COMPRO Introduces TN95W Cloud IP Camera

I have internet access again, my FIOS router died and I’ve only had my phone for the last few couple/few days. Anyway I’ve got a lot to get posted, to catch up on, but not much time today. Anyway, here’s the latest from Compro for you, I’ve got to go and fix the settings in my new or actually Verizon sent me a used router, but it’s better than the one I had anyway, so that’s something, Go ahead and read about the new Compro IP camera..




– COMPRO Technology Inc., a leading provider of cloud IP video surveillance solutions, today announced the latest addition of COMPRO TN family: TN95W. Designed with 105 degree ultra wide view angle and 720P HD resolution, TN95W is a powerful tool for covering large monitoring areas in high resolution, HD viewing quality on smartphone can let you identify subjects and view details anytime, anywhere. It can also reduce your cost by replacing multiple cameras and even improving investigations by capturing better and more useful evidence.

TN95W can capture 105 degree horizontal fields of view and provide highly cost-effective solutions for home and retail markets that can benefit from wide area coverage. In a traditional installation, a camera would need to be installed in every corner for complete coverage, particularly if there are multiple entrances. Alternatively, deploying the camera with 105 degree ultra wide angle can provide the coverage required to monitor the entire area, with fewer cameras.

As with all TN product series, TN95W comes with free C4Home cloud app featuring smart motion detection and push notification. Push notification provides the instant notice direct to your iPhone or Android phone when the motion or audio detected. You can click to watch the live video of network camera for monitoring or check out the snapshot to know what’s happened and you won’t miss any important situation. There are also other popular C4Home features, like: Dropbox cloud storage, privacy mode and share video to others. For detailed info you can check video clip C4Home Cloud Service Features Introduction.

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