MAINGEAR Unleashes the ePhex Elite Premium Gaming PC

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I love getting PR stuffs, I must get a couple thousand per day and they all go into our PR section, but this one is an exception… If you got the cash, then check this bad-boy out:

High performance gaming rig boasts Intel’s Core i7 975 Extreme, unparalleled graphics
performance, custom CPU/GPU liquid cooling, and free laser etching .

Union, New Jersey – June 3, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of
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“The ePhex Elite is the embodiment of our mission to deliver an unsurpassed high performance gaming” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR.  “Some gamers want the best system that money buy get to give them every edge against the competition possible.  This is that system.”

“We are asserting our position as the most powerful PC builder in North America,” says Chris Morley, CTO of MAINGEAR, “We are staying true to our enthusiast roots by building an all-custom water cooling solution that cools not only the CPU, but any combination of GPUs.  We achieve this by utilizing dual radiators with a combined surface area of 360 square millimeters.  With quick-release interconnects, upgradeability and serviceability has been kept in mind.  As our ePhex has earned numerous Editor’s Choice awards, many proclaiming it to be the fastest PC ever tested, we are ratcheting up the performance to demonstrate our dedication to maintaining our leadership in this category.” 

Each ePhex Elite will feature complimentary Redlining for overclocking enthusiasts as well as MAINGEAR’s M.A.R.C. custom laser etching technology.  Customers can upload the image or logo of their choice and MAINGEAR will customize your system to specifically fit your personal style.  ePhex Elite customers may schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Creative Director, Wendel Santos for a completely unique M.A.R.C. design that will never again be used by MAINGEAR for another customer’s PC.  For a limited time, ePhex Elite customers may also purchase a MAINGEAR mX-L 13.3 inch ultra-portable laptop at a 25% discount.

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Gamers can purchase the ePhex Elite at MAINGEAR’s Web site main