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Hmm.. these look rather cool.  Slickwraps has just introduced what they’re calling The Case and it’s a case but it’s a wrap or skin but yet it’s customizable as you can swap out different textures and colors to make your phone yours truly to fit your style. There are many style available like leather, glow in the dark, metal, or even wood grain and with each of those comes different style in there. Or sometihng like that, anyway, they’re offering plenty of choices to not only make your phone look great but to protect it as well.


Having seen great success with its protective skins, Slickwraps has now taken one step further into the accessories market, expanding their line to include protective, customizable cases.

“Knowing where we’ve been, we’re excited to introduce a product that we believe is going to fill both our consumer’s needs and take Slickwraps to the next level,” said Jonathan Endicott, Slickwraps CEO. “The Case builds on what we have already created.”


The idea behind the case is to allow consumers the ability to customize the look of their device with skins, while providing the durable protection of a hard card. The Case features a recessed back, allowing customers to easily interchange the style and color of their case with removable inserts. In addition to the case and back insert, most styles will also include a front wrap and sidepieces to completely customize the iPhone 5. The Case itself has a one-millimeter front lip for screen protection, as well as textured rubber sides to enhance grip.
“For years we’ve always had a split down the middle, half of our customers wanting skins and the other half wanting cases,” said Fred Sanchez, Slickwraps Co-Owner. “We decided to finally make a product that caters to both.”

Not only has the case allowed Slickwraps to expand into a new niche market, but it has also given the company the chance to expand the types of styles and designs they offer their consumers. Along with their popular vinyl Wood, Color, Brushed Metal, Glow-in-the-Dark and Camo Series’, the company is also introducing natural materials into their line. The Natural Series will include real wood, leather and cork.



Slickwraps has worked to remain close to its roots with the Case, continuing to handcraft and assemble all of its products in the United States. The company is excited to see how well their consumers take to the case, and plans to expand the line in the future, introducing new designs and styles.
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