NewerTech Introduces Snuglet for MagSafe 2

I guess if I had a MacBook I might want one of these, it sounds very useful. The Magsafe 2 is a magnetic connection and some people apparently don’t think it’s strong enough but the Snuglet from NewerTech makes it even stronger to make sure it doesn’t get disconnected and it’s reusable. Price is $19 and it’s available right now.


Today, NewerTech introduced the Snuglet, a unique precision-manufactured ring designed to sit inside your MagSafe 2 connector port, providing a more snug fit to prevent your power cable from unintentional disconnections.

Makes MagSafe 2 Connections Stronger

The original MagSafe design by Apple had the perfect balance when it came to how much, or how little effort, it took to disconnect the power cable. A common complaint with the newer MagSafe 2 power connection is that unintended power cable disconnections occur too easily. Now, there’s a solution.

The NewerTech Snuglet solves this by providing a greater magnetic hold, making the MagSafe 2 power connection stronger. Constructed using the finest materials and highest precision manufacturing methods, the Snuglet delivers the perfect balance between retention strength and detachment force. Built to last, this handy device installs quickly, stays installed, and is easy-to-remove for reuse on another laptop.

“It’s amazing. It’s like the good old days…best $20 I ever spent.” – David Pogue, Former Tech Columnist, The New York Times

Key Features Include:

Installs quickly and removes easily for reuse on other MacBook Air / MacBook Pro models

Increased magnetic connection helps prevent unintentional power cable disconnections

Delivers the perfect balance between retention strength and detachment force

NewerTech Lifetime Limited Warranty

Pricing and Availability: The NewerTech Snuglet is available for immediate ordering