It’s Official, Today You Can Trade-in Your Old iPod, iPhone or iPad at GameStop


Yes it’s official, starting today you can now trade-in your old iPhone, iPods and iPads at GameStop for cash or credit. They will not accept engraved devices though so if you thought you were cute getting it engraved, you weren’t as now you’re stuck with it. They of course have to be in good working condition as well, no cracked screens or severe scratches or dents. I’m really curious though as to how much you could get for these devices? If their trade-in policy or valuation is anything like how they do games, it’s probably not worth it at all. You’d most likely get more money on Ebay or Craigslist that you’ll get from GameStop…


Got an iPod, iPhone or iPad collecting dust? Don’t trash it or let it sit and lose value – trade it for credit toward video games, gaming systems, downloadable content (DLC) and more at GameStop (NYSE: GME), the world’s largest multichannel retailer of video games. Beginning today, customers can take advantage of competitive trade values and earn credit by trading in their iPod, iPhone or iPad at GameStop stores nationwide.

Many iPod, iPhone and iPad trade values are significantly higher than typical game trade-ins, allowing customers to build trade credit more quickly. “By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put toward the purchase of new and pre-owned games, DLC, digital PC games and more,” stated GameStop president Tony Bartel. “This is especially significant with the great title line-up slated for this fall.”

Trades of the iPod, iPhone or iPad must be in working condition and free from cosmetic defects. For complete details, including devices accepted, visit or a local GameStop store.