Introducing CHIPDRIVE MyKey: Computer Lock and Password Manager on a Smart Card-Secured USB Stick

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I like stuff like this, things that offer a higher level of security for your computer are always good right? The Chipdrive MyKey looks just like a USB drive with a price of $29.99 that combines a pin protected password manager with Windows access lock. The drive acts as a key just unplug the USB drive and it locks the desktop.


How It Works

CHIPDRIVE MyKey is extremely simple for consumers to install and use in three easy steps.

  1. Install SCM's software from the CD-ROM
  2. Insert the smart card chip into the USB device, and then plug it into
     any spare USB slot
  3. Log on to the computer

Computer Lock works as an access lock for Microsoft Windows-based PCs and laptops to fully protect the computer and its data whenever it is not in use by its owner. To use MyKey to login to Windows, simply plug it into any spare USB slot, enter your four-digit PIN, and you can log onto your computer and access data instantly. When you remove MyKey from the USB slot, the PC automatically enters a "locked" mode where the computer cannot be used, and data cannot be accessed. MyKey is especially useful for notebook users, as it prevents access to all data even if the computer is lost or stolen.

  In addition, it provides these convenient and secure features:
  --  Form Fill: store your personal information (e.g., name, address, phone
      number) and use it to automatically fill in Web forms anytime you are
      online, such as shopping, booking travel and registering at new Web
  --  Address Book: store your favorite Internet bookmarks and take them
      with you wherever you go
  --  Notepad: encrypt and store personal notes to keep them confidential
      and protected from unauthorized access

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