G-Form Launches Extreme Edge Rugged Case for Tablets

There’s no doubt that tablets are popular, look around they’re everywhere, everyone seems to be making one. They all have one critical flaw though, they’re relatively fragile, drop it once on a hard surface and it’s most likely done for. It’s good thing then that companies like G-Form exist to make rugged cases for our tablets. I for one have to have screen protectors and cases for all of my devices, I even get full skins for some when I can. I figure I paid good money for it so why not protect it as much as possible right? The new G-Form Extreme Edge is made to protect your tablet from abuse, and the best part is that it will fit most any 10” tablet on the market like the iPad, Xoom or Galaxy Tab or possibly any other brand as well.





G-Form, makers of the Extreme Sleeve for iPad – known widely as the world’s most rugged iPad Sleeve, today introduces the Extreme Edge, an under 6 ounce in-use protective case for the iPad and other electronic tablets utilizing the company’s remarkable RPT (Reactive Protection Technology) and offering unmatched device protection.

Fully designed and manufactured in the United States of America, this lightweight and low profile in-use electronic tablet case fits iPad, iPad2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and other 10” tablets and is finished in a military grade ballistic fabric.

“We just recently introduced the Extreme Portfolio our first in-use RPT case for electronic tablets, but saw a need in the marketplace for a lower-profile but still incredibly protective and durable case for the tablet user who is constantly using the tablet but doesn’t need the full RPT screen cover provided by the Extreme Portfolio,” notes Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations at G-Form.

Like other G-Form electronic and athletic protection gear, the Extreme Edge is composed almost entirely of G-Form’s RPT material – a revolutionary composite, blending PORON XRD material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology– the products are covered by well over a dozen pending G-Form patents.  The RPT absorbs over 90% of the energy of an impact and at the same time momentarily stiffens to act like armor to offer the highest level of protection for your iPad or other tablet.

G-Form also announces today that it has begun shipping its Extreme Portfolio, the world’s first portfolio-style in-use tablet case incorporating RPT.  G-Form’s manufacturing plants suffered from power outages in the wake of Hurricane Irene, but everything was back online just in time to meet the September 2nd ship date for the Extreme Portfolio.

“It is incredibly important to us to keep faith with our customers– especially after delaying our initial planned August 12th launch of the Extreme Portfolio to September 2nd  to accommodate the upgrade to ballistic nylon.  We felt so strongly about the delay that we gave all customers who pre-ordered before August 12th a free Extreme Edge as a thank you for their early adopter status and belief in our company,” said Dan Wyner, Chief Executive Officer at G-Form.  “G-Form takes our commitment to our customers very seriously, and wanted to show our appreciation and reward our loyal pre-order customers.”

In typical G-Form fashion, the announcement of the new Extreme Edge product is accompanied by a collection of a few more extreme demonstrations. 
Watch the Extreme Edge "Launch" video (literally Launch:) as it is fired on to pavement from a large slingshot: HERE
Also watch the two of our employees play Frisbee with the new Extreme Edge with iPad: HERE
Check out our Extreme Portfolio in the batting cage taking on a fastball right on the screen side:HERE
Also the Extreme Portfolio is thrown about aggressively in random tosses in its open screen configuration showing how it protects all sides and corner even while in use: HERE

The Extreme PortfolioTM and the Extreme EdgeTM are both available on G-Form’s website atwww.g-form.com.  The Extreme Portfolio is available in yellow and black for $89.95.  The Extreme Edge is also available in yellow and black for $44.95.  The Extreme EdgeTM will also feature an inverted option, with the military grade ballistic fabric on the exterior and the RPTTM hidden on the inside.