Huntkey Releases Spider Gaming Chassis

Wow.. I never knew Huntkey made cases, learn something new everyday I guess. Anyway the new case is called the Spider and it’s aimed at gamers. There’s no price listed in the PR, actually not much of all but they did include four pictures and a little bit of other info about the case.

hunt1 hunt2 hunt3hunt4


Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, has introduced its latest gaming chassis – Spider – for gamers who demand the balance between style and performance.

The four optional fans offer users not only more visual enjoyment but also better ventilation. Together with the stylish design of black and red, the brand new Spider is not only eye-catching, but also tailored to provide gaming users with excellent thermal performance. Besides, the integrated ergonomic top handle is specially designed for easy moving.

In addition to the extraordinary outward appearance, Spider impresses all with its well-organized inner structure. The built-in USB3.0 port on the top panel and the bottom mounted PSU allow optimal airflow for efficient system ventilation. Moreover, the completely tool-free design and back cable management make installation extremely easy.

For gaming users who are seeking to build a medium sized system with high thermal performance chassis, Spider is an excellent and stylish choice, impossible to miss!