4iThumbs Helps Verizon Customers Adjust to iPhone Touch Screen

Here’s something unique, it’s sort of a cover or overlay for your iPhone that that gives tactile feedback for those not accustomed to typing on a touch screen.

The only tactile ridged screen designed to guide typing on the iPhone


  • Revolutionary overlay screen provides tactile feedback similar to a QWERTY keypad
  • Invisible design protects the face of the phone without blocking the screen
  • Allows for blind typing on touchscreen interfaces and requires no installation or sticky adhesive
  • Easily removed and stored on the back of phone when not in use
  • Available in both landscape and portrait versions for iPod Touch and iPhones 3G/S and 4
  • Demonstrational video: 4iThumbs2+ (open in Internet Explorer)

Available at: 4iConcepts.com

Prices: 4iThumbs2 $12.95 (keypad only) and 4iThumbs2+ $24.95 (with bumper, to store on back)

Website: www.4iConcepts.com