brite-View Introduces the ‘iCam123’ Network Camera

Brite-View just announced the iCam123 and I’ve got one sitting here already so I should have my review up in the next day or so for you. For now though know that the iCam123 is a network camera that works over your power lines and that’s it’s very simple to use and setup.  The iCam allows you to monitor your home, baby, pets or whatever right on your phone via a downloadable free app. So here’s the official PR for you and some of my pictures that I took for the review..

DSCF0748 DSCF0758 DSCF0765


Today brite-View™ introduces the world’s easiest-to-use home monitoring solution, the "iCam123", that allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone. Setup is as easy as 3 steps without any network setting on your computer. And the starter kit includes everything you need to set up your home monitoring system. After the initial setup, you can begin viewing the area selected for monitoring right from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Here are what some users are saying:

"It took me less than 3 minutes to set up iCam123. Now I can see my puppy on my iPhone from the office anytime when I miss her."

"Thanks to iCam123, I can see how my parents are doing in New York from San Francisco where I live. My sister in Los Angeles also downloaded the App* to access the same camera from time to time."

"I’m a frequent business traveler. During my trip, I love to watch my kids playing without interrupting them through iCam123."

The "iCam123" supports up to seven cameras for multiple room monitoring. Simply plug in an additional IP camera and add it to the PlugCam App (for both iOS and Android).

"Rather than the expensive home surveillance system required professional installation, consumers are looking for more affordable DIY home monitoring solutions", says Robert Lo, CEO of  brite-View™, "iCam123 is the first its kind using HomePlug® AV-compliant powerline communications technology making it a real Plug-and-Play. It’s simpler, faster and more secure than WiFi solutions. Most important, the setup is as easy as plugging in a lamp,  and takes less than three minutes, "iCam123" customers can effortlessly monitor their pets, family and homes right on their smartphones."

brite-View™ is offering the "iCam123" starter kit at a promotional price of $99.99 (expand your home monitoring system by purchasing up to seven IP Cameras at $79.99 each) on