AOC Intros 29-inch UltraWide Display for $399

WOW! I want one of these, a 29 inch monitor would be awesome, it would make for a nice upgrade over my 23” that I have now. This monitor from AOC has a resolution of 2560×1080 and even comes with three watt speakers built-in. From today until June 30th your can get the monitor at various places for only $399 which is $100 off the normal MSRP. The monitor comes with multiple connections and you can even hook your Android phone up to it to mirror the content! Yeah I want one… Read one to check out the pictures and more info..



AOC, worldwide leader in display technology, announces a limited time special promotion on the Q2963PM, a 29-inch 21:9 super wide screen HD monitor that combines IPS LED technology with convenient connectivity to provide a cinematic display experience. From June 24 through June 30, the monitor is available at Best Buy,63m2

Work Station Productivity

AOC’s Screen+ software allows the Q2963PM’s vast screen to be split into individual work areas, making it easy to multitask and view multiple documents simultaneously. The extra desktop real estate is perfect for comparing documents side by side or using multiple program windows. In the office, the monitor’s built-in speakers will also help to reduce cable clutter, as no external audio set-up is required. The display is also 100 mm VESA compatible so that it can be mounted to the wall to save space and create a streamlined look.





The Q2963PM offers multiple connections so that Blu-ray players, computers and other signal sources can be connected simultaneously and displayed at a high resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels. Additionally, an integrated MHL port allows Android users to connect compatible phones and tablets directly to the monitor to mirror content to the 29-inch UltaWide display while charging the mobile device at the same time.

Energy Saving

The Q2963PM is ENERGY STAR qualified, meaning it uses about 30 percent less energy than standard units. The energy-efficient monitor consumes only 26 watts when in full operation and 0.5 watt in standby mode. It also comes with Eco Mode and e-Saver software to help save energy, and is free of harmful arsenic, mercury and BFR/PVC laminates that can be found in other monitors.

About AOC

AOC is the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED monitors and HDTVs. With more than 60 years of design and manufacturing experience, AOC has earned a reputation for selling user-friendly, technologically advanced monitors, TVs and multi-functional displays. Every aspect of AOC’s global business focuses on the development of products that fit seamlessly into consumers’ digital lifestyle. For more information, please visit