COUGAR Launches 600K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to keyboards you just can’t beat a good mechanical one I think, I won’t use anything else myself anymore, I guess I’m spoiled on them. Cougar has just announced the launch of their 600K mechanical gaming keyboard which features Cherry MX  keyswitches and you can pick from four different types so  there’s one  for everyone I’m sure. It’s a gaming keyboard so it’s got plenty of features for the gamer but non-gamers can appreciate them  as well. I currently use the Sentey Crimson Pro myself and I love the ability to  turn off certain keys especially the Windows key as hitting it by accident is no fun while in game. The 600K is a gaming keyboard but it’s basic, no drivers or software is needed and sometimes that’s all you need really, just basic.

COUGAR, a leading player in the computer gaming hardware market announces today the release of a breakthrough product: the COUGAR 600K Gaming Keyboard. Sharing design with the award-winning COUGAR 700K that already conquered the desktops of thousands of players, the 600K offers a radically different approach with the same quality. While the COUGAR 700K satisfied the needs of those gamers who crave for extended functionality and full customization, the 600K caters for the purists, those people for which the most important is that nothing gets in the way.


The 600K is a N-Key Rollover mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry MX Switches. Its purist approach to functionality means that there is no need to install drivers or set it up to start using it. Opening the box and plugging the golden-plated USB connector to the PC is all that is needed to get it working. To complement this, and in a strictly non-intrusive way, a few essential functions useful for gaming are incorporated, which need no configuration or installation.

The 600K allows for quick adjustment of the repeat rate of keys, especially useful for games which require pressing repeatedly a specific key. Apart from this, a dedicated key to activate or deactivate the Windows key, a lighting control for the WASD and Direction keys LED and multimedia keys supplement the core functions. These extra keys are all located on top of the keyboard, so they will not require the user to adjust his movements in any way to reach all the standard keys. In addition to this, the 600K includes a USB pass-through for the user’s convenience, completing thus the set of small additions to make the user’s life more comfortable.

“We knew that there were people who simply weren’t interested in the plethora of functions offered by high end keyboards but at the same time didn’t want to settle for a lower end one. For all those people, who just want a pure, high quality mechanical keyboard in a durable and elegant design, we created the COUGAR 600K,” said Lio Huang, Marketing Dept. III Director, COUGAR.

The COUGAR 600K will be available in all four Cherry MX Switch colors.

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