Cambridge Audio Releases TV2 and TV5 Speaker Bases with Bluetooth Functionality



I’ve never understood how it is that we pay thousands of dollars for an HDTV that has horrible sound quality from the built-in speakers, it makes no sense to me. They come up with these great quality pictures but yet leave us with crappy built-in speakers so we’re left with having to go and spend more money on an external set or similar system. Thankfully companies like Cambridge Audio have come up with quality audio solutions to the problem. They’ve just announced the TV5 and TV2 which also have Bluetooth streaming functionality built-into them so you can send audio from something like your phone right to the speakers which I think is a great idea. The TV2 and TV both has 100watt digital amplifiers in them with two 2.25” speaker drivers and a 6.5” subwoofer but the TV5 has two subwoofers. MSRP is $399.99 for the TV 5 and $299.99 for the TV2, more details below for you..


Similar to modern TV design, TV sound has been getting thinner and thinner – often leaving viewers to struggle with dull, tinny, flat and lifeless audio.  The new Cambridge Audio TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV Bases deliver class-leading sound with incredibly wide sound dispersion, ideal for any flat panel TV via a discrete solution that avoids the clutter of multiple surround sound speakers. Unlike a traditional soundbar, the TV5 and TV2 deliver punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer or the added headache of wall mounting. 

With the introduction of the TV5 and TV2, Cambridge Audio enters into a new product category for the brand. Designed in the heart of London by the same team of Cambridge Audio’s engineers that tuned the company’s Aero and AeroMax speaker lines, the TV5 and TV2 both feature a 100W digital amplifier which delivers impressive power and control, while the built-in subwoofers guarantee that soundtracks offer a big and full experience to match the on-screen action.

“We are excited to bring the TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV Bases to the U.S. market,” said James Johnson-Flint, CEO of Cambridge Audio. “Our expertise in this product category has already won us rave customer reviews and press awards in Europe, and “Wow” is usually the first word we hear when people listen for the first time. The Patented BMR drivers that we use put us in a different league to others and are a perfect complement to any movie or TV soundtrack, creating a wide sound stage.”

With the two patented 2.25’’ (57mm) Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers, the TV5 and TV2 can deliver wide, room-filling sound, an impressive musical performance and incredible voice clarity. The TV2 features an active, down-firing 6.5’’ (165mm) subwoofer which complements the two BMR drivers beautifully with rich, detailed bass, while the TV5 adds a second 6.5’’ active subwoofer for even greater sound profile, making it ideal for any big screen action thriller.

The TV5 and TV2 also stream high quality aptX® Bluetooth® audio, allowing users to play audio back wirelessly and in impressive detail from any phone, tablet or computer.

Both new models feature advanced Digital signal processing (DSP) technology developed for music and movie production to get the biggest sound possible from their slim-line enclosures – louder, crisper and fuller sound than from other TV one-box systems.

Superb connectivity

The TV5 and TV2 feature a Toslink optical input, allowing a direct digital signal to be taken from the TV as well as analog audio inputs with both an RCA and 3.5mm jack to connect other devices as well as Bluetooth for wireless streaming capability. The TV5 and TV2 will also remember up to eight different Bluetooth devices so that they will automatically pair again, hassle free.

4 different sound modes

Dedicated profiles for voice, TV, music and film can be used to enhance the listening experience, with each mode subtly adjusting the EQ settings of the built-in 100W amplifier. The voice mode brings extra clarity to dialogue, making it ideal for the elderly or those hard of hearing.

No remote control clutter

The TV5 and TV2 both support IR learning, allowing them to learn the volume commands from a TV or cable remote so the volume can be adjusted without having to use a separate dedicated remote.

Auto Power Up, Auto Power Down

An environmentally-friendly Auto Power Down (APD) feature on both the TV5 and TV2 will automatically turn off after several seconds if no sound is playing in order to save power. Conveniently, audio sensing technology, will automatically turn the devices back on when users start watching TV or listening to music again.

Simple placement

The TV2 and TV5 are quick and easy to position, either directly under the TV or on the first shelf of a TV rack.

Availability & Pricing

The all new TV5 and TV2 Stereo TV Bases will be available from retail and online partners for the suggested retail price of $399.99 and $299.99, respectively in the coming weeks.