First Look at Latest Apple iPhone’s Core: Rapid Repair to Give 3G S Fans Insight – Literally – Into Speedy New Device


So it was bound to happen, someone took apart the new iPhone 3G S, and it looks like the first ones are Rapid Repair.


iPhone 3G S Inner Workings Will Be Revealed Online for Do-It-Yourselfers, Thanks to Rapid Repair Technicians

Rapid Repair, the most well-known and reputable national online repair service for consumer electronics, announced today that it will give iPhone fans a first peak at the technology inside Apple Inc’s recently revised smartphone with a launch-day iPhone 3G S disassembly on Friday, June 19. Images of the disassembly process will be posted to the company’s website at as it unfolds, shortly after Apple stores open for the 3G S launch.

Rapid Repair technicians will expose and examine the guts of Apple’s latest iPhone to date, to analyze its performance capabilities and see how it stacks up against other comparable devices, most notably the Palm Pre – its biggest competitor just released a few weeks back. Rapid Repair will use the knowledge gleaned from the disassembly to create an iPhone 3G S Repair Guide for do-it-yourselfers who opt to make repairs on their own.

“The smartphone market is very competitive right now, and the demand for this latest iPhone is bound to be high,” said Aaron Vronko, service manager at Rapid Repair. “With more users, comes more need for repairs. We’re happy to be able to facilitate that for customers.”

The 3G S is Apple’s fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, containing re-configured internal components to deliver a speed increase of 2.1 times in launching applications. Viewing attachments is almost 4 times as fast, and even graphically intense applications benefit from a performance boost of almost 3 times. Rapid Repair technicians will inventory the iPhone 3G S’ new internal components, and offer commentary on the layout of the internal technology to provide guidance on the ease of do-it-yourself repairs. These insights are much anticipated, since it has been highly speculated that the device’s new “speed” is the result of an upgrade to a nearly 50% faster 600 MHz Samsung System-on-a-Chip processor based on the ARM Cortex-A8 core and the much improved GPU in Imagination’s new PowerVR GSX.

In addition to doubling the system memory and a few other adjustments, the new iPhone is expected to match the recently released Palm Pre in hardware. Rapid Repair will focus on putting this speculation to rest with definitive answers and a comparison of hardware in prior iPhones and the current crop of smartphone competitors.

Images and commentary on the iPhone 3G S disassembly will be posted as soon as they are available at and the do-it-yourself iPhone repair guide will be posted within a week.

Rapid Repair is one of the longest-standing and most reputable sources for small electronics repair, specializing in iPod, iPhone, Zune and handheld and console game systems. Customers receive free diagnostic services on most items by completing the diagnostic service request form at and sending in their device for evaluation. A technician consults with the customer within 48 hours to provide an estimate and gain approval before any work begins.

Rapid Repair not only fixes iPods, Zunes, and iPhones with sound issues, liquid damage, hard drive problems and broken screens, but also customizes the devices with colorful screens and faceplates. For do-it-yourselfers, the company sells parts, accessories, and manuals, and includes professional installation of most parts at no extra charge.


Rapid Repair is dedicated to the service, repair, and modification of all iPod, iPhone, Zune, and other small electronic devices. The national company specializes in small electronics repair, with quality workmanship, speed and efficiency, and offering customer service that is second to none. Rapid Repair is headquartered in a 3,000 square foot building in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with 15 employees.

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