CES: SABRE Announces New Personal Safety Products


In the world we live in we need a company like Sabre, it’s sad yes, but it’s a necessity for sure and Sabre knows what we need to protect our persons and our families. At CES this year Sabre announced a lot of new products like home security systems, personal alarms, and even the basics like pepper spray. More details below for you…


Defendables wearable pepper spraya new compact, wearable safety device featuring SABRE Red® Pepper Spray. The Defendables Pepper Spray is the first clip-on cone delivery spray that’s both discreet and fashionable for staying safe on the go. Unlike other wearable safety pods which may only notify or alert to a possible attack, Defendables Pepper Spray is real and immediate defensive protection device which provides the user with a potent deterrent and the opportunity to escape. Designed to look like a piece of wearable tech like a pedometer, the device conveniently blends into the wearer’s ensemble without drawing attention to its purpose—but is instantly accessible and available to deploy should the need arise. 

SABRE Personal alarms–Offering personal alarms in the form of wearable clips and keychains, these personal alarms offer various features such 120 decibels of attention-grabbing sound, motion sensors (so you know if someone is approaching you), flashlights/LED Lights and compasses (awesome for when enjoying the great outdoors).

SABRE Smart Home Security System–The SABRE® Smart Home Security System contains a wireless camera, touch-control keypad, internal siren, 120° arc motion sensor, two window/door sensors and a key fob controller; along with access to an iOS/Android downloadable app which allows user to remotely monitor and control the entire system. Like all SABRE Home Series systems, the Smart Home Security System is easily expandable and requires no wiring or professional installation.

Personal Safety Kits-The SABRE® Personal Safety Kit features a SABRE Red® Pepper Spray and SABRE® Personal Alarm unit in a single retail package. The pepper spray can spray up to 10 feet away and provides 25 bursts of painful, hostility-deterring pepper spray. 

The SABRE Personal Alarm emits a 120dB dual siren, audible up to 600 feet (185 m) away and is designed to alert others for assistance. Better yet, the alarm can even help deter and frighten off an attacker.

Both feature key ring attachments to ensure that they are readily available and easily accessible, offering the user protection and peace-of-mind while they are out and about.

Please feel free to check out their entire line of products at www.sabrered.com