Hitachi Introduces LifeStudio Drive Family

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Ok.. so I’m back.. yesterday afternoon my nice new SSD drive died on me and I couldn’t access it at all, it kept spitting out errors up on me and saying it failed SMART.. Don’t have a clue what happened, but it was my main OS drive, of course this happened when I was upgrading my system which just made my life all that much more difficult. Oddly enough, after about 10 hours total between yesterday and today it just suddenly started working again, no errors, and SMART wasn’t reporting anything.. very odd, but I cloned the drive immediately onto my other SSD and now I’m running the SSD with a nice speedy SATA3 hard drive.

Anyway, this new little drive from Hitachi looks cool, it’s called the LifeStudio and it offers 3d navigation, not sure exactly how that works, but I’d like to find out..

  • Automatic Organization and Easy Sharing: First drive in the industry that automatically pulls together and organizes your photos, videos, music and documents from your computer, any connected USB device or your social media outlets; making them easier to access, view and share. Easily upload, view and interact with photos on Facebook™, Flickr™ and Picasa Web Albums™ without leaving the app.
  • Stunning 3D Navigation: The only external drive that effortlessly displays all your favorite memories on a 3D wall so you no longer need to dig through folders and files to find them.
  • Backup Redefined: Hitachi LifeStudio drives take data protection to the next level, offering both local and online cloud backup in one integrated solution, within one interface – no more downloading and installing two separate programs. All online content is stored in its natural format, so files are available from any Internet browser anywhere in the world, and even from an iPhone® and iPad®.
  • Access to Favorite Premium Content: For the first time within an external drive, users can search, filter, watch or subscribe to millions of titles from online content providers. Catch the latest news, TV shows and music videos, or even play online games all from within the LifeStudio app.
  • Grab n’ Go Flexibility: Pushing design boundaries beyond a hard drive in a box, LifeStudio Plus external drives are the first in the industry that feature an integrated USB key for ultimate flexibility. The USB key easily syncs content for grab n’ go convenience.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the LifeStudio drive family includes:


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