Magellan Introduces eXplorist 610 Specifically For Canada

Hey all you people up north there, this one’s for you!  Yep, Magellan has just announced the new eXplorist 610 handheld GPS unit just for Canada.

Magellan, a pioneering GPS brand, today announced the introduction of the Magellan eXplorist 610 GPS receiver with Summit Series topographic maps of Canada preloaded.  The eXplorist 610 GPS receiver is a power-packed, waterproof, and rugged handheld GPS designed for essential outdoor navigation.

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The newest addition to the eXplorist family of dedicated outdoor GPS receivers, the eXplorist 610 provides unparalleled outdoor navigation. Find your way using the 1:50,000 scale topographic map of Canada or the World Edition map that includes coverage of more than 200 countries.  Create waypoints, record tracks, and route from point to point. Download up to 10,000 paperless geocache GPX files. Review your trip statistics with more that 30 navigational data fields. Powered by two AA batteries, the device will last up to 16 hours under normal conditions. To help conserve power, use the suspend mode to turn off the device, but maintain GPS tracking.

Feature rich and innovative, the eXplorist 610 combines high sensitivity GPS reception with easy to read mapping, accurate navigation, and experience recording capabilities. The integrated 3.2 mega-pixel camera, microphone, and speaker enable outdoor enthusiasts to record geo-tagged pictures, voice notes, and video footage. Combined with a GPS track log, the eXplorist 610 allows you to create a complete geographic and multimedia record of each outdoor adventure. Relive the journey on the device, on your computer, or share with others on your favorite social network!

Simple to use and customizable, the combination of a sunlight readable touch screen, the 4-Corners user interface, and convenient hard buttons makes the eXplorist 610 one of the easiest to use handheld GPS receivers. Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-Corner user interface. Select from a navigational dashboard, the OneTouch™ favorites menu, the main menu and a contextual options menu. Additionally, two customizable hard buttons are located on the side. Quickly mark a waypoint and activate the camera or change to your preferred feature!

The eXplorist 610 provide convenience, reliability, and personalization in the palm of your hand.

The eXplorist 610 has a suggested retail price of $479.99 and is available at Le Baron Outdoor Products and other fine retailers.

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