Bluetrek Metal evolution Bluetooth headset specially designed and tuned for iPhone

Blutrek has introduced a special Bluetooth headset for iPhone users. This new headset is called the Metal evolution and it’s very stylish looking with it’s brushed metallic finish and a reinforced aluminum casing.

The Bluetooth chipset used in this Bluetrek headset is from the same maker as the one used in the iPhones, hence, ensures optimum connectivity and compatibility between the two devices.

The audio tuning of the Metal evolution for iPhone is specially catered to iPhone 4 and 3GS, In addition, the headset is equipped with “NoiseLock” noise cancellation technology that effectively eliminates background noise in the surrounding environment up to 80dB.


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iPhone 4 is in my professional opinion, the premier handset in appearance and functionality available on the market today. I would recommend all iPhone 4 owners use our Metal evolution Bluetooth headset for iPhone to communicate, for the highest quality and most user friendly hands free experience,” said John Haley, Director of Bluetrek USA.

When not in use, the Metal Evolution for iPhone headset can be carried conveniently in the belt clip provided.

The belt clip also embeds a mini USB adapter to charge the headset from any standard USB compatible travel charger or car charger.

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