Fluster Cluck Now Available on PS4

Sony has just announced that Fluster Cluck is now available for the PS4, it’s from Loot Entertainment which is part of Sony. With a name like Fluster Cluck, it’s obviously meant to be funny where you abduct things like camels and cows and zombies and turn them into chicken or chikken as the PR says. Price is $7.99 for PS+ member and $14.99 for non-members.

fcluck FC_alpine1_missile_1player FC_city1_missile_2players 

Sony DADC New Media Solutions’ LOOT Entertainment, an interactive entertainment development division dedicated to creating experiences and products for all digital platforms, carefully announced today with precise pronunciation that multi-player shooter Fluster Cluck is now available exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Fluster Cluck features a classic retro style that harkens back to the golden age of local multiplayer games allowing up to four-players to battle in frantic local “couch co-op” pandemonium.

“We are thrilled to finally introduce Fluster Cluck and its classic 64-bit style of couch co-op gaming to a new era of console gamers,” said David Sterling, managing director, LOOT Entertainment. “There is nothing quite like playing side-by-side with friends and family, mercilessly and ruthlessly flustering them and turning everything into “chikkin” in Fluster Cluck.” 

The frenetic, tongue-in-cheek, dual-stick shooter places gamers in the roles of out-of-this-world Chikkin Koop employees, working their way up the ranks of Chikkin Koop bureaucracy by “chikkinizing” everything in sight. Players must gather resources by abducting cows, camels, zombies, and even their co-workers… turning them all into tasty – but flustered – chikkin. Battling enemies – and each other – they strive to unlock new weapons, equipment and ships to customize their play style and load outs as they climb the corporate ladder.

Eager Fluster Cluckers can get the game now at PlayStation Store; $7.99 for PlayStation Plus members and $14.99 for non-members.

More information on Fluster Cluck and LOOT Entertainment can be found at www.lootentertainment.com. Players can follow Fluster Cluck and join the Chikkin Koop community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.