iTwin Connect Available Now for Mac Users

So, back in 2011 I reviewed the iTwin Remote and things have changed a bit but not that much, the basic premise is still the same, it allows you to connect two computers together using the halves of what resemble a USB drive.  That’s simplifying it quite a bit of course but that’s the idea behind it. The iTwin Connect is now available for Mac users so you can have the same functionality as us PC users already do…



Intuitive to use, the iTwin Connect device consists of two identical halves. To create a Private VPN to access a home/office network, simply plug the device with both its halves joined together into a USB port on any computer in your home/office network to initialize the device. Detach one half of the device and plug it into your Internet-connected laptop – a secure VPN tunnel is instantly created to the home/office computer. iTwin Connect thus enables you to setup a VPN server and access your home/office network remotely.

To use the Public VPN to tunnel out of a restricted network or to browse privately, simply plug one half of the device into your computer and select one of the public servers deployed by iTwin. Public VPN is especially useful during travel to regions with internet restrictions or at times when users are unable to leave a server running at home/office.

Other Benefits of iTwin Connect include:

  • Remote Desktop: Launch the improved “remote desktop” on both Macs and PCs with a single click, to access applications (and their data) on the home/office computer.
  • Remote File Access: Access all shared files on the home/office computer, via the standard file interface and from within the applications on the laptop.
  • Hardware Grade Security: All data transmitted is encrypted using industrial strength AES 256 bit encryption. Every time the two halves are paired, they generate a unique crypto key that is used to generate a session key which protects all data transmitted over the Internet. iTwin Connect also provides an optional password for 2-factor authentication. Only you possess the hardware “key” required for remote access.
  • No Fees: There are no subscription fees. You just make the one-time payment for lifetime use of the device

“We are excited to be able to offer iTwin Connect to OS X users,” says Lux Anantharaman, co-founder of iTwin. “Mac support has been the number one request since our launch of iTwin Connect in January and we are confident that Mac users too will be thrilled with the ease and security of VPN access provided by iTwin Connect. We have also improved the popular remote desktop feature.”

What current iTwin Connect users are saying:

  • “VPN solution to control remote server with minimum setup.” – Pelham Wood
  • “My experience has been very good. The installation was simple and it has been performing as expected.” – Priscilla Smith
  • “I use iTwin to connect to the office. It works great and was very fast. I was able to use the program flawlessly. I am very pleased with the remote access desktop function. It’s the best I’ve used. The iTwin Connect sits in my bag to use from home or as needed.” – Brandon Lim
  • “Simple VPN access to my office machine while I’m traveling.” – Natalie Roberts

With this upgrade (available now at, Mac users can use iTwin Connect on their Macs and seamlessly between their Mac and a PC, for both VPN and remote desktop.

The improved iTwin Connect is now priced at $199 and is available at and

To see iTwin Connect in action, view a demonstrational video here: