Arctic Cooling is Now Into Gaming – Announcing the Arctic GC Pro


Today Arctic Cooling has made a rather unusual announcement, they’re getting into gaming and not accessories either. They’ve come out with their very own gaming system called the Arctic GC Pro and it’s selling for $57.90. You might be wondering what kind of game system you can get for that little bit of money, and well it’s one of those all-in-on style systems. It resembles the Wii really, only black in color, and it has 48 games built into it running off of a 32bit 3D processor. With the console you’ll also get two wireless controllers and several accessories as well. Yes I know we’ve seen these before, but I can’t help be curious about it, maybe I’ll get one for review to check it out and let you know just what’s going on with this thing…

Specs and pictures for you:


All-in-One Game Console to Get Everybody Moving!

The ARCTIC GC PRO is an all-in-one gaming system which brings you so much fun! WIth wireless game controllers and various add-ons, you can swing like a real sportsman and play like a pro at home!

Featuring 32-bit 3D processor, the ARCTIC GC PRO image quality is outstanding that gives you new 3D gaming experience.

The 48 games are fun, interesting and entertaining a must-have item at home for everyone!

Main features

  • All-in-one gaming system with 48 built-in games
  • Life-like gaming by 32-bit 3D processor
  • Dynamic wireless gaming gives you complete freedom in every swing!
  • Play like an athlete at home with the add-on accessories
  • Compact, stylish, cool for everyone
  • Sporty, fun and witty built-in games

Sporty, fun and witty built-in games
The ARCTIC GC PRO contains 48 built-in games, offering a wide variety of games to get everyone moving:

Now you can play tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, table tennis and even skiing at home! These exciting sport games are all included in the ARCTIC GC PRO. Simply insert the add-ons in the wireless controllers – tennis racket, table tennis bat, golf club, baseball bat and a football controller – to enjoy life-like gaming and play like an athlete!

For the lively you

Racing, treasure hunts, strategy games are all time favourites and they are pre-programmed in the ARCTIC GC PRO. Kids and adults will love the fun brought from these games!

For the intelligent you

Gaming is a good learning tool as well. The ARCTIC GC PRO comprises different analytical and mathematical games such as Sudu, Russian Blocks and puzzles. Play more, think more, learn more.

Sharp and clear 3D images
Featuring a 32-bit 3D processor, the ARCTIC GC PRO delivers lifelike and detailed graphics. In addition, with 3D imaging, the ARCTIC GC PRO process heart-stopping realism to enhance the overall gaming experience to a new level.

Great home entertainment for everyone!
2 people can play games simultaneously. The ARCTIC GC PRO comes with 2 cordless motion controllers so that you can either enjoy the game yourself or have a competition with one of your friends. You will have even more fun with the 7 add-ons – 2 tennis rackets, 2 table tennis paddles, a golf club, a baseball bat and a football “band” you can tie around your foot. Move and groove with the ARCTIC GC PRO!

Product Page:

Package contains


Wireless controllers x 1

Add-on accessories x 7

AC cable x 1

Power adapter x 1

Manufacturer code ORACO-GC002-GBA01

EAN-Code 0872767002777

Warranty 2 year

MSRP (excl. VAT):
39,90 € / US$ 57.90

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