Free Android Apps: Cricket’s Top Ten Back-in-School Apps

So here’s some more free apps for you, this time they’re for Android phones and it’s a press release yes, but I thought it was very much worth sharing with you. Cricket is a cellular provider of course and they’ve come up with a top ten list of apps for grade school, middle school and high school students to help them do better hopefully. I’ve got kids so I can appreciate something like this, so I figured why not share them as you may have kids or you may be in school yourself and find them useful.



Free applications can help make students, parents and teachers’ lives easier, while also helping to save parents hundreds of dollars on calculators, flashcards and workbooks. Cricket has compiled a list of the top 10 free applications for Android™ phones to help students learn on the go.

Elementary School

1. Kids Learn to Read – Teaches basic reading skills in preschool or kindergarten

2. Kids Numbers and Math – Young kids learn about numbers and develop early math skills

3. ABC’s Tracing Cursive Letters – Kids trace both upper and lowercase letters directly on the phone’s touch screen

Middle School

4. US Presidents – Contains tons of historical data, including years in office, birthplace, trivia, party affiliation and vice president

5. 50 States – Teaches state names, capitals and flags for all 50 US states

6. Hola! Learn Spanish – Helps kids learn basic Spanish words, verbs and phrases

High School

7. Andie Graph – A great money saver – it replaces expensive graphing calculators!

8. Periodic Droid – A must for Chemistry 101. Explore or search 118 elements w/ 55 properties

9. Formulas Lite – An easy-to-use reference of common math formulas for high school students

10. myHomework – Interactive scheduler to keep student life and assignments organized


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