Atari Ships ‘Puzzler World’ For Nintendo DS

Atari, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized videogame publishers, announced today the release of Puzzler World, the ultimate addictive, brain-buster for puzzle lovers of all ages. Developed specifically for Nintendo DS(TM) by Ideas Pad in close partnership with Puzzler Media, the masterminds behind the Puzzler brand, Puzzler World offers up more than 1,000 games spanning an incredible collection of 14 different puzzle types from popular formats such as Wordsearch, Sudoku, Crossword, Fitword, Link-A-Pix, Codeword, Spot the Difference and Silhouette, as well as bonus games including Hangman and all-new puzzle formats Equate, Jigsaw, and more. Puzzler World is available across North American retailers for a suggested retail price of $19.99 as well as available for PC download at

"Whether looking for a holiday season stocking-stuffer for the kids or the perfect gift for a puzzle master, Puzzler World is a title that will provide the best in puzzle gaming out there," said Jim Wilson, President and CEO, Atari, Inc. "Puzzler World gives fans and casual gamers an impressive array of fun and entertaining brainteasers that they can take anywhere in the palm of their hands with the DS."

With an extensive collection of classic games and all-new puzzle formats, Puzzler World will challenge users with endless entertainment and different degrees of difficulty. Players will be able to choose from two distinct game modes, Quickplay or Challenge, making it accessible for beginners and tough enough for even the most advanced puzzle gurus. Problem solvers who dominate Challenge mode will find that there are plenty of bonus games to further meet their brain-busting thirst; these include all-new gaming formats such as Equate and Jigsaw, as well as additional classic favorites like Hangman, Missing Piece and Chain Letters.

Puzzler World is rated "E" (for everyone) by ESRB and is available at retailers across North America for Nintendo DS(TM) ($19.99). In addition to the DS release, Puzzler World is also available for download at

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