Happy Day Games Announces Blender Express

Here’s a 99 cent game, not quite free but close. It’s called Blender Express and the idea is to mix a smoothie in the blender by catching the fruit. The catch, or reward is that you’ll be rewarded with a real smoothie recipe to try in real life.

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Create smoothies in your virtual kitchen by catching all the right fruit for the ultimate smoothie creation! Beware of the rotten fruit! Blender Express offers the fun of creating smoothies in your kitchen, virtually on your iOS device, and then brings the excitement right back into your kitchen with a real recipe that players will unlock at the end of each conquered level.

Blender Express is filled with over 100 levels (and more on the way!) taking place in gorgeous settings: Hawaii, Mexico, the French Riviera and more. Enjoy hours and hours of addicting gameplay, fun and entertaining game modes that will leave you begging for more. After teasing your palate in this tasty app, treat yourself to a homemade smoothie in your own kitchen from a scrumptious recipe you will receive at the end of each level if completed with 3 stars. Players will have an entire collection of smoothie recipes after playing the app for a few hours.

Blender Express is available now exclusively on Apple®iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®touch exclusively in the App®Store.