Current Werks Introduces Energy-Saving USB Wall Outlets

I want these. I know I hate trying to find the USB to AC adapter for my tablet and phone, these wall outlets with USB ports built-in would totally eliminate that problem. Surprisingly they’re not as expensive as I thought they would be. If I recall when these were first talked about they were much more than the  prices that Current Werks is asking for them. You can get a two USB and two outlet one for $25 or a strictly four USB port wall out for $40. They’ll be shipping in January so we won’t have to wait too long for them.

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Current Werks, a leading innovator in green mobile power storage and charging devices, today introduced two industry-changing, energy-saving USB wall outlets: the Quattro and Duo. Current Werks will exhibit these innovations in booth #74010 in the Eureka Park TechZone for new products and services at the 2012 International CES Tradeshow, January 10-13 inLas Vegas.

The Quattro (patent pending) is the first product in the industry that replaces a standard electrical wall outlet with four powerful USB charging ports. The Quattro’s four USB ports deliver a combined output of 22Watts, making the Quattro the most powerful in-wall charging solution available anywhere. The Quattro also features an innovative (patent pending) tamper-resistant door that when closed completely eliminates standby power, also known as vampire power. The Quattro has the ability to replace four bulky USB AC adapters with one wall outlet.

The Duo (patent pending) features two powerful in-wall USB charging ports delivering 16Watts of output power from a standard 110V wall outlet. The Duo’s advanced power management design gives the consumer a total of four charging solutions, two USB charging ports and two standard US/CAN sockets from a single wall outlet. This makes the Duo the second most powerful in-wall charging solution available in the market today, surpassed only by the Quattro. The Duo supports 15Amp and 20Amp wall receptacles.

The Quattro and Duo USB Wall Outlets, with their energy-saving design, are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. They are powerful enough to provide the fastest charge available to even the most power-hungry portable devices, such as Apple’s iPad® and iPhone® as well as Android® smartphones and tablets. The Quattro and Duo outlets are designed to maximize charging power and wall outlet space available for charging, while eliminating unnecessary charging wall clutter.

Shipping January 2012, the Current Werks USB wall outlets are priced at $39.98 for the Quattro and$24.98 for the Duo. They are both available for preorders today at, The Quattro and Duo will be available in white, light almond and ivory. The Duo can be ordered in regular or decorator style.

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