Griffin Intros Several New Galaxy S4 Cases

I think I bought the wrong phone, I have an HTC One but it seems everyone is making accessories for the Galaxy S4! I thought the One would be popular and it is but not as popular the S4 apparently. In my time doing this kind of stuff, reviewing products and such, I’ve noticed the popularity of a device is proportionate to the number of accessories available for it. Anyway, Griffin has just announced a bunch of cases for the Galaxy S4 in varying styles and types, full info and picture below for you..




Griffin’s most protective case, GB37806_Group_SurvivorSkin_01

For users that want less bulk but added protection, GB37800_Group_Reveal_01

Let the beauty of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 shine through with GB36554_Product_MidtownWallet_06



Similar to the Midtown Wallet, Midtown Flip case conveniently protects Samsung Galaxy S4 while the pockets inside the flipcover keep cards and cash handy. Midtown Flip for Galaxy S4 is available in black for $39.99.

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