CES2011: Philips Expands High-Definition 3D Home Entertainment With the World’s First Wireless HDMI Blu-ray Disc Player

I have to wonder why it took any company so long to come up with this combination?! Nothing to do with the 3D part, but the wireless part. There are several companies offering wireless HDMI out there, so what took so long to actually integrate it into a player?

Giving consumers the best picture and ultimate convenience, Philips is introducing the world’s first Wireless HDMI Blu-ray player (BDP7580) today at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  This wireless HDMI player is packed with features such as 3D playback, Philips MediaConnect, NetTV, Netflix™ and Blockbuster™ streaming, that not only bring movies to life but allow consumers unlimited access between their PC and TV.   The addition of wireless HDMI eliminates the clutter with only ONE cord, the power cord.


With MediaConnect, consumers can wirelessly connect the PC to the TV for unlimited access to online movies, photos, videos, social networking and more. The computer desktop is mirrored on the TV screen and the entire Internet is one click away.  And with the addition of NetTV, consumers have the ability to press one button and stream 4500+ HD Channels through the Philips Blu-ray player directly to the TV. NetTV also allows consumers to access VUDU® – offering them another advantage with access to view online videos and photos through popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter via the home theater system. VUDU also offers the most HD movies available to consumers.

"Consumers want to be able to stream content, including 3D movies, to their TV and now with this player they can cut the cord and stream wirelessly," said Todd Richardson, senior vice president of sales and marketing for P&F, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for Philips televisions and home theater systems in the U.S. "Blu-ray is the choice for HD content and adding wireless HDMI frees the consumer from cumbersome cabling and unsightly wires on the wall .The Philips 7580 enabled with Philips MediaConnect and NetTV, gives the added value of being able to go online on your TV, regardless of the brand."

The Philips BDP7580 player also features a host of streaming options such as Netflix, Blockbuster, FilmFresh and Pandora – making it easy for consumers to have instant access to unlimited entertainment. The player process full 1080p at 24fps for cinema-like images and upscales consumers’ existing DVDs quality to 1080p to make the picture look even better regardless of the TV brand.  All models also offer AVCHD playback ensuring users can watch a wealth of videos without limiting their format options.

The BDP 7580 features a sleek design with a touch screen controls and a simple dongle connection to the back of the TV ensures secure streaming without unsightly wires. The new design assures this a look that will fit with any environment.

The BDP7580 will be out in April and will have a suggested retail price of 499.99. See more at Philips HD in the Renaissance Hotel, directly across from the South Hall at CES.

The PD9013 will be out in April with a suggested retail price of $379.99.  Visit Philips Consumer Lifestyle at The Venetian, Toscana Suite 3702, to see the Portable Blu-ray product range and more.

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