Get a Cooling Doc for Your MacBook

Yes it supposed to be spelled without the ‘k’ in the word Doc like I have it up there. The Doc is an all-in-one cooling platform, docking station and organizer for your 13” MacBook. The Doc features dual cooling fans, three USB port hub and an SD/MMS card reader as well. Price is only $49.99 and it’s from a company called Altaz and it even comes with a nice looking carrying case for when not in use or when you need to take it with you.






"People are very attached to their MacBooks and often utilize them for extended periods in concert with many other peripherals, thereby increasing the potential for heat build-up that naturally occurs with prolonged usage," said James Lin, President of Altaz, Inc. "We recognized people’s desire to use MacBooks to their fullest capability, and designed the Altaz Cooling "Doc" in response to their concerns."

The Altaz Cooling "Doc" fans dissipate the hot air that accumulates beneath a laptops undercarriage, reducing hot air build up and helping to extend a laptop’s life expectancy. The high/low speed settings provide optimum cooling performance, and the independent On/Off switches for the fans and the USB hub, enables users to set power usage and source to their personal preference. A channel grid molded into the underpinnings of the Altaz Cooling "Doc" eliminates messy cables, keeping the power cable out of the way.

"We understand the need for productivity and convenience in today’s extremely mobile work environment," said Lin. "With a tactile surface, slanted non-slip base and lightweight, padded carrying case complete with three interior pockets, the Altaz Cooling "Doc" fits perfectly anytime and anyplace you need to get to work."