Introducing new Siberia V2 Headset

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Why mess with success? We’ve taken the best parts of the Siberia, as described by you– the gamer, and updated it with the latest technology to create the
New SteelSeries Siberia v2 Headset. This has been our way since 2001.

The new Siberia v2 offers gamers and music enthusiasts superior speaker and microphone technology that delivers insane sound quality, integrated control capabilities, and updated design for killer comfort and increased passive noise reduction. As an upgrade to the original Siberia, the v2 has a retractable microphone system that pulls out from the left ear-cup, allowing for a more convenient and portable headset great for LANs and tunes on the go.

Along with the new thicker leather ear-cups for sound isolation, the Siberia v2 is still lightweight while its trademark headband suspension construction makes it extremely comfortable for all day (and night) gaming. The volume regulator, the cord and its base have also been upgraded. The primary cord is shorter for use with portable gear and comes with an extension cable in case you want to plug in to a desktop.

The Siberia v2 will be offered in two versions, with and without a USB soundcard. The virtual surround 7.1 soundcard offers a consistent sound experience, ensuring the exact same sound and settings no matter where you are in the world or at what computer you are playing. For more on the differences between the Siberia and this new version, check out our blog posting.
SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-size Headset will be available all over the world in November 2009. Pricing will be announced at that time as well.

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