Cooler Master Announces SNA65 and SNA90 Universal Laptop Chargers

So when you laptop charger decides to die in you, what do you do? You could go back to where you got your laptop and pay a hugely inflated price but I know I wouldn’t as there are much better options out there that work just fine. Cooler Master just announced two universal laptop chargers in 95 watt and 60 watt which would be a better choice that buying an over priced one I think.


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Portable Power Simplified

The SNA 65/90, designed with the utmost simplicity in mind. It is based on the notion that a power solution can be easy to use and elegantly executed to provide power to many all laptops. It brings added value through extended features and a space-saving, slim form factor. This user-friendly design prevents you from having to search for a specific proprietary power cable by providing 10 charger tips that can be swapped on-the-fly to quickly power most laptop brands. Maintaining an eco-friendly energy efficiency, The SNA 65/90 provide a high voltage output that often outperforms that of the original notebook power adapter. Being designed for travel, SNA 65/90 both come equipped with a convenient inline Velcro cable management strap.

The SNA 65/90 Universal Laptop Chargers are immediately available. Price and availability may vary based on region. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

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