Comply NR-10i Earphones Enhance the iPhone Experience

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The hands-free iPhone experience is propelled to the next level thanks to Hearing Components’ Comply NR-10i Noise Reduction Earphones, now available at (U.K.’s official Apple® Web site).

Currently boasting a five-star rating on, the Comply NR-10i earphones are a hit. As one consumer states, “I absolutely love these ear buds…They make my commute down Oxford Street enjoyable since I can actually hear my music or mobile conversations.”

Designed with iPhone users in mind, the Comply NR-10i earphones utilize the same patented Comply™ Foam Technology used by U.S. Army helicopter crews to offer amazing noise reduction, superior comfort and secure in-ear fit, providing clear conversations and music experiences in noisy environments.


“The iPhone has become an integral part of user’s lives – from communicating to disconnecting from the noise that surrounds them,” said Steve Thompson, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. “Unfortunately, standard earphones don’t fully optimize the power of the iPhone. Often, outside noise interrupts conversations or corrupts the music experience. By incorporating Comply Foam Technology into the earphones, users can now appreciate the full potential of the iPhone.”

The Comply NR-10i earphones also have an integrated microphone/function switch on the cable, allowing users to answer and end calls, play, pause and stop music, and utilize the new 3GS Voice Control with the touch of a button. The Comply NR-10i earphones are available for purchase at for £79.95. The earphones come with one pair of slim-size Comply Foam Tips, one pair of standard-size Comply Foam Tips and a deluxe travel pouch.

About Hearing Components
Comply Foam Tips, Noise Reduction Earphones, and Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers are manufactured and sold by Hearing Components, a 3M spin-off founded in 1990 by Dr. Robert Oliveira. The patented technology was developed through several grants by the National Institutes of Health to improve and protect hearing. In addition to applications in consumer electronics, the technology is currently used in hearing aids, military communications, commercial aviation, and in industrial high-noise environments. Hearing Components is located in the Twin Cities suburb of Oakdale, Minnesota, in the United States. For more information visit

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