Cooler Master Intros Nepton 120XL and Nepton 240M AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

I remember when liquid was all DIY or build your own and I also remember that first time powering  it on after building it and hoping and praying there was no leak. I also remember when the kits and all in one type liquid coolers came out, they weren’t that good really, passable yes, but not cooling performance you’d expect  from liquid. Things change though, for the better thankfully, and all in  one coolers have gotten to the point where they rival homemade or DIY liquid cooling kits. The best thing about these AIO kits is that you don’t have to build it and there are no worries about leaks as  it’s built to be a  closed system. Cooler Master is well known for cooling obviously and they’re just announced two new AIO type coolers, the Nepton 120XL and the 240M which are meant to provide performance but yet keep the noise levels down.

Cooler Master, a leading creator, innovator, and manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals as well as mobile accessories today announced the Nepton 120XL and 240M, the latest additions to the Nepton all-in-one liquid cooling family. See full details on the Nepton 240M product page cm1

Keeping It Cool

Nepton 120XL and 240M are introducing a brand new Silencio fan from Cooler Master. This fan is designed with unique fan blades and technology in order to maximize air flow and static pressure with minimal noise output. The result of these fans and Nepton’s skived fin micro-channel technology brings Nepton 120XL and 240M to a whole new level of cool, mirroring the thermal success of the Nepton 140XL and 280L models.


Maximum Compatibility

The Cooler Master Nepton series was introduced with the 140XL and 280L models, which sported 140mm and 280mm radiators respectively. The new Nepton 120XL is equipped with a 120mm radiator while the Nepton 240M is equipped with a 240mm radiator. These sizes allow more opportunity for builders and enthusiasts to get their hands on the incredible performance from the Nepton line.

Sealing the Deal

Using Cooler Master’s exclusive design, the pump of the Nepton series pushed 120 Liters of liquid per hour through the flexible and robust FEP tubing to maximize thermal transfer. Topping the pump with a simple geometric design and illuminated Cooler Master logo, the Nepton series continues to turn heads. Backed by a 5-year warranty, Nepton 120XL and 240M will be cooling systems for years to come.


Nepton 120XL and 240M is now shipping to vendors in North America and will be available soon. Price and availability may vary based on region.

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