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I got a quick little PR for you golfers out there! The product is called the Golfsense and it attaches to your glove and works with either Android or iOS devices to help improve your game by monitoring your swings and movements with a built-in sensor. The data is them transmitted to your device which is them analyzed and the app will give you guidance on your swing to help you play better. I don’t know, I don’t gold but anything that can help right?


The world’s first motion engine system to analyze and record golf swing data to any iOS or Android device

  • Glove-based precision motion sensor easily attaches to the Velcro strap of any glove

· Wirelessly transmits swing data via Bluetooth to any mobile device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android)

· Powerful software captures real-time in-depth 3D motion analysis of acceleration, velocity, tempo, and position

  • GolfSense application records critical data and provides tips and recommendation to improve each swing
  • Data is seamlessly stored in the GolfSense Cloud with the ability to sync with additional mobile devices

Available at: Apple, Best Buy, and
$ 129.99

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