Dissolve Pygmies with Magical Rainbow Farts!

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Normally I like to re-write headlines from the press releases, but some are just so good that they don’t need re-written. Take the one up there for example, that’s just perfect isn’t it? I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s about the game Pocket God and how the little pygmies have something new to worry about, a unicorn with gas! Just read it…


Idol_Unicorn Impaled Rainbow

Frima Studio, Canada’s leading independent game developer, announced today in conjunction with Bolt Creative, a San Francisco-based developer of original mobile applications and games that the harassed pygmies ofPocket God for Facebook have something new to worry about, flatulence. This latest update to Pocket God brings a new power to the store, a gaseous unicorn that impales pygmies before dissolving them with magic rainbow farts!

Additionally, players will find an all new social quest, challenging them to defeat the Night Mare with friends to gain a new rival god idol. Finally, there’s more incentive than ever to login and play. Each login now earns players a Daily Reward that progressively becomes more awesome with consecutive days of play, culminating in unique new customization items.

Bonus: This week only, new players have the opportunity to earn 1000 bonus bones (a $32 value) by becoming the millionth registered user!

To see all of the new features check out Pocket God on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/pocketgod/?ref=PREP10

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