Free App: Xtreme Wheels for iOS

Well at least the trial version is free, and it offers four courses for you to play with all the features of the full version. The full version though is only $1.99 and I have to say, from the screenshots, it looks very nice. Xtreme Wheels is a dirt biking type of game, and it’s supposedly optimized for the iPad 2 so you can have some big screen fun on the track.


XtremeWheels_splash XtremeWheels_screenshot8 XtremeWheels_screenshot10  XtremeWheels_screenshot17



The free version gives players a taste of the thrill and danger of Xtreme Wheels over 4 of the game’s courses filled with all the ramps, traps, and explosive barrels from the full version. Upon completing the 4 courses, the app will provide a link to purchase the full version for all players yearning for more Xtreme rough riding fun. Players can also use this opportunity to practice flipping and flying through the obstacles without blowing their rider sky high, as well as view the visual masterpiece made possible by the A5 dual core processor on the iPad 2.

The free version promises all the same features that players and critics have come to love from Xtreme Wheels. Both apps are also universal.

Pick up the free version here:

Pick up the original full version here for only $1.99/€1.59/£1.49:

See the fun in action in the trailer here: