Immersion Unveils User Experience Breakthrough Innovation with Touch Feedback for Laptops and Portable Devices

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Immersion Unveils User Experience Breakthrough Innovation with Touch Feedback for Laptops and Portable Devices At Fortune Brainstorm: Tech, Company Showcases Latest Innovation Combining Touch Feedback and Remote Awareness for Laptops, Tablets and Ultra-Portable Devices


Tomorrow at Fortune Brainstorm: Tech, Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ:IMMR), the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, will demonstrate a first-of-its kind concept that applies haptic technology to personal computer applications to offer immersive, touch feedback-enabled experiences in next-generation laptop, tablet and ultra-portable computers. Immersion is one of a select few companies chosen to discuss new innovations at the annual event which convenes the world’s top technology and media thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries.

In these devices, Immersion’s TouchSense® technology combined with remote awareness enables multi-modal (sight, sound and touch) user experiences in productivity, web and collaborative applications and multi-player games. On stage at Fortune Brainstorm: Tech the company will demonstrate a game prototype integrating graphics, sound and haptics for a unique immersive experience in which two players volley a pinball between two networked tablet computers. In this prototype, players can feel the action of the ball in play through high-fidelity haptic feedback while touching the screen and holding the computer, even when the ball is in play on the other computer – whether they are across the room or around the world.


“The sense of touch is fundamental to the future of user experience in digital devices, and our demonstration is another milestone in that evolution,” said Clent Richardson, chief executive officer of Immersion. “Simply put, without haptics, touchscreen devices simply will not realize their full potential. From mobile phones to gaming devices, and now with much-anticipated laptops and other portables moving quickly to touchscreens, our haptic technology provides richer, more engaging and fulfilling experiences.”

The upcoming release of touch-enabled Windows 7 is further evidence that touch-based interfaces are rapidly becoming pervasive. Immersion is well established as the leading provider of programmable haptics; its TouchSense technology has already shipped in over 70 million mobile phones worldwide. The patent-pending technology demonstrated is first-of-its-kind and currently under development at Immersion and is expected to soon be available to licensees.

Immersion is the only company currently to bring together the full ecosystem necessary to deliver an exceptional multi-modal user experience in this form factor. Starting with Immersion’s patented TouchSense haptic technology, the company partners with manufacturers of piezo thin actuators and amplifier integrated circuits, and provides integration services to deliver small-footprint, low-power, high definition haptic effects, overcoming limitations of the thin form factor. The technology provides the tactile feedback equivalent to standard motors while accommodating the stringent constraints faced by designers of portable devices.

About TouchSense Technology (

Immersion’s TouchSense touch feedback technology more fully involves the sense of touch to make the user experience with digital and medical devices more efficient, intuitive, safer and more accurate. TouchSense solutions for medical device controls, programmable rotary technology, touchscreens, touch panels, touch surfaces, and handheld products incorporate numerous proprietary mechanical, electrical, software, and firmware technologies. Immersion can also assist partners with development and integration, making it faster and easier to realize the many benefits of touch feedback.

About Immersion (

Haptic (touch) technology is the future of user experience in digital devices. Founded in 1993, Immersion harnesses human touch to create user experiences that deliver a more compelling sense of the digital world. Using one of Immersion’s adaptable high fidelity haptic systems, partners can achieve a competitive advantage and greater revenue opportunities with products that are more intuitive, satisfying, efficient, and safe. With Immersion technology, world-class companies can deliver improved user experiences in products such as widely popular video games, leading video console gaming systems, advanced automotive driver controls, and award-winning mobile phones. Immersion manufactures its own line of medical simulators that incorporate touch technology. These virtual reality training tools, installed around the world, enable practitioners to improve their practice of sophisticated life-saving surgical procedures prior to operating on patients. With over 700 issued or pending patents in the U.S. and other countries, Immersion is the leading innovator in touch-enabled user experiences that bring the digital universe to life.

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