brite-View’s ‘HDelight’ Will Wirelessly Transmit 1080p Digital Content from PC to TV


We’ve taken a look at a couple brite-View products here at technogog, but none quite like this.. The new HDelight will let you stream uncompressed 1080P content from your PC to your TV. It’s not limited to any type of PC or TV either, you just need to have HDMI jacks on your PC and on your TV and you’re ready to go.  The only price listed in the PR is ‘under’ $200, and the release date will be July, with no specific date mentioned..

The first solution of its kind, the HDelight is not limited to use with specific PC or HDTV models. Provided the PC and HDTV have HDMI ports, the HDelight can air bridge the two and transmit uncompressed, 1080p high-definition content from computer to TV with no noticeable latency. brite-View is targeting later in 2010 for the release of another multi-room solution, which will be fully compatible with the WHDI standard.

  The HDelight is ideal for three major uses:

  --  Entertainment: Wirelessly streams Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, and has a
      no-latency feature that will give gamers the "rush" of experiencing PC
      gaming on a large-screen TV.
  --  Communication: With Skype installed on the computer, HDelight brings
      Skype's recently launched five-way video conferencing to larger
  --  Information: Students of online education are no longer bound to the
      computer screen. The HDelight enables better learning experiences on a
      large-screen TV.

For those who cannot attend the Netbook Summit, brite-View has also released a YouTube video ( showing the HDelight in action, working seamlessly with the HDMI-ready PC and TV in a living room setting.



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