iCIRROUND Intros AirMedia TV Cloud Entertainment Device

Now this is interesting, the AirMedia wirelessly transits everything from your iPhone to your TV and it connects via HDMI cable. The AirMedia is two parts, the main box which is connected to your TV and then a small dock that your iPhone sits in and makes it kind of like a remote control. Now if only I could get something like this for Android then I’d be set!



iCIRROUND, innovation leader in wireless cloud entertainment technology, today announced the global launch of their second generation AirMedia. The iCIRROUND AirMedia device allows users to transform their conventional TV set into a true cloud entertainment center by connecting through their iPhone 4 and 4S.

The AirMedia box connects directly to the TV set by HDMI, while the iPhone 4/4S is placed into a slim and light-weight MediaPad to wirelessly transmit all the information from your phone onto the big screen. Enjoy interactive cloud entertainment in a new dimension, direct from the palm of your hand with your iPhone. As no further installation is necessary, direct plug and play even eliminates the need to change any additional settings on your iPhone.

The iCIRROUND AirMedia is your total cloud entertainment center at the tips of your fingers, offering a superb sound experience when connected to your HiFi system, as you can wirelessly play all your favorite music you have either stored on your iPhone 4/4Sor pick your favorite music and music videos from the cloud/internet. This gives you maximum flexibility and convenience to enjoy entertainment at its best.

Watch the full intro-video at: image003


The iCIRROUND AirMedia is NOW globally available.