Franklin Electronic Publishers Launches ROADIE Portable Speaker System

The Roadie is a portable speaker system that comes in three parts actually a speaker section, a center section with mp3 player, rechargeable battery and SD card slot and then the third section has an equalizer and a tweeter with a AC adapter for optional power.

On October 1st, 2010, Franklin Electronic Publishers, known for their innovative travel solutions, will release its new "Explorer" line of ROADIE Portable Speaker System: a small, portable, powered 3-module speaker system and 2-way communicator for mobile professionals and today’s on-the-go generation.  ROADIE Portable Speaker Systems use revolutionary technology that turns any hard flat surface into the speaker itself, minimizing the footprint while delivering the thunderous sound of much larger conventional speakers: a solution that finally allows portability to not compromise sound.


The three-piece modular design allows the user to stack and tailor the device to their specific needs regardless of location. 

  • The base ROADIE speaker, USB powered with a built-in microphone for VoIP, plugs into any audio device such as a mobile phone, MP3 player, computer, etc.  
  • A second module consisting of rechargeable battery, SD card slot, and MP3 Player for a self-contained listening experience not requiring any separate audio device.  
  • A third module consists of an equalizer and a hi frequency tweeter plus AC power to enable a second amplifier stage for an even more thunderous sound.



On its own, the base ROADIE Portable Speaker System EVS-2000 will retail for US$49.99.  Combined with the second center module, ROADIE Unplugged Portable Speaker System EVS-3000 will retail for US$79.99.  And all three modules together, ROADIE Amp’d Portable Speaker System EVS-4000 will be sold for US$99.99.

Franklin’s Explorer line up of ROADIE Portable Speaker Systems overcomes the shortfalls typically inherent in single speaker system as it radiates the sound 360 degrees!

"At Franklin, we have always been known for our development of innovative travel products such as translators. We’re always thinking about how we can better serve our travelers.  This flexible, robust, and portable communication system is our answer," says Barry J. Lipsky, Franklin’s president and chief executive officer. "It not only means I can take my audio tunes with me be it music or movies but I can use it with my weekly SKYPE conference calls as a portable speaker phone," he added. 

With the traveler in mind, Franklin designed this modular product to save space and to allow the traveler to take only what is needed on the road. The system is source agnostic (i.e., not just built for the iPod) and enhances the experience for a traveler with multiple sound sources such as VoIP, multimedia presentations, MP3 player, etc.  Franklin’s new line of "Explorer" Products built for the mobile professional is spearheaded by this innovative, rugged, aluminum constructed system, built to last even through the expected wear and tear of business travel.  The ROADIE system comes with a carrying case and a variety of cables and international adapters to allow its use no matter where one might be "Explorer" of. 

Franklin’s ROADIE Portable Speaker System is perfectly suited for travelers, college dorm rooms, multi-media presentations, parties, and much more.  Not only does the ROADIE system bring sound performance to the user; it brings sound performance WITH the user.

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