and SPB Shell etc. (and yes I bought SPB Utilities for my phones as well) Why are there so many one may wonder? The reason is that the Windows Mobile interface sucks so badly and the problem is that these 3rd party interfaces are just lipstick on a pig. Scratch the surface and you’re back in horrible Windows 95-like misery. Yo, last century called and they want their GUI back.

    Then there are the tiny little weeny interface elements that force you to use a stylus – man I went thru so many stylii, they just disappeared all the time. They made it impossible to use the phones with one hand. In contrast I can use my iPhone one-handed, navigating, scrolling and typing with one thumb with my other hand free. And yes, I tried hand writing with a stylus and gave up in disgust at the hand cramps and gimmicky pointlessness. Far quicker to type and yes, once you get used to it typing on my iPhone is faster than any of the tiny physical keyboards I had on my other phones. Much more flexible as well changing as they do depending on the context. I won’t criticise those who prefer a physical keyboard but don’t assume the iPhone is hopeless without giving it a good few weeks of practice.

    Then there is the physical penalty that feature bloat demands of many WinMo phones. Sure you can get WVGA and slide out keyboards and soon HDMI video out – but man, haven’t you noticed how big and fat those suckers are? Your average consumer (particularly females) crave slim, sexy devices that fit in a pocket. On the topic of keyboards, the ones I’ve used definitely didn’t have the durability of an iPhone. Every blasted phone I ever dropped would have the stupid battery pop off and take a chip out of yet another corner. I went through two expensive 3.5” screens on my O2 XDA IIs and wore grooves in the plastic screen of my Sony Ericsson P900. Such thin fragile glass/plastic on those resistive screens favoured by WM device manufacturers.

    In contrast the solid glass, stainless steel and ceramic composite of the iPhone when combined with a simple silicon sleeve has outlasted all my other smartphones. Have you seen the PC World test where it took the weight of a big Harley Davidson to finally render an iPhone inoperable after water immersion, attempted scratching with keys and 2 storey drops onto concrete?

    Third party apps? Hey I bought Destinator turn by turn GPS software for megabucks amongst the other packages I coughed up good money for and you know what? I gave up as I’d always have to restart the phone because it would freeze the first time and I was usually at my destination before it finally started.

    The free Google Maps on the iPhone though it doesn’t have turn-by-turn voice directions, has proved to be so much more useful, quick and reliable with fantastic searching, public transport directions etc, we don’t even use our expensive Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS anymore. We’ll see what

    Video out to a TV works great on the iPhone with the Apple AV Cable and I’ve been watching movies, TV shows and vodcasts etc synched over to my iPhone for ages from EyeTV – not sure what David K is talking about on these counts?

    By the way, according to the Global Intelligence Alliance, Windows Mobile—a mobile operating system that has been around for nine years—has a total of 20,000 third party applications to its name compared to over 40,000 for the iPhone. Not sure what myth Dave is talking about here either.

    Then there is the problem of malware. All other smartphone platforms including Windows Mobile and Symbian and even Android have been targeted by various flavours of viruses, worms and trojans. In contrast the iPhone has no malware thanks to Apple’s App Store oversight and the fact that every app needs to be securely signed to run as well as being securely sandboxed to minimize any potential harm. Also, if some nasty does happen to slip thru Apple can remote disable the offending app.

    You see, the iPhone hasn’t always been first to a particular feature, just the first to do it right in a way that normal people can use and appreciate. For those of us geeks, there may be some bullet point features that we regret missing in the current incarnation of the iPhone hardware and software, but I’ve found the whole package advantages and vast wealth of App choices easily makes up for the lacks.



  57. herg62123
    May 16, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    this goes to terry

    i sell iphone and winmo phones all day long. i have seen more crap going wrong with the iphone than any winmo phone in the past 2 years, and to make it worse is to fix or repair the iphone or even change the battery when needed….you have to send it to how….apple.

    in any case….to send the iphone to apple it costs about 30 dollars to ship, so that means apple will charge you another 30 dollars to send it back to you from apple, plus the cost of the repair.

    to replace a battery the battery is 89.99 plus shipping.

    so lets take a look at cost on iphone…..to replace a battery 89.99 by an apple tech
    shipping to apple and from apple 60.00 (30 dollars one way)
    total 149.99

    so lets take a look at cost on winmo phone……………battery average replacement cost 45 dollars
    go to any electronics store (best buy, radio shack, etc)…….gas money average amount 5 dollars
    total 50 dollars

  58. Kolev
    May 16, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    Martin, you and all the iPhone fanboys miss the point. You compare the 2008 iPhone to some 2006 WM phone. And point the weakness in the phone itself, not WM. OSX may be better optimised for the iPhone than WM will be for any particular PDA, but that’s only because Microsoft does not produce the phones. I have the opportunity to be able to compare the two most advanced phones (actualy the most advanced WM device and the most advanced phone Apple has) – the Touch HD and the iPhone 3G and let me tell you – Apple’s device falls short on so many fields. Forget about the 10 steps configuring WiFi. It is done in two steps – selecting the network and entering the password. No fancy PEAP stuff or anything. The famous ‘unstability’ of WM is due to one thing – multitasking. Of course if there is no sharing of resources the chances something goes wrong drasticaly decrease. If we all follow your idea ‘stability over productivity’, we should still be typing commands in DOS. Remember DOS? It was the most stable OS I have ever used. And it will forever be just because all modern (excluding iPhone’s OSX) OSes use multitasking. About App store… well I am one of the people that hate when someone is trying to think instead of them. I do not need Apple to tell me ‘this is bad, we do not permit you to install it’. And by ‘bad’ usualy they mean ‘not complying with Apple/AT&T policy’. Nothing will happen to your iPhone if you can share your 3G internet connection to your laptop when you are on a trip. But it would hurt AT&T, so ‘Noooooo, you don’t need that’. Microsoft is putting up their Mobile Marketplace and will be enforcing some restrictions on the software in it also, but they will not force you to do stupid things like jailbreaking YOUR phone, for which YOU gave YOUR money, just to be able to install the software YOU need. As for Google Maps… well when driving, I prefer to keep my eyes on the road, not on my GPS to see where should I go next, so voice directions IS a big thing. I have Google Maps on my HD, don’t get me wrong, but when driving I use Garmin XT. It has one huge advantage – it is an offline application. So I can still see where I am going even out of coverage.
    About what Dave is talking for the applications… 20 000 are the WM applications for sale in the largest online stores – maybe, but what about the countless applications in the WM forums developed by the fellow users there? Something that Apple will never have to this extent because of its ‘only by app store’ policy. Sure there are many applications for the jailbroken iPhones, but not nearly close to those for WM phones.
    And one last thing – as I said in the other article 25 million people CAN and HAVE BEEN wrong. In Nazi Germany, USSR and many other countries. All it needs is just a little propaganda. Like someone said ‘If you repeat one lie a thousand times it becomes the truth’. Seems to me Apple have taken this man very seriously when developing their advertising strategy…

  59. Will
    May 16, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    I’am a windows mobile user, but will say this although many have continued to say that windows mobile are made for the business users and that the iphone is made for the average consumer, I would now have to disagree to a point of saying everyone from windows mobile, RIM..ect all started making their devices to look more like the iphone in view fashion as well as form factor. Blackberry Storm being one for RIM just to appeal to the fan base that they were hoping they could capture. So I say iphone ignited a new spark of interest which in turn made the other competitors out there start to make more attractive devices.

  60. JD1
    May 16, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    You lost me at: >>I was also getting suffocated by iPhone fanboy smug<<

    Then I stopped reading. Anyone who uses the term “fanboy” in an actual article (as opposed to a video gaming forum full of 13-yr-old) has no credibility. Grow up.

  61. Gin
    May 17, 2009 at 12:53 am

    …did anyone notice we’re comparing a device to an operating system?…

    It’s the software support that makes the device. Not so much the OS, but rather the seemingly-ever-growing third party developer base. Apple’s marketing strategy brought in many software developers by giving them the opportunity to share revenue in the App Store.

    Rewind 20something years ago when Apple seemed to have a top market share of the personal computer industry. At some point Microsoft did what Apple has been doing today – create a platform and market the hell out of it to attract third party developers. Today there are plenty of PC users running Microsoft OS’s that claim “only on Windows” or “Mac sucks because it can’t run this”…etc…Sound familiar? In fact, that’s probably one of the biggest deciding factors of many people when shopping for a new computer.

    Then there are the (uber-technically-savvy) Linux supporters out there who claim their OS to be superior to Windows – but then again how many people out there care to (or even [want to] know how to) compile their own kernels from lines of code? The same attitude can be seen with the iPhone community in regards to using WM.

    Most WM users I’m sure would be tickled pink if they could have access to and run all the available iPhone apps out there, and be able to find them all in one spot. Of course, even better if they could maintain all the functionality of the current WM devices. But, chances are that Apple would never allow their mobile operating system to be used on anything other than Apple-made devices. Microsoft then needs to come up with a new plan to attract third-party software developers for WM.

  62. DavidK
    May 17, 2009 at 2:23 am

    @Kolev- I agree with your last point but would put it a little gentler- Millions of Americans thing there are 51 states and that doesn’t mean there are 51 states…

    @JD1 – I presume you stopped reading the original article posted on this site as to why the iPhone is better then WM once you saw the line “So I will start my iPhone fan boy rant with this – millions of people can’t be wrong!” I’m sure you posted a comment to that posting as well…oh you didn’t? I’m shocked. it’s either that you lack the ability to read beyond one line or you came with an agenda.

  63. Martin Hill
    May 17, 2009 at 4:51 am

    Kolev says:
    “The famous ‘unstability’ of WM is due to one thing – multitasking. Of course if there is no sharing of resources the chances something goes wrong drasticaly decrease. If we all follow your idea ’stability over productivity’, we should still be typing commands in DOS. Remember DOS? It was the most stable OS I have ever used. And it will forever be just because all modern (excluding iPhone’s OSX) OSes use multitasking.”

    !!! I think you’ve just proved my point!

    I beg to differ on your argument that productivity requires instability! Apple does as well. You may be happy having a desktop PC that freezes all the time, but the average user won’t tolerate a mobile device that makes them wait for ages while it decides whether to load an app, or that drains the battery in 30 minutes because of a background app, or that seizes up in the middle of a call or that goes laggy as anything when just trying to send an email.

    People have much higher expectations of mobile devices as they use them for much shorter time periods and need instant info. Apple understands this and unlike other manufacturers is not willing to compromise the user experience in order to tick checkboxes on a list of bullet points.

    You say that I “point out the weakness in the phone itself, not WM.”

    Um, I think you’d better re-read my post – there’s plenty of criticism of WM itself in there!

    “OSX may be better optimised for the iPhone than WM will be for any particular PDA, but that’s only because Microsoft does not produce the phones.”

    Exactly, there are distinct advantages to Apple making the whole widget.


  64. Martin Hill
    May 17, 2009 at 5:32 am

    By the way, don’t get me wrong thinking that I’m arguing the iPhone shouldn’t allow third party apps to multi-task. On the contrary, I would like that ability but without compromising the user experience, battery life or performance of the phone.

    One of Apple’s biggest strengths is knowing what to say “No” to as Steveo himself says. Instead Apple is pacing themselves putting in place the notifications server infrastructure that will cover a lot of the major reasons for multi-tasking while they work on software, hardware and policies that will allow full 3rd party app multi-tasking functionality without compromise.

    As we can see from the iPod’s overwhelming dominance of the Media player market, there were plenty of competing media players from big names such as Sony, Dell, Creative, Toshiba and Microsoft that provided all manner of extra features such as built-in FM radios, bigger screens, wifi, Bluetooth, SD cards, support for ogg vorbis and more video formats etc etc. However, it was Apple’s ability to say No to featuritis and concentrate on the user experience, style and the entire ecosystem of thousands of iPod peripherals that won the loyalty of the general public. Then they went and brought out the iPod Touch which went so far beyond what any competing media players were capable of – but only once they had the many new features working together just right. (and incidentally ended up posing a real threat to the PSP and the DS into the bargain.)

    Now will the iPhone end up with the iPod’s enormous 70-80% marketshare or will it be closer to the 10% marketshare of the Mac? I’d hazard a guess it will stabilize somewhere in the middle. Already in the USA Apple has captured between 12-27% of the US smartphone market depending on which quarter and which analyst you talk to and that is with only a single carrier and expensive data plans. Mind you, when you include the dark horse iPod Touch in the figures, the marketshare of the iPhone OS platform almost doubles.


  65. Kolev
    May 17, 2009 at 10:39 am

    I beg to differ on the oppinion that it is a good thing that Apple is doing the right thing by producing both the OS and the hardware. Look where that got them on the PC market. Free competiton is always more stimulating to progress than the decisions of one company. iPhone users will have video calls (for example) when Apple decides. We as WM users will have the next generation of device when we/market decide we want it. And it has already happened. 4G is here (actualy not here, but in Russia, because it seems that there is a boom in WiMAX networks), so HTC created 4G phone and it’s WM powered.
    As for the iPod market… Please explain to me why the hell do I need an mp3/mp4 player, when my WM phone is able to play mp3,mp4,wmv,avi,divx,flv, etc… files? So on that market is who? The Apple fanboys and some lost solus that think it is cool to carry a cell phone and a mp3 player. I think it is a pitty that that market is 80% Apple. It should be 100%.
    On the multitasking vs. stability. Who said that you can’t have both? I just said that if you add multitasking to the OS, its stability is decreased. And it is a fact. I don’t use a phone, nor a PC that “freezes all the time”. Actualy I reboot/shut down my WinXP laptop only when I need to go somewhere more than one hour drive with it and reset my WM phone when tweaking the OS or flashing a custom ROM. And let me tell you – the only times my phone ‘siezed up’ in the middle of a call is when my battery wents down. And I am using WM phones long before Apple came up with the iPhone.
    And excuse me, but what’s wrong with deinstalling an aplication when you see that it is doing something wrong with your phone? If I see something is draining my battery, I simply remove it. I don’t think that in order to protect the not-so-bright customers from themselves, Apple (or Microsoft, or whoever) should be tying the hands of its more capable ones.

  66. Martin Hill
    May 17, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Actually Apple is doing remarkably well in the PC market – the only computer company turning anything like a healthy profit and with a larger market value than Google, IBM, Dell, HP and just about everyone else and continuing to be the envy of the industry.

    Building the whole widget has enormous benefits – even MS admitted it when they knifed all their Plays-For-Sure partners in the back and released the Zune. Then there is the Xbox. With the rumoured XYZ or Zune Phone, the question is are they going to do the same with poor HTC and other WM partners?

    You can attempt to demean the iPod all you like, but the fact remains that almost 200 million iPods have been sold to date and sales continue to increase particularly with the game-changer iPod Touch. Now it’s not just competing media player manufacturers who are feeling the heat but the mobile game console market as well. Far from being made redundant by cell phones, the iPod Touch has blossomed into the success that MS and Intel have failed to create with the MID and UMPC for years. It demonstrates that plenty of people want a media/portable computer device without the size, cost or monthly charges of a cellphone.

    Again, I am not saying the iPhone is the answer for everyone. People like yourself who want the feature-itis and are happy to pay the penalty of poor UIs, reliability issues, battery hogs and larger form factors will continue to keep buying WM or Android, Palm or possibly Nokia phones (and yes every MS phone I have had has these problems and I am far from alone – even you admitted that.)

    However, you are wrong to assume that is what everyone else wants. Most people want their smartphone just to work and don’t want to have to ferret out the problem app or tweak the OS etc. It is this market – the hundreds of millions of iPod owners out there that Apple is primarily targeting. The good thing though is that the iPhone platform with it’s wealth of apps and great base of standard hardware and software features and revolutionary GUI also happens to be pretty damn excellent for us geeks as well and while not perfect or fulfilling every dot point on the geek wish list has more than enough to keep most of us very happy as well.

    Again, YMMV, but stop trying to make it sound like the iPhone has not earned its place in the sun.


  67. AAPL
    May 17, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Is it me or did Steve just compare 15 Windows devices to the single iphone? Yeah, that’s fair.

  68. AAPL
    May 17, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Is it me or did Steve just comapre 15 Windows devices to the iphone? “Oh, X can do this and Y can do that and Z can do something else but the iphone can’t do all off them!” That’s fair.

  69. Kolev
    May 17, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    I did not say that. Everything that exists has its place in the sun. With several billion people on Earth even a guy selling sand in the desert has its customers. But please explain to me why the iPhone is better than the WM powered HTC Touch HD. I happen to have my hands on both of them and I have my oppinion on that and I expect someone that says ‘A is better than B’ to be able to say ‘A is better than B, because…’ I have personaly done stuff to the iPhone that had caused it to reboot itself, so they both have their bad times. And please don’t compare the iPhone to some 2006/2007 device you had before it, because if I compare the original iPhone to the HD it will be just sad for all Apple fans.
    For the iPod… I have to repeat myself – it is silly to carry and separate mp3 player, cell phone, camera, gps, etc… and I really don’t know the mobile usage in the USA, but in my country in Europe it is more than 100%. That means the there are people with two or more mobile numbers (I am one of them) and almost everyone has a cell phone. Hell, even my 83 year old grandmother has one. So I really can’t imagine a situation that someone would not want to have a cell phone but would buy something so ‘useful’ as iPod. The last time I considered buying one was in… 2003 I think when I had my Siemens M55 and instead I bought a M75 and a big (I don’t remember the actual numers) storage card for it. And since then I have a mp3 player wherever I go. The M75 had one, the W850i had one, the FS LOOX T830 had one and the HD has one. So… why do I need iPod again?

  70. jesse
    May 17, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    it’s common that bluetooth file transfers are prohibited by most carriers… and there are apps to enable every point you made, especially if you jailbreak the phone.

    Cry more about how your platform has 2% of the dev interest. I’m not only for the iphone, i’ve just had terrible experiences with modern windows mobile phones, (blackjack, xv6700) i’ve never used an android, but i think it’s a great start.

    after all, without competition, we end up with Windows CE – Mobile 5.

    6 isn’t that much better guys. Enjoy your mothers basements, along with your phones that crash.

    /i know i’m a jerk but truth hurts, and your platform sucks

  71. Martin Hill
    May 18, 2009 at 2:04 am

    Kolev said:
    “please explain to me why the iPhone is better than the WM powered HTC Touch HD “

    I thought I had made it pretty clear – the iPhone operating system with its revolutionary interface built from the ground up – not tacked on lipstick on a pig.

    Here are a few choice comments from ITPro about the HTC Touch Pro:

    “While we really like the HD as a device, it is held back by HTC’s choice of software. Windows Mobile 6.1 is a mild update to the smartphone OS, but retains many of the characteristics of 6.0, including being very slow and juddery. Even HTC’s TouchFLO interface lacks the finesse of rival platforms.”

    Then there is also the multi-touch interface of the iPhone, the App Store with a greater number of apps all far more accessible in one place, far greater developer interest in the platform, the one-click integration with the number one source of music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, audio books (iTunes Store), the thousands of iPod dock-compatible peripherals (and more interesting hardware coming with iPhone 3.0 dock API support) etc etc.

    In case you attempt to pass multi-touch off as a useless frill, there is no doubt it is the most accurate way of simultaneously zooming in or out and centring a web page or graphic and multi-finger gestures, musical instruments and games are impossible without it. (and yes, I can now play a fair bit of Toccata in D minor on the pipe organ app. 🙂

    In contrast, the Touch Pro does it all the old fashioned way: “forget about easy iPhone style gesture controls for zooming in on web pages. Instead you have to use a scroll bar along the base of the display to zoom, or by tapping on the screen.”

    Then there are the little niggles with the HTC Touch Pro – only 288MB of built-in storage so every time you change the Micro-SD card you lose access to all your apps and data stored on the previous card.

    Remember Kolev, it isn’t just about how big your feature list is, it’s about how you use it. 😉


  72. Kolev
    May 18, 2009 at 8:25 am

    In the other article (which, although really funny, is almost empty of comments) I admitted that the only thing iPhone has and WM doesn’t is the multitouch. And what is exactly better on iPhone’s OSX? I undestand that it is build from the ground up but if that’s an advantage by itself then Windows 95 is a great OS. And we all know better. Even the default WM today screen is better than iPhone’s UI, because I can see my appointments and tasks in a flash. The iPhone has what? An application launcer. I understand that Apple wants to sell as many applications as possible, but maybe I don’t want to have to launch so many of them just to check the information I entered. As for the limited internal storage… that’s not serious, right? I can upgrade my storage space for several euros, because that’s how much SD cards cost. How about you? You have to buy another device. Also I have unlimited storage that way, because I can carry as many cards, as I need, and 288 MB is absolutely enough for applications, because the average application is 1MB in size. As for the ‘number one source of music, etc…’ … well that’s a point of view. I have another, but it is really my own and noone can change mine, so I don’t try to change the others’. Let’s just say that there are ways to find all that’s on iTunes store and even more.
    I agree that the feature list is not the only important thing so please tell me what you can do with your iPhone that I can’t do with mine Touch HD. And to start, here is a few things I can do and you can’t – I can view flash sites, I can navigate my way through areas without reception, I can make a video call (actualy a saw a video of some geeks using a mirror system to have the back facing iPhone’s camera to shoot to the front and laughed so hard imaging carring those things in yous pocket), I can install what I want, without needing to get permission from Apple, AT&T, etc… I can have a GUI that suits me, not the other 50 million WM users, I can swap batteries on the go, what do you do when your battery goes down in the middle of the day? David has pretty much layed down the features that we CAN use, can you use them?
    A funny fact – in the forum where the rock-vs-iphone-vs-touchHD image was posted the rock got more votes than the iphone :). So many people can’t be wrong, right?

  73. Stan from the City
    May 18, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    Gin, You don’t read very well. My Touch Pro can do everything the iphone can do and better. Truth be known most iphone Apps are discovered on WM devices. Every “amazing” iphone App released I laugh because I been able to do those things for years! I was demostrating my phone at a AT&T store a few weeks back. All those little experts on the iphone could not keep up. It’s a shame you people don’t see what your missing…

    The iphone is super slow!!!

  74. Schuuh
    May 19, 2009 at 8:50 am

    Who needs video recording?
    Who needs video talking?
    Who needs mms?
    Who needs radio?
    Who needs a changeable memory card when you got 16GB internal?

    Ok I agree with the missing Copy & Paste.. but that will come soon with iPhone OS 3.0 (also MMS, but again, who really needs that?)

  75. Insatiable
    May 19, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Okay, I guess let me get some things out the way. I own a HTC Touch Pro (and am highly anticipating the Touch Pro 2) and am thus far, very happy with it. Itis my first WinMo phone. I chose it as an investment. In hopes that as I move up in my career, I won’t need another phone because this one lacks something. Also I’ve only played with an Iphone a lil’ bit so I can’t really say it sucks or it doesn’t.

    I think what I have pulled out of both articles (pro Iphone & pro WinMo) is that we have a choice. And that is the best thing of all. I love my WinMo phone in all its glory and its setbacks. Customization is what will keep me buying a winmo phone & the fact that I belive in promoting the underdogs. I mean people make these wonderful themes that I can download to my phone, so it never looks the same week to week or sometimes even day to day. I’ve even made one myself! I hate the idea of being locked down to only buying things from one place or being forced to do so.

    I love supporting the developers of the apps of the winmo….they don’t ask for much. But it makes me feel better to shoot someone $5 for a wonderful app than to pay $20 to someone I don’t even know, and can’t send a message to probably to ask questions about it. I think Winmo is more personal that way. Plus I’m cheap – I love free things!

    I do believe the iPhone is as great as it is, or as popular is primarily due to the popularity of the iPod and its (iPhone) advertisement. You can say no that’s not it, but if you would have never seen a commercial (or several hunderd on it) would you have wanted it? Known about it even? Let’s be honest! Hell I never want Pizza til Ive seen 10 Pizza Hut commercials in an hours time!

    And I’m a woman. And the fact that with my nails done I can still USE my device…that ROCKS my world!! Kinda how they used to say all women needed was the mirror on the visor in the car! Tried every other touch screen device and you gotta use the flesh, your fingertips to use it – that’s CRAZY to me! I think what people need to take away from this is that:

    1 – 25 million people CAN be wrong. Look at how many people bought Milli Vanilli albums!?
    2 – By saying America wants simplicity, not all that customizations and extra stuff is kind of dumbing us down and generalizing- and I for one am offended. The basic concept of any phone is that it works as a phone…and hot damn…my Touch Pro makes and takes calls just great!! But don’t generalize all of America just cause they bought into a fad!
    3 – if you don’t want to have the flexibility to do with your phone as you please, just say that. There is no need to bash WinMo, and no need to bash iPhone.

    Who needs video recording, hand written notes, business card reader app, mp3 ringtone maker built in, navigation, tv-out capabilities, mms, radio, themes, separate ringtones for each individual contact and different for calls & sms…hell I DO! I didn’t know I needed before this phone, but I’ll be damn if I live without it now!!


  76. jake
    May 22, 2009 at 10:07 am

    LoL iphone lovers problably do have problems with WinMo phones…. They were too stupid to know how to use it without being locked down into do choice a or b and/or tried windows CE or an older version/device. If i want a shiny toy phone when i go out to bang cheap sluts, ill take my iphone. When im using my brain, ill take my WinMo device that can do f*cking anything.
    and some loser said they had youtube out of the box blah blah other crap, and no one has said anything in return for a reason…we were too busy laughing at the lack of competantcy

  77. jake
    May 22, 2009 at 10:11 am

    and who needs all those nice features anyway? I prefer life simple! Oh wait i dont because im not some nudist bum 😛 Simple options on something that is so essential like a phone is BAD!

  78. Jose
    May 26, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Competiton is great, it forces companies to improve their products. Microsoft pays its price being a leader, freedom of choice is great as well.
    As said, everything has nice, bad and ugly sides, so let’s recognize our weakness and forces.
    All these discussion could be related to a sports team, religion, politics or whateven makes people incorporate the subject as it was himself, feeling attacked when we are discussing features and rational maters….
    Oh well, funny see people drinking the daily kool-aid 🙂
    btw, i’m a pc as well but I do not bother looking next door ; )

  79. Don
    May 27, 2009 at 4:10 am

    I owned an iphone and switched to a phone I LIKED and it happens to have WM. I like being different, don’t like being the same as those millions of people out there with the same boring looking phone. Besides almost everyone that i know that owns an iphone complain about the phone having crappy reception including myself thats why I switched. Whats the point of having an iphone when you can’t make calls? I told all of them to go buy an itouch instead hahahhahahaha. Most people are too lazy to figure out how great WM is, thats why they choose iphones.

  80. Alasdair
    June 7, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Spot on Don! I have always used WM devices, great for business, entertainment, sat nav and just about everything. Like a fool I got sucked into the I Phone frenzy with a free iphone upgrade from my provider and I am sorry now I didnt pay a few bob extra to get the latest HTC WM offering and I now have a useless iphone which isnt even a good phone ie garbled calls, dropped calls, blank screens, faulty touch screen etc.. To get any of iphones useless ‘apps’ from the ‘app store’ (jeez I cant believe Im using this naff cheesy fanboy apple terminology – excuse me while I throw up) I have to register with I Tunes with my credit card -no thank you. From what Ive seen of these ‘apps’ on my colleagues phones they are about as useful as tits on a bull! Do apple really expect me to ditch all of my essential windows applications for their crap offerings? Oh and most of my friends who use these things are mac fans and nearly all have admitted to the same call quality issues and hardware failures as Im having, with some not ashamed to admit that their provider has already replaced their faulty iphones 3 or 4 times already. Oh I forgot to mention I cant use some of my existing bluetooth hardware with my iphone – apparently blocked by Apple – WHY???? Also the battery life is awful – wont last a day without a recharge. I think I agree most people who prefer iphones over WM devices must do so because they are either too lazy or dont have the IQ to enjoy the flexibility and infinite expanse of useful software WM has to offer, especially combined with the latest hardware offerings. Im pretty sure iphone is just another fashion fad that will eventually end up as landfill like all the other useless arty farty fashion oriented crap before it, and judging by the huge numbers of these things for sale on ebay I feel the exodus has already begun.Before I dispatch mine though I think Ill take up Jakes advice and take mine with me when I fancy banging a cheap slut! Well I would like to find at least one use for it before I sling it for good!

  81. Erik
    June 10, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Funny comparison. Especially the picture with the comparison between the stone, an iphone, and a winmo device.

    I am not a winmo fan myself (going for the Symbian route), but one must admit that Apple’s marketing is great. Also very smart only to sell the iphone subsidized through operators so that noone realizes how expensive it really is.

    Anyone with an ambition in marketing should work for Apple for a few years, just to learn the tricks of the trade.

    And, did you know that to develop an application for the iphone you actually had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (that they lifted some time ago). It was actually forbidden initially for developers to talk to each other about the software they wrote so they paid each other using 1$ bills so they could always argue that the paid one was a subcontractor. Also, books about iphone development were pulled because of the restrictive NDA.

    This desire for control is the reason I will never get an iphone. Too much desire for control in my taste.

  82. Aaron
    June 21, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    I’m sorry Steve but I have to disagree with some of your post

    People do care about the hardware options and screen resolution. If people didn’t they would still be buying CRT TV’s and not LCD/Plasma HD TV’s.

    I don’t think he stated that TF3d was equivalent to iPhone interface, this is a matter of opinion, what really counts is if I don’t like TF3d I can change it to anything I do like including the iPhone interface.

    OS3.0 doesn’t add much more, it adds some things WinMo already has and still lacks some things WinMo has.

    If you consider being able to listen to MP3’s and writing an email multitasking then I guess the iPhone can but that’s not anywhere near the multitasking capabilities of WinMo.

    I agree it’s not fair to claim that WinMo has more apps than iPhone, there isn’t really a marketplace or app store yet for WinMo to go to. With that in mind it’s not fair to say that the iPhone has more apps than WinMo either, I can do a google search and find pretty much anything I need for my WinMo phone. Development might favor iPhone right now only because developers can make money off of it fairly easy. When Windows marketplace opens there will be more competition for iPhone apps. Have you ever checked out XDA developers? They create a lot of neat…free apps for WinMo that either are copies of iPhone apps or are apps iPhone could only dream of due to it’s hardware limitations.

    Before you go and say well 25 million people blah blah blah prefer the iPhone, that’s only because there is about 24 million uninformed people buying them.

  83. Ivar Mattuhsurup
    June 25, 2009 at 5:39 pm

    ROLF you should be the head of the PC vs. Mac rebuttal ads

  84. Farlin Paulino
    July 8, 2009 at 1:47 am

    The problem still resides in the minds of the customers: We like simplicity and the Apps are easier to find on the iPhone. My friends just love theirs because of that. It doesn’t matter how good something is if you don’t know how to show it to people. I think this is a pointless war due the fact that Microsoft only makes the software while Apple makes the whole box. Did I mention people like simplicity?

  85. Ben ?
    July 21, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    hahaha i love how he makes it sound like every single WM phone does everything. I doubt there is a single one that does ALL those things. He just pulled features from different phones. hahaha. Anyways, I have used a WM phone before and none of them have responsive touch screens…..none that i have used. so what is the point of having a touch screen?

  86. Ben ?
    July 21, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    also, the problem with having several phones is the apps that are developed can’t be guaranteed to work on all the different screen sizes and all the different processor speeds and video cards, etc. that’s one advantage Apple has over Microsoft across the board is Windows (any version, mobile or desktop) is just software. Mac OS is designed for Macs and iPhone OS is designed for iPhone.

  87. Johann Blake
    July 24, 2009 at 7:46 am

    The reason the iPhone is so successful is because Apple did a great job marketing a “phone”. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t manufacture phones. Have you ever seen a big marketing campaign for “Windows Mobile”? Of course not. Customers don’t buy operating systems. They buy phones. They couldn’t care less what OS is installed. Almost all the people I’ve talked to want a slick looking phone, easy to operate and has many applications to choose from. And it’s so much nicer if all those apps are from one store. So there you go, that should explain why Apple is the leader in the war on smartphones – at least for the average commercial customer. For business applications though, Winmo is the clear winner. The shear features that are required by companies to run business applications makes Winmo devices the only clear choice. While I don’t have any statistics on how many apps there are available on the Internet for Winmo devices, I believe that it’s safe to say that they do vastly outnumber those for the iPhone. Winmo devices have simply been on the market for years with thousands of developers.

    As a software developer for mobile devices, I cannot justify supporting developing any profitable application for the iPhone. The prices for most iPhone apps are low and tend to target your average consumer. Add to the pain that Apple keeps 30% of your revenue and prevents uncertified apps from being installed on your iPhone. With a large number of Winmo devices out there, businesses have so many to choose from. There are a lot of plug-ins as well including those that will give you the iPhone look and feel.

    At the same time, virtually everyone I know who does use a Winmo device says the UI sucks. And rightfully so. Let’s hope Windows Mobile 7 finally addresses this issue.

    What many people tend to fail to understand when comparing the iPhone and Winmo devices is that Micrsoft really is only responsible for the OS while the phone manufacturer is responsible for the hardware. These manufacturers really should have put a lot of pressure on Microsoft much earlier to modernize their OS with a UI that is on par with the iPhone. That being said, the concept of an OS that runs on all types of phones is totally in line with what even consumers expect. The success of the PC with Microsoft Windows was due to this. While many love to bash Windows, with the exception of Vista, it has actually gotten better with each version. If Microsoft would just start paying attention to that with Windows Mobile, then I am certain that many phone manufacturers would be making a lot more sales and the iPhone would have serious competition. Unfortunately, Winmo is the bottleneck in phone manufacturers having success and not the hardware. Having all those features really is great. I don’t want to have to carry around a phone, mp3 player, camera and gps. There is nothing wrong with “featuritis”. The problem is how you present those features and make it easy for users to access them. This where Microsoft really needs to invest big time. Microsoft doesn’t need to spend millions on a marketing campaign for their new OS but rather spend that money making the OS easier to use than the iPhone. Once they accomplish that, the phone manufacturers who use Winmo will have no problem outselling the iPhone.

  88. Dan Beahm
    July 28, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    I got bored w/ the back and forth about half way through the comments but I think it’s safe to say that the WinMo vs. iPhone debate s not unlike the Mac vs. PC debate: if you like to tinker and customize, PC wins. Not to mention, when my colleagues have no 3G because ATT sucks, I can hook them up with highspeed internet on their LAPTOP(S) through my Omnia. The iPhone definately can’t compete With that. (posted from my Omnia while waiting for the dentist)

  89. L0ki
    August 10, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Loki is the Norse god of mischief and treachery. I choose this nickname to show you cannot cheat on the master of them all. Not really to show I like to manipulate people (although I do like that). I worked for testing security software for mobile phones. That is long before iPhone appeared. I could call my opinion informed. Not expert, because I am modest. But informed. I studied many phones and still have a passion for them. I am going to offer an explanation to why the battle and the choices. Imagine all your knowledge could be put into a sphere. In the infinite of unknown, that is all your knowledge. The contact with the unknown is the surface of that sphere. Now, the more knowledge you accumulate, the more contact you have with the unknown and therefore you realize how limited you are. If you have an Iphone, you don’t need more because you don’t even think you need more. That is a serious problem. The problem is not if WinMo is better or not.
    I blame the WinMo fans too. They know so much they no longer appreciate the simple people. I still think simple people need to exist. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to ads and manipulation. I asked myself how is it to think simple. Or not understand something. It happened to me once. When I failed the Special Mathematics exam in my second year of Military Technical Academy. I got a subject so complicated, and I saw people that could resolve that problem and I felt so small. But that is only because I asked myself that question. People on both sides think they already know the answer…
    Regarding market shares and stuff, I think it’s plenty space for everyone. All batteries run dry in one year. The price of an old battery is 10-15% less than a new, up-to-date phone. Most people will just buy a new thing. It’s the Chinese marketing solution. Many cheap things. Using nano-technology, a few years ago there was invented a condenser able to contain the equivalent of 800 mA (miliAmpers) with a tension of 2.5 Volts. That could replace all batteries on the market (the advantage would be instant recharge, 50 years guarantee, as there is no chemical change inside). The only drawback would be the tension – which is standardized at 3.7 volts today. But low voltage processors were already developed (1.01 volts being sufficient). But if one person buys one battery in 50 years instead of 50 batteries, the battery industry is ruined. IPhone could make the Iphone 3.0 from verion 1. They left things out so fans would have a reason to upgrade. That is marketing.
    Regarding the number of things sold or the number of applications… You cannot compare something by quantity only. Quality is also important. And in this particular case, Quality is debatable and customizable. I would not encourage people to buy my phone (unless I want to sell it). I would acknowledge different priorities for each person and kindly ask them to describe to me what they really need. Only then I’d recommend. There is not one phone that can have it all, including a reasonable price 🙂 Everything matters and there is not only one correct answer!

  90. tewelde
    August 12, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    I had iMate and iPhone lost both of them. I miss iPhone so much and but not the iMate

  91. Mikey Dee
    August 13, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    Well if you want the slim thing, we have an iPhone killer. Check out the Toshiba TG01

  92. Zorky
    October 12, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    I used a WinMo device for over a year and will never own one again. It’s glitchy, slow and unimaginative.

  93. James
    October 17, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    I choose a WinMo device over the iPhone for the simple fact that I can nput text and write out sms with a stylus much faster than I can do with a hit-and-miss on-screen keyboard with my fingers.

  94. justin
    October 23, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    I’m using htc wizard 2006 n its still more advanced than any phone because its not a phone its a PC wiv a modem that can be used as a phone…. don’t kno much about iphone as I’m still using my old ppc, but what I have seen is the iphone is for simple brain wa hed people my ppc wm5 does everything I want ,I can have 10-15 apps open un still and only using 60% of the 200mhz dual core processor ,this little beauty is faster than my mates touch HD , but I’ve have hacked n tweaked my mini s .so much , my mates on orange that’s probably why… yes my wm is dated but its still brilliant and lot better made than the Newer ones , do you want a phone or a PC(computer)

  95. Dr Andy Smith
    November 24, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Windows Mobile is one of the worst operating systems. Poor reliability and poor Dev support. Im afraid to say unless you have fingers like an ape (James) you can SMS and write a text faster than with a stylus. You can use both thumbs.
    For Engineering and business the iphone has been a godsend. We are able to use its onboard accelerometers to measure vibration, get on the fly SPL readings and even use it across our enterprise with the simple SDK implementation.
    There is very good reason that it is the most popular smartphone around. Because it is that good.
    We are now developing a Thermal imaging attachment that plugs at the base of the phone and this can be used for electricians or firemen to check hotspots. with a iphone you get thousands of dollars with of bulky test equipment packaged into a small unit.

  96. Odm
    November 26, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    dudes I have been using windows mobile for years I used wm5 on O2, 6.1 on touch HD and now 6.5 on HD no stupid manila only windows default or titanium with a very coOl cooked rom that i flashed myself … BUT when i grabed an iphone to try it i decided to give it a chance and so i did exchange phones for three days with a friend of mine who is an iphone lover and HONESTLY i felt so bad i am holding an HD while i could get an iphone a lot cheaper …. FORGET about specs and numbers and all what you read on the internet and grab one to try it yourself … Apple did a great job. esp with 3gs that has a 3 mp cam … video recording etc etc
    First the screen cannot be compared to any windows mobile including few capacitive touch screen ones its much more clear and responsive actually much better than i ever expected from a touch screen maybe the graphics card is doing its job the way it should or hardware itself its just the best touch screen i ever put my hands on… second if you are talking about resolution yes windows mobile has a bigger one but for a mobile device that should be easy to use and eye candy font wise and finger friendly you do not need more than the iphone resolution I actually find it better than my 480×800 of the touch hd… third changable battery !!!! who the hell needs such a thing … stability of the software iphone cannot be compared if we are talking about an everyday use cell phone iphone is much than better than windows mobile much more responsive and reliable yes we have iris browser, opera and skyfire but NONE of them launches and performs in actual using on the go like safari on the iphone NONE of them… opera crashed my hd a lot of times, skyfire just hangs and takes forever to understand that you want to open a certain link … iris takes forever to load pages safari on the iphone is just there when you want it. i dont know if its only the software thats much better but i think its not only the software its the software hardware combination iphone rocks … maybe for some users they would still need windows mobile devices at work for certain feartures that is not there in the iphone but defiantly iphone is a better cell phone than symbian, blackberry, or windows mobile.

  97. November 28, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Why in the world would you compare the iPhone 3G with WinMo instead of the 3GS? Is that because it would win?

    The 3Gs in fact does have MMS, video recording, copy and paste, forward SMS, and apps let you listen to the radio and make video calls.

    Don’t even go there.

  98. C
    November 28, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    You know, this argument i hear from people here “25 million people can’t be wrong”…or whatever. I really don’t assign great intelligence to the general / mass public. As someone else pointed out….lot of German’s were wrong about WW2…and Russians about communism…and I am sure dozens of other examples throughout history.

    Apple is a clever a company, no doubt. I even kind of like their products (thought about buying them for fleeting moment here and there, but don’t like their metrosexual fan boys (can i say that? i have a feeling it still applies…or has it grown beyond that now? though i do like artists per say…just leave the fan boy stuff at home artist boy).

    Truth of the matter though is that Apple is so clever that they leave out obvious features in their hardware and software so that you will buy the next app or upgraded hardware device. It’s a continuing process that the sheepish fan boys are locked into, and this is their strategy (still no photo flash on the 3GS? Shameful, but a perfecet example amongst dozens of others).

    Great business model though, smart guys (keep buying, the economy and Apple needs you).

    I have never had this feeling with Windows or PC devices…strange that.

    Don’t get me started on iTunes or their software like Quicktime.

  99. Tim
    November 30, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Lol i would update this…
    It can copy and paste and it can send bluetooth files, there is an app for mms,
    There is also an app for radio and i dont see why you need the radio when ur music and news is on your iphone.
    And also the 3gs supports vid recording and so does jailbroken iphones.

  100. jmaz
    December 2, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    First, WinMo demands more resources to function properly, and the more powerful processors coming out will bare this out. Second, it is a product with a history of development and design for implementations and use on multiple portable devices or embedded systems. The modern cell phone just happens to be one of these devices. So, you cannot expect it to behave like the stripped down phone interfaces coming out. The new trend is to make these interfaces dumb-proof and visually enjoyable for the average consumer. Apple and the Iphone are to be commended for this. Although, its interface is not really an OS, in the sense of the definition, because all it does is allow you to launch a small program from a list of icons and nothing else.It has influenced how consumers use cell phones, though. Android is much more sophisticated than the Iphone interface, but it is still a basic interface made to address the most popular functions of today’s cell phones easily. It allows you to do much more than the Iphone. This simplified implementation, no doub,t is where WinMo has faltered in a major way. Windows Mobile, though, is on a different league. It is a complete micro operating system. But manufacturers learned from Apple that you can grab from Open Source, make money from it and not worry about putting anything back, thus, the major appeal of Android. Plus, Android is starting to address the basic functions of today’s cell phones fairly efficiently.
    Now, You are hearing a lot of horrible things about the Windows Mobile OS. After that, you might think that you’ll go blind or lose a limb if you so much as look or touch a work-centric cell phone with the Windows Mobile OS in it. It is hysteria out there. Heck, a couple of pseudo-technical (blogging sites such as gizmodo.com and engadget.com) have done a fantastic job of destroying its reputation. You are going to hear a gush of ‘verbal diarrhea’ from reviewers posing as knowledgeable technical people when in fact all they are, are cheerleaders for one camp or the other. It is kind of laughable because they don’t get any kind of stipend from the companies that they so fervently fight for. These types of reviewers don’t seem to understand two things-that you create something when you critique something and that objectivity is as obvious as bias. You are going to get a lot of idiotic comments from people that do not know what Windows Mobile is, but feel that it is their duty to trash it because it is trendy to trash anything Microsoft. I have to admit that one of my joy as a Windows Mobile user is seeing how these poor tortured souls actually create their own artificial reality in order to lie about something that they have never seen or tried. It is the internet age and the dissemination of misinformation rules. It is the internet age and the culture of the “Reality Distortion Field” is so much in vogue. So many, willing to drink the Kool-Aid. How interesting that the market responds to this, but a thing is what it is. Windows Mobile is more complex than what is coming out to the market. It is ready for more robust gadgets instead of the quasy-toys that we have at present. In other words it’s ready for the near future. “By the time WinMo 7 comes out, other interfaces will be so far ahead” goes one silly argument. But still, this Microsoft guy (Ballmer) is totally clueless as to how to respond or as to how to proceed.
    You have the users who thinks that the Windows Mobile OS is no good because it does not allow them to shift visual gunk back and forward easily, and pretty-ly. You have those (most non-technical ,cheerleading bloggers) who think that fashion or eye candy is more important than function and have created a culture of “Newness is the New Novelty.” You have those that understand that it is a micro operating system not a mere phone interface. I can say this because I have used and worked with all of them.
    I am going to make it simple for you: If you want to use your modern so called smart cell phone as a mini computer that mimics just about everything that you can do with your desktop, and that allows you to interface and sync efficiently (I mean efficiently like work/play) with such desktop, then don’t break your head looking for something other than Windows Mobile. You won’t find it. If you want to use your modern cell phone to get great joy with the shifting of visual elements around in order to mainly make phone calls, text, etc. and use your music, pictures, and videos then you have the other interfaces with easier finger usage. Why torture yourselves hating one or the other method of working with a modern cell phone. I mean, there are oranges and then there are apples, and then there are… And this hate thing is such a spiritual albatross. Besides, in spite of Ballmer, soon Windows Mobile will allow you to do the same thing. It will decouple its complexities into consumers (bloggers, average users) and knowledgeable users functions and services. So, you will have a gadgety-widgety-shifty visual interface for the general consumer and an OS centric interface for IT or more knowledgeable users. If you are a regular Joe-six-pack ,strike that, a regular user maybe Windows Mobile is not for you. If you are allergic to the philosophy of chaperoned or dictated computing or smart phone usage maybe Windows Mobile is for you. You will never know this if all you want is to find joy in talking gaga and not actually learning the difference. The world is not a monochromatic experience, you know. I am quite happy to be called a WinMo apologist.

  101. Alex
    December 7, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Dude, use your commas. That was painful to read.

  102. Bentor Tazenda
    December 23, 2009 at 5:48 am

    I can’t speak for Android as I haven’t seen one yet; but I disapprove of Apple’s iPhone and prefer the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform for a couple of simple reasons.

    I don’t like being restricted, dictated to, or told what I can or can’t do with an instrument that I paid for.

    Windows Mobile – I can choose to install any application written. I can get those applications from anywhere.

    iPhone – I must go through the Apple store.

    Windows Mobile – Microsoft doesn’t dictate what software I may or may not install.

    iPhone – They are locked down to one wireless provider. You must use it. You cannot easily unlock the SIM restrictions. My secretary wanted to unlock her iPhone to use it on a foreign network while on a trip. AT&T said no they nor Apple will unlock the SIM on any iPhone for any reason. Even though you may have paid full price for it.

    Windows Mobile – I want to use it on a different provider? Ok – enter the code. (T-mobile sent me the code unlock code with no trouble at all.)

    Yeah iPhone may be slicker in many ways, but it limiting, you get a socialist paradise of control.

    Windows Mobile – I get modified versions of the OS to suite my needs.

    iPhone comes as they give it to you. Like it or else.

    Windows Mobile – May be harder to use but it offers freedom of choice.

    The philosophy of control of Apple’s iPhone is enough to put me off.

    You don’t really own the iPhone we sold you, you just have the privilege of using it.

    Your Windows Mobile phone is yours to do with as you wish, we are grateful you purchased it.

    You must use our iTunes software to copy files on to our iPhone.

    You may use a standard USB connection to copy files and programs to your Windows Mobile phone.

  103. Nick
    December 26, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    What ever the points, the only thing that occurs to me is: “would the public have bought the Iphone if it wasn’t made by apple? Why would the pay the money? They wouldn’t.

  104. mike
    January 2, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Yes, that’s the point. Windows Mobile is more complex but gives freedom. It can be customized and used in a simple way, while iphone is limited by default because apple knows better.

  105. January 10, 2010 at 12:54 am

    3 years ago I bought Windows phone. It did everything and so much more. However I hated it for many reasons, and so a few months ago I bought the new iphone.
    I was looking forward to it as I’d never owned an Apple product and the reputation seems to be they are easy and simple and easy in every way. I was in for a shock. Firstly I got it out of its box and it took 2.5 hours and fiddling with itunes and downloads to get it going!
    I was also rather surprised at the proprietary Apple connector and the iphone lead itself. Thinking that Apple is all about quality I was surprised that the lead that comes with it rather than a cable more resembles a bleached pubic hair!

    All up and running and a sigh of relief. I’m totally loving the new iphone. Everything the old phone wasn’t – so easy to use …. It’s actually pleasurable to operate! Everyting works and works so well. Very happy now!

    A few months down the line and I have a few other discoveries. Firstly and unlike any other phone, you can not change the battery. This is preposterous! What on earth happens in 2-3 years when the battery needs replacing. Do I just chuck this very expensive device in the bin? Or do I have to send it to Apple and face the drudgery of Apple prices to overcharge me again?

    OK, the next thing – battery charge is UTTERLY APPAULING! I am having to put it on charge every day, and I am a light user.

    Next thing – Syncing. You have to use itunes – this is a joke! I banned itunes form my computer years ago when it first came out and I was testing it. It did so much damage to my music collection that it took me months to repair it. Anyway I’m having to use it again now and it seems to be all advertising and gimmicks that don’t really work or that you have to pay them even MORE money to use!
    Worse than all this is that syncing is so feeble compared to Microsoft active sync which is what I used with my last phone. Why can’t Apple make the iphone work with proper software!
    Syncing is randomly unreliable and is not real time so you have to do it manually if you want to update an entry you’ve just made.
    Also the iphone calendar is the one thing on the phone that is clumsy and inefficient to use. Unfortunately it’s the thing I use all the time!

    Next thing – phone reception. Worse that any other equivalent phone. I immediately contacted the provider (O2) about this and they said it’s a known thing with the iphone and that I have to turn 3G off. I did that but it hardly makes any difference. Also do they expect me to spend all that money on a 3g phone and have to turn it off!

    Next thing – Crashing. The most used feature on my iphone is the system reset procedure to re boot the thing. I do this between 1 and 8 times per day.

    Next thing – copy and paste are supposed to be one of the brilliant new features if the new iphone, but they only sometimes work. You have to be in the right type of screen.

    So lots of gripes but I would still say I like it and that it’s a lovely phone to use. I just wish Apple would stop being so arrogant about thinking they are superior when clearly they have much work to do.

    It’s a very gorgeous phone and I am proud of it. But it is nowhere near perfect; it is overpriced, underfeatured and has too many bugs.
    But I could happily live with these – the real issue is that it is made by Apple and with it come all these problems.
    I look forward to another manufacturer making a phone as slick and easy to use.

  106. Zeus
    January 15, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    there are three very simple issues that iphone doesnt have:
    1- you cannot find a browser that can compress webpages like opera mini, which is an absolute requirement for people leaving in countries with download/speed limitations
    2- you cannot draw on iphone, for many people/especially engineers, this might be an important requirement when working on field
    3- it is impossible to type on iphone using one hand and doing something else with the other hand. (sometimes I reply to SMS while driving or while eating, this is impossible with iphone)

  107. ken
    January 21, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Listen up!!!

    I am a Fanboy of Apple product, but only limited to Macs. Honestly, Apple will continuously to appeal to the 90% Joes in the market as it had always does with all its product line, and it is fair and no surprise that 25 million people had chosen Iphone over other phones.

    So when you talk to an Iphone fanboy, you’ll know that you are talking to an average joe, or a kid, so you’ll be wasting your time try to convince them that WinMo is better. I am a WinMo user, and I swear to GOD that it is way way superior but so very nonuser-friendly that normal people will cringe every time they use it,because they usually use them ‘Out the Box’. It takes a lot of technical know-how to completely clean-up the crap-ware on your WinMo and customize it to the way you like to use it.

    All the points that this article had pointed out are the truth, and are irrefutable! WinMo is much more superior than Iphone, however….

    Its simple why WinMo seems so superior but FAIL, because of 2 reasons:

    1) WinMo is built ‘too complicated’ out-the-box for average user, it is so complicated that its meant for Pros only. It is a reduced version of a PC, so there u go, u can do lots of crazy stuff on it, but normal people just Dont care about its advances, and sometimes get upset by the complicated path that they have to go through to do a simple task. Which is sad by the way.

    2) Iphone is built for average joe and even an idiot know how to use it. Which app u want to open? Just touch that. Want to quit from here? click that only button there! That’s why it outsold WM, because we have 90% Joes and only 10% Pros in this world.

    So PEOPLE! Don’t waste your time preach to others that WinMo is Better, because they haven’t graduate to hear your lecture!

  108. Crazy G
    January 21, 2010 at 3:12 am

    This article is great, but can someone please put it in point form? coz I would like to see Iphone fanboy actually tries to counter each and every one of them with facts. In fact I don’t believe they have any ability to do so besides saying things like , ‘wait till the next iphone came out!’, or ‘Wait till the next software update!’, or ‘Who cares’, or ‘I didn’t use all those functions in school anyway’.

  109. Mike
    February 1, 2010 at 2:29 am

    The iPhone was designed as an entertainment device that happens to fill some business functions. Windows Mobile not only provides the same entertainment features it also provides a better platform for the business sector. For example Tasks. total lack of support on iPhone unless you buy a third party app and then it can event support reminders. And by the way calendar reminders, give me a break. No way to snooze. Apple totally missed the boat there.

  110. John
    February 16, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Ken is right. iPhones are for people too dumb or too lazy to learn how to use their phone. Just like Apple computers are for people who don’t want to learn how to use 2 mouse buttons instead of one or how to use a screwdriver or how to read a HijackThis file. But I like my command prompts. I know what a kernal is and how to tweak it. I like extending the life and power of a computer with $50 and a screwdriver. And I don’t want to be stuck with something designed for someone lazy or stupid.

    iPhone charges you for EVERYTHING. And forces you to license EVERYTHING. The old Mac commercial is ironic to me because if ever there was a computer company with a Big Brother complex — it’s Apple.

    Instead of 99 cent songs, I like my 3 million song library for $70 per year (Rhapsody). I like the fact that most of the apps I download are FREE, and am willing to fight off viruses at my own peril — because I know how to fix them. I like tweaking every setting at every level and HATE any interface or application that doesn’t let me tweak everything to my heart’s content. I like endlessly EXPANDABLE storage through SD cards — my several thousand CD collection legally ripped at 192 kbps takes hundreds of GB to store and instead of deleting and retransferring several hundred CDs at a time for hours, I just plug in a different 32GB Micro-SD card — each with twice the total storage of the “big” iPhone. I like my bluetooth headset that is not only great for listening to music, it’s perfect for lengthy meetings. And while talking on the phone, I can surf the net for info, cut and paste stuff into Outlook and forward it without having to wait for the next meeting or dragging my laptop with me. And my VPN capabilities are phenomenal. Will my next phone be another Windows Mobile phone? I don’t know, because Google Droid looks like it will be able to do all of this too. But there’s no way in hell I will downgrade to an iPhone.

    iPhone’s are fun and for most people they are functional enough. But saying that iPhone is better than Windows Mobile or Google Droid is as dumb as saying the Wii is better than XBOX 360 or Playstation 3. Funny how the arguments are the same defending iPhone and Wii. . .

  111. George
    February 22, 2010 at 10:22 am

    John and ken are absolutely right about this.
    as ken said ..don’t waste your time preaching them that WinMo is better……than the best!

  112. John
    February 23, 2010 at 3:33 am

    A couple of points I should clarify. I have a friend who now upgraded to the 3GS. He does have Bluetooth, Rhapsody now has an app that works with iPhone for streaming (but only streaming) and the big iPhone is 32GB. He is able to access his also large song library through an app that lets him connect to his home computer, and it works well — as long as he’s in a 3G coverage area. However, still no multi-tasking, my camera blows his away (though he can do video editing — I can shoot video, but I haven’t found an app for editing. . .), no cut-and-paste, no extensibility, no easily changed battery (“it takes more room” is a LAME excuse), and NO insurance plan through AT&T or Apple. . . Yes, you CAN change a broken screen on your iPhone, but you’re probably gonna have to buy lunch for a techno-geek like me to get it done. . . My screen looks crisper, however, the capacitive screen is something I hope they add to the next gen of Windows Mobile phones.

  113. Harley
    March 13, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Maybe I’m not the typical iPhone user, and I completely understand where all this “better” talk comes from, but I don’t really care what everyone else uses. I just like my iPhone better than any other phone I’ve tried or had. I’m not trying to be smug or holier than thou about it like some of the other iPhones users. I’m not dumb like some would claim above, I can do all the little tricks the tech nerds can do (I’m a tech nerd too).

    I just love my iPhone and won’t feel guilty about it. I am happy with what it does. It’s not that I can’t understand how to customize the other phones, or get apps, or whatever you claim I can’t do. It’s simple, though: your phone is not better than my iPhone because I love my iPhone. And vice versa, my iPhone is not better than your WM phone because you love WM phones.

    What I love is that I’m so happy with the iPhone that as a consumer I’m satisfied. And you love your WM that you’re satisfied. And that’s because the two compete, and compete with others, so they get better all the time. But don’t call me dumb, or say I don’t understand, or don’t know how to do things, I completely do. I just love the iPhone.

    Oh, and don’t text while driving.

  114. toonerjay
    April 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Awesome article – what I’ve been trying to tell people for years. In the end it may not matter because Microsoft SUCKS at marketing and that seems to be what counts – the constant barrage of iPhone ads combined with the complete lack of WinMo ads is what allows Apple to lie about being the first to do stuff and deny features to their users and have their sheeple actually thank them for it. “I know the iPhone’s better, because the Apple ads on TV tell me so”. Never mind that I’ve been doing everything the iPhone does and more on WinMo for the last ten years.

  115. OhNoItsGojira
    April 8, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Wow. Talk about trying to pass off one’s opinion as fact, like most of the comments here.

  116. sit2k
    April 18, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Iphone diehards will never ever say anything good about WinMo, simply because they are haters and no other reason.

    WinMo has lead that market for many years and will continue to do so. They need to stop marketing Windows 7 and start marketing WinMo. Let’s face it, 18 million licenses a year is something Apple dreams about, but imagine if they advertised the WinMo OS more?.. WOW!

    Have anyone noticed that when they advertise the HD2 there is no word on the fact that it uses WinMo? I find that real interesting

  117. Bourkie
    April 26, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I think Bob got it right in the first post.
    People always get nasty when they think they are loosing the argument. Often, they grasp randomly at anything they think will help them. The result usually has more problems, resulting in other people picking that to prices as well.

    My advise is to get over it. If you like it, use it. Figure out what you want to achieve before you buy the phone.

    Written from my iPhone.

  118. Ace
    May 4, 2010 at 1:35 am

    Microsoft doesn’t have to advertise WinMo, it sells itself.

  119. Kris
    May 10, 2010 at 6:52 am

    I have used both iPhone (my gf’s) and WinMo for quite some time, and I will most definitely say WinMo is far superior than iPhone… BUT… as mentioned in the article it is designed simplicticly for people who WANT that in a phone. The iPhone was designed for and is marketed for the average Jo. WinMo was designed to target the niche of business people who needed features like their laptop but small like a phone. There were no great ads or massive billboards to promote WinMo, there wasn’t that much competition for their niche market. iPhone on the other hand had to promote their product with much fanfare just to break into the market with this “apparently” new style of phone.
    I believe the key reason to the iPhone popularity is not so much an battle over feature vs feature between the os’s; it simply comes down to market penetration. Apple has far exceeded Microsoft in their advertising campaigns and have reeped the rewards from it. Apple says their phone is the fastest phone ever, has the best features, has over 100,000 apps; the consumer simply believes that because Microsoft hasn’t stood up and said “well actually…”
    So while iPhone play catch up with WinMo on the feature aspect of the phone, WinMo is playing catchup with the marketing of their product. And we all know that features don’t sell a phone, it’s the salesperson that sells the phone.

  120. Hal
    May 10, 2010 at 9:30 am

    iam a c/c++ programmer
    i try to port some of my apps to iPhone
    i sign up with Apple.com and download iPhone SDK
    there are 2 problems:
    1. i have to purchase Mac OS system (~1000 USD) to run xCode/SDK
    2. i have to pay Apple 99$/year for helping them and make more apps for their devices

    f**k Apple/iPhone/iDontcare
    with WindowsMobile, there is no such problem

  121. how
    May 20, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    The windows mobile phone has the capabilities of running the android OS and there are functional versions of this OS for the WM. I am currently able to run to OS; WM and Andriod 2.1. However, like it was pointed out, it’s just a matter of people knowing this information.

  122. Phone sales girl
    May 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    i work at.. a certain retail outlet of a certain provider of cellular service. Providing the iphone 3gs, one of the things we do our best to , is to keep the user in the dark about windows mobile based phones because of our contract (and bonuses) from apple. I have seen my manager tell people that windows phones can only read word files and the like to keep people from realizing that the windows based phones actually do more, more reliably and better. I HAVE an iphone because of my job but i USE my htc touch pro 2. just like the ipod, the iphone has HORRIBLE sound quality in music compared even to a $25 creative labs mp3 player. anyone who is seriously into music or video would do themselves well to go with anything but Apple products. However Apple product users are perfect as my company’s prey. Often spoken of as how stupid they are because the only selling point the Iproducts have, is their simplicity. One store to get music and video from. The phone manages all of your library for you, no need to really worry about folders. Its a fact that Iphones are not FOR power users, their for people who want to just kind of use the phone as a toy instead of learning really how to use it. Just wait till you see at the anouncement in the next 9 months. you think its dumbing down mobile phone users NOW? just wait. we were sent to a conference to learn how to sell the next generation of devices. Windows mobile is the way to go and honestly i feel dirty promoting the iphone at work, but in this economy what choice do i have? The “i sold an iphone” bonus keeps me in my apartment.

    • Agosto Nuñez
      June 13, 2013 at 3:21 pm

      This is why Apple is more successful at the moment, look at any movie, any T.V. series they all have Macintoshes, iPods, iPhones and iPads, it sickens me.

  123. A1
    May 23, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    The iphone is the most popular touch screen phone on the market today but if you need the functionality of a PDA then the iphone is as useful as a brick. I love using my HTC Touch HD as an MP3 player in the car while using Tom Tom GPS for directions, my passenger can surf the web too all at the same time.
    Let’s face it comparing iphone to a Windows based phone is like comparing Apples and Oranges, if the iphone was even trying to compete in the same market as Windows they would have called it the ipda. They knew they entered the game 5 years too late to even try and compete.
    Next time someone tries to disrespect your “Windows Phone”, just tell them this.
    Actually Windows don’t make phones; it’s a HTC/Samsung/HP/Sony/LG/Acer/Motorolla/Palm (whichever is applicable)
    Admitting you think the iphone is great is like saying you’re a moron who can only manage 1 application at a time.
    The reason Apple avoid using usb is because the word universal implies you may give your money to someone other than Apple and that would give Steve Jobs an aneurism.
    If they really wanted you to “Think Different” they would have jailbroken the iphone out of the box, what they are really saying is Thanks for your money and “Keep thinking the same as everyone else”.
    Just because you own Apple products doesn’t mean you’re using cutting edge technology all it means is you’re a cutting edge consumer.
    What’s that I hear about Steve Jobs using Apple’s profits to cure diseases in 3rd world countries, oh hang on no that was Bill Gates doing that.
    You better run off and buy something with a little apple on it and make sure its backlight so everyone can see what a valid consumer you are.
    Some of us are old enough to remember apple talk connections as an attempt to stop 3rd party’s sharing any profit and how the whole Apple business strategy sent them broke. Yea I’m an Apple hater, but then most people hate the Nazi’s and I really don’t see how Apples business strategies are any different.

    Peace to all the Apple fanboys, I know thinking for yourself is way too difficult and your only trying to fit in with everyone else. Be thankful I didn’t start on the ipad, or is it the oversized iphone? Thank god you bought that ipod/iphone as well so you can listen to music while you read a book on your usb-less no SD card having ipad, anyway that’s a story for another day.

  124. CARL
    June 15, 2010 at 3:48 am

    Oh look! 4G iphone, what? HD, Retina display! best resolution screen on a phone ever you say? Oh and look video calls, and as the iphone 3gs an app for everything, bluetooth, multitask, flash camera, all LED ofcourse! Lets face it, windows is pants, always has been, i mean how you can say apple is no good i dont know, because the windows 7 ultimate i have on my laptop right now is id say, pretty much starting to look like an apple desktop, windows is constantly full of prompts and attacks, unlike apple! and you say they would have jailbroke the iphone out the box? what you mean like bill gates should give you windows 7 ultimate out the box, you window lovers pay silly prices to get the latest windows or pay extra for your comps etc to get the better windows when, just like a jailbreak you can crack windows and get it all for free as every single program/software you can think of too! and please, id rather not look like an idiot with a huge PDA stuck to my ear when i make calls, id rather just buy a small computer/laptop, so just like the ipad, PDAs, they are a laptop with the keyboard taken off, are they creating phones here or mobile laptops?? Nowadays most people have a laptop/computer, sat nav so they dont need alot of this on there phones, iphones are the future, simplicity and security always wins! let me know when windows has any of this, hence why im getting rid of my windows ultimate laptop and getting an Apple, you put a windows and an apple computer side by side and let users try them both out, im pretty sure i know what theyd choose. Peace and dont take this personally 🙂

  125. nonsense
    June 28, 2010 at 2:51 am


    you’re dumber than a brick and should be placed on the picture above. To the veeerrrryyyy far left of the stone. comparing a jailbroken iphone to a cracked Win7?

    I do not know when was the last time you’ve been out from you mom’s basement but there are winmo phones smaller than your iphone. duh.

    put a Win7 laptop and an Apple laptop side by side and I can play the best games on my Win7 laptop. What’s your best game? Farmville? *facepalm*

  126. coolbreeze
    August 19, 2010 at 12:19 am

    Actually, nonsense, the best game on my MacBook Pro is probably a toss-up between Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2,and the other Orange Box titles and the Call of Duty series. Folks who criticize gaming on the Mac haven’t looked at gaming on the Mac.

  127. Dominic
    August 22, 2010 at 1:53 am

    Me personally I dont own a HTC with Windows Mobile 6.5, BUT I do own a Ipaq Classic Handheld 110 series Pocket PC and I can just look to that as a comparison to say the Ipod touches and I just scratch my head. I mean, I want to like them but compared to my Windows Mobile 6 classic device I am sorry but my Windows Mobile 6 classic device from 07 crucifies the Ipod Touches. Superior apps for everything and dotn even get me started on the mp3 capabilites and movie capabilities of the Ipaq. AND Skyfire works on my Ipaq. I love it. Full flash real web sites. Apple seems to be trying to auction tv on line with their Iphones for 10 dollars a month. Microsoft has been doing that for years with Windows Mobile AND not chatrging for it. The websites exist on line for tv watching. I can do it through the simplistic Internet Explorer Mobile web browser. I dont understand, why wont Apple admit that Microsoft does it all right? WHY!? I guess its like Rocky 4. Rocky wins but people just dont wnat to admit it.

    THAN I started finding out about the Windows Mobile 6.5 devices… WOW! Just when I thought that Windows Mobile couldnt get any better, IT DID!

    What also keeps me a fan and adament Microsoft and Windows Mobile user is the three strand cord that is Microsoft: Stability, reliability, and productivity. All Apple does is make superficial products with lots and lots of hype. THeir raves through their commercials have been debunked, AND debunked by some of their own users.

    End conclusion: If you want to suceed in an ever changing world, buy Windows Mobile phones… And I will be using my Ipaq for years to come for all of my business, entertainment, and media needs.

  128. Stephan
    September 1, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    In about year 2005 (not sure) I bought Eten 600+ (It is smaller then Iphone) on WM 5, I was able to upgrade it till WM 6.1, was able to run any software needed (big choice between different software developers, a lot of freeware) and still can use it with same productivity as ever but I just got tired of the same communicator (mostly of same shape and it looks very used now). Just purchased HTC on WM 6.5 and same story, very productive, compatible with everything and yes you need antivirus. Since in my profession I need 2 phones, ones (by friend’s recommendation) I got my first (and last) Iphone. I discovered that, yes, menus are very simple, you can activate some apps (no choice usually), you need pay for but it still ok (nasty thing is when internet fails in download and activation process, you loose your money and need to start again), it is not compatible with most (maybe all) non I** devices. I really have never seen Iphone as a working machine, it is and will be only a user friendly phone you can do funny “fart noises” with. My verdict is: WM is a multipurpose, auto sufficient platform (very efficient for business), Iphone is for calls and fun (mostly kids under 12 and not working housewife’s) they are not so sensible to inexperienced user.

  129. Rummhy
    September 2, 2010 at 1:10 am

    It really sucks that WM is losing market share. I have an iPAQ hw692 with WM5 and it outperforms the iPhone 3G in several areas. Tell me, iPhone 3G users, have you got all this? GPS out of the box? MS Office (or iWork) out of the box? Physical Keyboard? Removable battery? Storage card port? Charging stand? Bluetooth out of the box? Stylus? Video recording out of the box? Non-cluttered and organized Homescreen? Let me know how much of that any iPhone has.

  130. HTC
    September 5, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I get such a thrill watching pretentious iPhone fan boys talking nonsense about their phones. They don’t seem to realise just how poorly constructed they are, the lack of features they have and how even though it’s costing £500 PAYG or upwards of £60 a month on contract that the mobile never actually belongs to them. What kind of a company locks down every feature and then charges more to enable a little customisation? The only way out is to risk Jailbreaking and bricking the phone…oh and voiding the warranty.

    It dissapoints me that iPhones continue to dominate the market when the technology is 3 years behind HTC. I’ve owned HTC’s for the past six years and would never give them up. With more powerful processors and a better array of out of the box work apps they really are the nuts, and there is an app for practically anything. The only upside to the iPhone is a decent selection of games, only because developers have jumped on the bandwagon. I hope that MS/HTC focus on using up all of the processing power they have over iPhones and work on developing better 3D games to rival Apple. With MS having their own team of skilled game developers i can’t understand why they don’t do this and totally wipe the floor with Apple. Doing so would bring in a new market and expand beyond the ‘office oriented’ market that HTC appeal to at the moment.

    P.S. Why is it cool to own Apple? iPad, iPhone, iPod….they are overpriced, underdeveloped accessories with no practicality for self concious fan boys.

    • Cc
      October 13, 2010 at 12:45 am

      Funny a guy who’s name is HTC is calling someone else a fan boy.. What a dope.

      • Diona Richards
        November 20, 2010 at 3:38 am

        Funny , someone is concerned about someone elses name .. hm . Fan boy much ?

  131. FanBoy
    September 30, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Rummhy time to get some facts right.
    GPS out of the box: Use Maps all the time (it gets me places)
    Bluetooth out of the box: Can be turned on in settings (Use it in my car)
    Storage Card: What’s the point when you have MobileMe (One less thing to lose)
    Stylus: Steve Jobs said in the Keynote for the 1st iPhone YOUR FINGER IS THE BEST POINTER Stylus’ are outdated
    Video Recorder: In the camera app which is a default app which works on 3G,GS,4
    And a un cluttered home screen one word FOLDERS
    And remember iOS 4 is the worlds most advanced mobile operating system.

  132. Owned both
    November 19, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Many points are moot. Those saying that only WinMo can have TomTom, Opera Mini, SkyFire, playing video, recording video etc. Today, iPhones have all of the above plus more.

    You could be correct about a few things: non removable battery, no additional storage card, etc.

    But many points were either wrong even at the time, or no longer valid today since they were merely about apps, but the bashers put it as if it’s the platform’s fault. It’s like saying Apple doesn’t have Microsoft Office, well, wrong isn’t it.

  133. Jamesng138
    January 8, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Windows mobile 6.5 is a piece of shit. Firstly, I’m using a Samsung Omnia 2 which runs on the latest WM 6.5. The applications are just too sluggish and laggy. Using the default theme for it just wants me to throw it to the wall.

    Secondly, I resorted to using SPB Themes. It was slightly better, but still slow and sluggish nevertheless. The only way to make the phone faster and less slow is to flash the ROM with those cooked version, only then i was able to use my darn phone.

    Note this, cooking roms are not easy to do and are pretty complicated. Only those with technically knowledge will know how to do it. Therefore, 90% of the female population and 60% of the male population in this world is not suitable to use WM6.5.

    Iphone on the other, is so damn smooth and so simple to use. I would recommend an Iphone over that shitty WM6.5 anyday.

    I’ve been using a Windows Mobile 6.5 for 6 months with JJ custom ROM. I couldnt handle it anymore, i switched to an Iphone. I think that was the best decision I have ever done.

  134. j noonan
    February 14, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    History proved you wrong. Winmo 7 is much improved, but ms might be late.

  135. February 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    WinMo is much more complete than iOS, without a doubt. But WinMo’s sluggish usability, non finger-friendliness dragged it down when compared to iOS. Feature/hardware/software wise, you think iphone is better, think again. WinMo is always winning. You think only Iphone has this and that software? Don’t rush, WinMo does have it.

  136. Agosto Nuñez
    June 13, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    The new iPhone even stole a lot from Windows Phone.

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