Free iOS App: Stooges

Let’s start Monday off with something free for you! How about to little slapstick comedy from the Three Stooges to brighten up your day? Yep, there’s a new app or game available called ‘Stooges’ that let’s you mix and match clips from the Three Stooges to create you own little slapstick comedy video to share with your friends on Facebook and YouTube.  Something to pass the time I guess right? hey, free is free!

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We’ve developed an interesting app for your readers: With "Stooges" you use REAL video clips from the Three Stooges movie "Disorder at the court" to create awesome beatbox loops – you haven’t seen this before!

"Stooges" contains 76 clips in total – slide the filmroll to see them all. A sophisticated video remix editor allows you to easily create complex and catchy beats. You can share the results with your friends and the world via YouTube and Facebook export.

– Tap on a clip to insert it into the track
– Play the track as a real video sequence
– Change the length of each part separately
– Export to YouTube, Facebook, via Email or to the Library
– Share your tracks with other users
– Switch between 5 different tracks
– Copy & Paste
– Rotate your iPhone to watch the track in fullscreen
– Tap on a part to go there
– Double Tap to delete parts
– Tap and Hold to overwrite parts
– Tap and Hold Play to play from current position