Arctic Announces Accelero S3 Silent Video Card Cooler

I guess you can’t get much more silent than having no fans at all on a video card right? The new Accelero S3 from Arctic allows for a truly silent video card as there’s no need for fans, but you can add them if you want or need the extra cooling but I think the Accelero S3 can handle the heat without the fans. The Accelero S3 works with even the latest video cards and has a price tag of $39.99 at Amazon right now. PR below for you




With the Accelero S3 comes a passive graphics card cooler which can cope with demanding cards! The new silent champion further improves the outstanding results of its predecessor S1 PLUS.
Thanks to its patented heatsink design, the Accelero S3 is capable to cool even graphics cards of the calibre of an R7-260X or a GTX 660 entirely passive. Equipped with an add-on fan, the cooling capacity of the Accelero S3 can be upgraded even to 200 Watts.
For previously unknown VRM and RAM cooling performance, ARCTIC has developed and patented a back side cooler. This not only keeps the board and all components around the GPU on low temperature, but also offers significant advantages during installation. Up to now the attaching of different cooling elements with thermal glue was necessary. Thanks to the innovative back side plate this is a thing of the past. Without any thermal glue the graphics card can be returned to its original condition any time without leaving marks or residues.
Silence enthusiasts will definitely love the Accelero S3. As a passive cooler, it is completely noise-free while keeping the graphics card working under reasonable temperature.

QUICK FACTS Accelero S3 High-End Passive Graphics Card Cooler

Patented back side cooler lowers RAM and VRM temperature

Unmatched cooling performance – up to 200 Watts with Turbo Module

Cools even demanding boards completely passively

Installation without thermal glue

Absolutely silent

Product page:

The Accelero S3 is now available for a price of USD$ 39.99 at Amazon.